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. Accessed on April 11, 2016.

7. The following pieces of information were taken from another text about the history of podcasting (How to podcast. Available at , accessed on April 11, 2016). Write questions in your notebook. The answers should be the underlined parts.

Example: When did weblogs start to appear?

Weblogs started to appear after the appearance of the Internet.

a) The next step in the history of podcasting was audio blogging.

b) The problem with audio blogs was that readers had to check for new MP3 files.

c) The spoken word added a new personal element to the media of blogging.

d) The first appearance of the word “podcast” in history was in an article in The Guardian.

e) The creation of the term is credited to Ben Hammersley who wrote the article and used podcast as a synonym for audio blogging or amateur internet radio.

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Turn on the jukebox!

Before you listen…

a) Do you listen to music on the radio? Can you list some current trending songs?

b) Love is a frequent topic used in songs. What are your favorite love songs?

ÁUDIO 6 1. Read and listen to the song, and then answer the following questions in your notebook.

Love Is on the Radio

(by McFly)

I was alone and my stomach was twisted

But I can get up now, the dark clouds have lifted

Back in the old life before you existed

I couldn’t see right

My windows were misted

Said one word, make me feel much better

Starts with “L” and it’s got four letters


Things are looking up

Looking up (hey)

There’s magic everywhere you go

Strangers stop to say hello (hello, hello, hello)

So turn it up

Turn it up (hey)

As loud as you can make it go

‘Cause love is on the radio

Now that I’ve found you my heart’s beating faster

We could be happy forever and after

We could be married, like Mrs. and Mr.

We’ll have a son and we’ll give him a sister

Just one thing holding us together

A four letter word and it lasts forever


Love is on the radio

Love is on the radio (turn it up, turn it up) ×6

Funny one thing led to another

You came along, filled my days with colour

And it’s been an everlasting summer

Since we found each other


So turn it up

Turn it up (hey)

As loud as you can make it go

Play until your speakers blow

And listen ‘till your ears explode

‘Cause love is on the radio

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