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. Accessed on April 12, 2016.

Message 2

“Hi. I’m not C to come to the D right now, so please leave a E for my cat who will return your F as soon as he finishes a six-hour G , has a two-hour H , sharpens his claws on my fine I modern couch, makes a J in his little K and finds some poor unsuspected L to kill and leave on my front Mstep. N for the meow. Meow!” Available at . Accessed on April 12, 2016.

Message 3

“Hello. I’m home O now, but I can’t find the P . Please leave a long, loud Q to help me locate R .” Available at . Accessed on April 12, 2016.

ÁUDIO 7 3. Listen to the messages again and check if your predictions in activity 2 were correct.

4. What message would you leave if you called people and heard these voicemail messages?

5. Get ready to record two different messages for a cell phone. Follow the instructions below.

Write the message drafts in your notebook.

Message 1: Prepare the text of a message being yourself.

A Greeting

B Apologize for not being able to answer

C Request a message

Message 2: Prepare the text of a message being an important businessman/businesswoman. Remember to use formal language.

A Greeting

B Apologize for not being able to answer

C Request a message

Now you’re ready to record the two messages!

6. What does your ringtone say about you (headbanging rocker, gamer, sci-fi nerd, TV addict, etc.)? Think of the last ones you chose and share with your classmates what they say about you.

Pronunciation spot – final -e

81.Listen to these words. Copy them in your notebook using a capital letter to show the last sound you hear. take message phone time leave creature able

2. What did you notice? Choose an option to complete the hint. Answer in your notebook.

When • is the last letter of the word, it is usually silent; the last consonant is actually the last sound.

a) a

b) e

c) i

d) o

e) u
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Before you read…

• Have you ever played guessing games with emojis?

1. With a classmate, read the names of the following movies and find the corresponding sequence of emojis for each one.

E.T./ Free Willy/ Finding Nemo

Lord of the Rings/ Slumdog Millionaire

Planet of the Apes/ Home Alone/ The Phantom of the Opera

Titanic/ The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants


Stuart Little











Illustrations: BhaviniOnline. Facsimile: ID/BR

2. Think of a film or a song and represent it in emojis. Then check if a classmate can guess the name of the film or the song.
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Let’s focus on language!

1. Read this excerpt of an Internet article and answer the questions.

Medicos may have used mobiles to cheat: Cops

Pushpa Narayan, TNN May 16, 2012, 04.15AM IST


The Tamil Nadu Dr MGR Medical University had withheld results of nine students and lodged a complaint with cyber crime in March after they received complaints from two final year students that nine of their classmates cheated during the exam. The students gave their names and roll numbers. A faculty member also supported the letter. “Police have given us an interim report that suggests there could have been malpractice. We are now waiting for the final report,” said university vice-chancellor Dr Mayil Vahanan Natarajan. […]

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