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2. Now organize yourselves in groups. Discuss the questions below based on the text you have read.

a) What is the best tip, in your opinion? Why did you choose this one?

b) In your experience as a listener, what makes a good radio interview?

c) Who do you consider a good interviewer? Think about television, radio, etc. What qualities can you highlight in a good interviewer?

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3. Here are some features found in written and oral interviews. Sort out the features according to the interview type. Some features may be found in both. Answer in your notebook.

I Written interview

II Oral interview

A hesitation noises

B quotations

C gap fillers

D open questions

E title

F “yes” and “no” questions

G multimedia texts

H false starts

I images

J colloquial language

Let's do an interview about radio

What about interviewing an older person about radio?

Typical grammar patterns: WH-questions, past tense

Key vocabulary items: Radio, soap opera, news, ads, interviews, artists, like, prefer, etc.

Structure: Questions and answers

Janet Faye Hastings/

Writing Steps


• Get basic information about your interviewee.

• Make a list of questions in Portuguese.

• Interview elderly people (you can record the interview or take notes).

Preparing the first draft

• Write a short text to introduce your interviewee.

• Write the interview in Portuguese and ask your interviewee if he or she approves it.

• Choose some interesting questions and answers and translate them into English.

• Use an online translator to help you. (Read about this tool on page 54.)

• Edit the translation and make the necessary corrections.

Peer editing

• Evaluate and discuss the interview with a classmate.

• Make the necessary changes.


• Write the final version of your interview and publish it on Wikispaces. Keep a copy in your portfolio.

Read more about interviewing at

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