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. Accessed on April 19, 2016.

The Guardian is a British national daily newspaper with Web presence.

a) What kind of text is it?

b) What does this text tell us about texting?

c) Based on the text, can we say that there is a relationship between SMS speak (texting abbreviations) and a type of literature of the past?

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d) Do you think a poem written in this format today would be considered “literature?” Why (not)?

e) Would you say this text is informal only because Mark Brown uses some abbreviations in some parts?

f) Why did Mark Brown choose to use the abbreviations?

g) In your opinion, what kind of people went to the exhibition? Why?

2. Read the text below and then do the activities that follow it.


Adapted from . Accessed on April 12, 2016.

In groups: interview a classmate about texting. Follow these steps.

a) Talk about attitudes that annoy you regarding the use of cell phones. Create some questions based on your discussion to find out your interviewee’s behavior when talking on the cell phone or texting. You can use ideas from the steps above.

b) Interview a classmate and find out if she or he practices text etiquette. Share your findings with the class, and identify as a group which etiquette items could be improved.

Useful language

• What annoys me most about texting is…

• I hate people talking loud in public spaces.

• I feel uncomfortable when my friends text while we are talking.

• I hate listening to the sound of incoming messages.

• I hate people texting me late at night.

• How do you feel when…?

• Do you text during meals/classes/family meetings?

• Do you text when you are talking to friends at a party?

• Do you send long messages?

• Do you use lots of acronyms?

Designer things/

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Profession spot


Read the following definitions of jobs in the telephony field. Then look at the pictures and find the proper definitions for them. In your notebook, write the correct combination of numbers – letters.



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I A telephone installer installs, sets up, rearranges, or removes switching, distribution, routing, and dialing equipment […].

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