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chaise and four: coche puxado por quatro cavalos (símbolo de abastança)

draft: esboço, rascunho

Michaelmas: Festa de São Miguel (29 de setembro)

solace: consolo

tiresome: aborrecido, cansativo

6. Answer these questions based on the text.

a) How many characters are named in this first chapter?

b) List in your notebook the named characters in two columns: Male and Female.

c) What name can we give to Mr. Bennet’s wife?

d) Why is the information that a large house in the neighborhood is soon to be occupied so important to Mr. Bennet’s wife?

e) How did Mrs. Bennet learn about the new neighbor?

f) How many children do the Bennets have?

g) Which of them are mentioned in the first chapter?

h) Do the mother and father show any preference for any of the girls? If so, for which one?

i) What was the means of transportation used at the time of the story?

j) Would you be able to point out, from this first chapter, who is going to be the main character in this story?

7. Write in your notebook what the predominant form in this first chapter is.

a) descriptions

b) dialogues

8. Choose three examples from the text that confirm your answer in activity 7.

9. Which of the options below expresses this sentence’s idea in a different way? Answer in your notebook.

“It will be no use to us if twenty such should come, since you will not visit them.”

a) It doesn’t matter if twenty young men come to the neighborhood, because you have no intention of visiting them.

b) It will be good if twenty young men come to live nearby because then you will visit each one of them.

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Time for literature

10. In your notebook, write the correct combination of letters–numbers to describe the characters presented in this first chapter of the novel.

A Mr. Bennet

B Mrs. Bennet (×2)

C Lizzy

D Jane

E Mr. Bingley

I is foolish and always nervous when unhappy.

II is a very rich young man.

III is always teasing his wife.

IV is Mr. Bennet’s favorite daughter.

V says Lydia is very good humored.

VI has four children.

VII is a very beautiful girl.

11. Copy in your notebook the adjectives that best describe Mr. Bennet.

a) reserved

b) capricious

c) difficult

d) nervous

e) sarcastic

12. The text below is an incomplete summary of the first chapter you have just read. Which pieces of information are missing? Use your own words and answer in your notebook.

Mrs. Bennet is very excited with the news that A . She thinks it is an opportunity for marrying one of her daughters, if he happens to fall in love with any of them.

Mr. Bennet does not seem to be very interested in B , either because it’s not important for him to marry the girls or to play with his wife’s nerves.

He suggests C , which is something unthinkable in that society. Then he suggests sending a letter offering any of the girls; at this point Mrs. Bennet realizes he is making fun of her.

They discuss the merits of some of their daughters, showing D .

The chapter ends E .

13. The text Pride and Prejudice was written at the end of the 18th century. Notice that the main concern of the mother is marrying her daughters to wealthy young men. What are marriages based on nowadays? Do parents still interfere in their daughters’ choices today?

14. What advice would you give Mrs. Bennet if she were living today?

15. We realize that, at such a time, the option for most young girls in England was getting married. What are the options nowadays for women in your country?

16. Do you know of any country where marriages can still be arranged by parents?

17. In your notebook, write the correct combination of letters–numbers to complete the sentences according to the first chapter of Pride and Prejudice.

A Mrs. Bennet is excited because

B Mr. Bennet is reluctant to

C Mrs. Bennet’s nerves are Mr. Bennet’s

D Mrs. Bennet hopes Mr. Bingley

E Four or five thousand a year was considered
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I … visit the new neighbor.

II … old friends.

III … there is a new, rich, single man in town.

IV … a large fortune.

V … will fall in love with one of their girls.

18. Words are sometimes spelled differently in British and American English. Take a look at the examples and answer the questions.

Br English

Am English



good humoured

good humored

sarcastic humour

sarcastic humor

a) What’s the difference?

b) Which variety is used in chapter 1 of Pride and Prejudice?

19. Take a look at the following excerpts and answer the following questions.

“Do not you want to know who has taken it?” cried his wife impatiently.

You want to tell me, and I have no objection to hearing it.” […]

“Design! Nonsense, how can you talk so! But it is very likely that he may fall in love with one of them, and therefore you must visit him as soon as he comes.”

a) Why do you think the words “you” and “may” are in italics?

b) How would they be pronounced?

20. Notice how Mr. and Mrs. Bennet use each other’s names. How would a married couple call each other nowadays in England?

21. Is the language used by the characters in the reading passage formal or informal? Which characteristics below support your choice? It is A (formal/informal) because

a) there is no use of contractions.

b) there is use of complex noun phrases.

c) there is use of Latin-based words.

d) there is no use of abbreviated words.

e) there is use of more complex sentences.

f) the tone is very polite.

g) there is use of uncommon words.

h) there is no use of colloquial words or expressions.

i) husband and wife treat each other as Mr. and Mrs.

j) of the choice of a more refined vocabulary.
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Publisher's collection; Lya Cattel/iStock/Getty Images; Harold M. Lambert/Lambert/Getty Images
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PART 3 Print Media


Talking about news stories
Understanding print and online newspapers
Talking about completed actions in the past and describing actions in progress in the past
Writing headlines and making newspaper clippings
Reading magazine covers critically
Distinguishing facts from opinions and giving opinions
Writing letters to the editor

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