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Elizabeth Vidar/Photographer's Archive

Jessica Marin, 17

“The first day, I forgot that I had to be distraction free until I realized it took me 30 minutes to come back to a government question because I was texting my friends and checking my email.”

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a) Which of these statements describe complete, finished actions in the past? And which ones describe an action in the past that was in progress?

“I wanted to challenge myself by keeping temptations nearby.”

“I felt more focused […].”

“[…] because I wasn’t thinking about checking my Facebook every five minutes.”

“I forgot that I had to be distraction free […]”

“[…] because I was texting my friends and checking my email.”

b) Brian Yu also accepted the challenge of doing his homework without distractions. Let’s review verb tenses. Replace the letters with the appropriate verb tenses. Use your notebook.

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Elizabeth Vidar/Photographer's Archive

I knew the challenge would for the most part be cake. Last year I would go on Facebook or Tumblr while A (do) my homework. I would also go on YouTube for a lecture and get distracted by the sidebar, wasting an hour or two on random links. So I B (install) an app on my browser called Stayfocus. I C (give) myself 50 minutes a day for browsing and once those minutes D (be) up, the sites were blocked. My only distraction now E (be) instant messaging my friends about girls, classes and schoolwork.

For the challenge I F (choose) the Stayfocus option that G (let/neg.) me browse at all, and H (log/neg.) in to AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) until I was done with my homework. I I (come) home from band practice at 7 p.m. and napped for two hours before starting my homework. I got bored while working on my essay about Fidel Castro and I J (have) the urge to use AIM or check out videos on YouTube. However, I K (do) the challenge so I L (make) myself a sandwich and M (go) back to work. After I N (finish) my stuff, it was around 2 a.m. Not bad for a school night; I usually O (finish) around 3.

On Day 2, I P (go) home after band practice and woke up around 8. I Q (put) on my headphones and started my AP Spanish homework. It wasn’t hard staying off the Internet.[...]

On Day 3, I R (study) for my history test and S (do) my homework for my other classes. Occasionally I would wonder what my friends were up to and how they were doing. [...]

[...] I T (like) to have AIM open on my browser window to have a friend to talk to while I U (work). You can only focus so much before you get distracted. Taking breaks V (help) keep me refreshed.

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