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. Accessed on April 16, 2016.

2. Choose five situations and share what you were doing when/before they happened.



my parents arrived last night,

my favorite team won a game,

I went to bed yesterday, a relative came to my house unannounced,

the telephone rang the last time,

I met my best friend,

I did my homework,

I was…

When I met my best friend, I was playing soccer with my neighbors.

3. Now check with a classmate to see if you have any similar actions that happened while others were in progress.
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Let’s listen and talk!

Before you listen…

a) What are the most popular newspapers in your town or state?

b) Besides newspapers, what other media do you resort to when you want to know the news?

• video-sharing websites

• radio

• TV

• tabloids

• online newspapers


• podcasts


Tomar notas enquanto ouve pode ajudar a manter o foco na compreensão do texto oral.

ÁUDIO 91. Listen to some newscasts. Focus on the general ideas and take notes of words and expressions which helped you understand the texts.

Newscast 1

Available at . Accessed on April 16, 2016.

Newscast 2

Available at . Accessed on April 16, 2016.

Newscast 3

Available at . Accessed on April 16, 2016.

ÁUDIO 9 2. Listen to the newscasts again. In which section of a newspaper would these pieces of news be found? Answer in your notebook.

a) General news

b) Entertainment section

c) Sports page

ÁUDIO 10 3. The following words from newscast 1 can be pronounced in different ways. Listen to the American and British pronunciations of these words. Which sound marks the variation?


ÁUDIO 11 4. Listen to more information about the Haitian team. Which of these statements are true? Answer in your notebook.

a) The Haiti soccer team is made up of people who have lost either a leg or an arm.

b) The players lost their legs and arms in accidents.

c) The newscast talks about a team that has participated in the Paralympic Games.

d) The coach is proud of the team’s accomplishment.

e) The players interviewed talked about how soccer has changed their lives.

f) The players have to pay for the mechanical legs.

5. In groups, make a list of news stories about disasters that have affected different communities, including yours. With help from the geography and history teachers, research how communities worked together to overcome local difficulties and report it next class.
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Vocabulary Corner

1. In pairs, each partner chooses five words from the list below. Then, write in your notebook the noun, verb, and adjective forms.










If necessary, use a dictionary. Share your information so that both of you have a complete chart. See an example.

entertainment →







2. In your notebook, highlight the suffixes you used to form the words.

Pronunciation spotinitial s- sound

In English there are many words that begin with the letter s followed by one or more consonants.

ÁUDIO 12 a) Listen to some examples.


When you say these words, you need to make sure you begin by producing the sound /s/. Don’t produce a vowel sound before the /s/ (e.g. [isp] for [sp]).

ÁUDIO 13 b) Listen and repeat the words below.


ÁUDIO 14 c) Notice the linking sounds in the underlined phrases.

Most news stories have a clear organization.

The strapline adds a little more detail.

A study says earth is getting warmer.

d) Repeat them, making sure you do not add a vowel before the sound /s/.
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Let’s focus on language!

1. Study the headlines and straplines below. In your notebook, complete the statements with the words headlines and straplines and learn more about their characteristics.

A are usually formed by full sentences.

B are usually formed by reduced sentences or phrases.

C usually use the present to suggest they convey recent news.

2. Read the following headlines. Are they formed by reduced sentences or by phrases? Write the correct combination of numbers–letters in your notebook.

I Reduced sentences

II Phrases

A We Are Not Broke – Geingob

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