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. Accessed on April 11, 2016.

2. The song mentions a four-letter word. Which word is that?

3. How would you describe the singers’ feelings? Pessimistic or optimistic? In your notebook, copy parts of the lyrics that support your answer.

4. The lyrics contains some elements used to describe life before and after love. In your notebook, classify the following moments as before or after love.

a) no dark clouds in the sky

b) twisted stomach

c) everlasting summer

d) inability to see

e) fast-beating heart

f) misted windows

g) days with colour

5. What is the objective of this comparison between moments in the song? Use your notebook.

a) To express that everybody changes after finding love.

b) To illustrate the sadness the person was feeling before love.

c) To show that love has the magical power to change things.

ÁUDIO 6 6. Listen to the song again and sing along!

7. Record a podcast of yourself singing this song or any other you like.


Ouvir você mesmo falando inglês, além de uma boa prática, pode ser uma excelente oportunidade para ter uma ideia de como as pessoas ouvem você.
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1. Read some ads for radio jobs and answer the following questions in your notebook.

a) Which one of these jobs pays more?

b) How much would the salary be in Brazilian currency per month?
c) Which job seems to be the most difficult one?
d) Which job would you apply for? Why?

Did you know…?
OTE is the abbreviation for on-target earning. It means that the worker can achieve a certain amount of money depending on the results of his/her work.

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Marketing Executive

England | £25000 | £30000 per annum + Benefits | SPOTLIGHT RECRUITMENT

As the Marketing Executive, you will be expected to work across multiple channels, international markets and take on a wide variety of tasks. We are looking for a creative, yet analytical person with experience using various systems. This is a home-based role, so you need to be independent and not be afraid to take initiative!

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Media Sales Executive - (Sports, Fashion, Tech)

London (Greater) | £18-24k with OTE of £35,000 | MEDIA EXCHANGE

If you are interested in media, have a confident personality and enjoy selling then media sales could be the perfect career path for you! What is […]

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Temporary/Contract Roles - Reception, Team Admin, PA, EA - within the creative Media Industry

London (Central), London (Greater) | Hourly rate equivalent at all levels | PULSE SEARCH & SELECTION LIMITED

If you’re immediately available and looking for temporary or contract roles within some of London’s leading media companies, (advertising, marketing, PR, TV, film, post production, fashion) don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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Media Planner/Buyer (TV)/Advertising/West Midlands

West Midlands | £24000 - £30000 per annum + benefits | PITCH CONSULTANTS

As Account Manager you’ll run and develop a number of exciting client accounts so will need a proven background in media planning/buying and a clear ability to develop campaigns that deliver tangible results for clients, and in turn further opportunities for the agency.

View details | 20 days ago | Save

Regional PR Officer, London

London (Greater) | £21,000 - £23,000 | UNITED BROADCASTERS

UB is looking for a confident communications professional with excellent people and networking skills who will work locally in and around London to promote the work of United Broadcasters which will include representing and assisting with the coordination of radio content, outside broadcasts and other attended events.

View details | 7 days left | Save

Adapted from . Accessed on April 11, 2016.

2. The website allows you to refine your search for radio jobs according to the categories below. In your notebook, write the correct combination of numbers–letters to match these categories and the refinements possible. The first one is done for you!

Example: I-J Categories

I Location

II Job Function

III Job Level

IV Industry

V Salary

VI Hours

VII Contract

VIII Listing Type

IX Education Level

X Recruiter Type

Possible refinements

A Permanent 25

Temp 2

Contract 2

B Media, Radio

C £10,000 - £20,000 9

£20,000 - £30,000 27

£30,000 - £40,000 13

£40,000 - £60,000 11

£60,000 - £80,000 2

D A levels/Advanced GNVQ 1

Undergraduate degree (or equivalent) 14

E Full Time 28

Part Time 1

F Job vacancy 27

Graduate scheme 2

G Entry Level 2

Graduate 7

Experienced (non manager) 9

Management 1

Senior Executive 2

H Administration 2

Finance 1

Marketing/PR 3

Sales 11

I Direct Employer 7

Recruitment Consultant 22

J England 25

South East England 24

London (Greater) 23

East of England 1

West Midlands Region 1

Homeworking 2

3. What do you think the number after each refinement means?

4. Do some research and make a list of other radio professionals.
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Let’s act with words!


What is an interview?

An interview is a meeting in which someone asks another person, especially a famous person, questions about themselves, their work, or their ideas, in order to publish or broadcast the information.

Available at . Accessed on April 11, 2016.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Host Sway Calloway (L) interviews the singer Tyrese Gibson (R). New York, USA, 2016.

Beto Martins/Futura Press

Brazilian swimmer Thiago Pereira being interviewed by the local press. São Paulo, Brazil, 2013.

1. Read the text carefully. Which strategies do you consider the most effective?

Tips on How to Interview Like a Journalist

I. Find a good interviewee: Seek out a good subject. “The truth is that some people have a good story to tell on a subject, and others don’t. Some people are naturally talented at being interviewed, and others aren’t,” said copywriter Star Zagofsky.

II. It’s your job to research: Know the answers to basic questions such as the individual’s background, hot topics, what the person has worked on, is currently working on, and what they’re trying to promote.

III. Make them comfortable: Place them in a comfortable location with friendly surroundings. Be professional and friendly – not pushy.

IV. Send a list of questions beforehand or not: It’s sometimes a good idea to give a skeletal list of questions so the interviewee can prepare appropriately. But don’t give them all your questions as you still want some spontaneity in the interview.

V. Record the interview: You must record your interviews for many reasons: it’s the ethical thing to do; you can actually have a natural conversation; you can focus on the subject and not on your notebook; and you reduce the fear of being misquoted.

Adapted from

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