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UNIT 3 On the waves of the radio

Language in action

• Learn how to create interviews
• Learn how to tell and describe past events
• Learn how to ask questions

Images related to the history of the radio. 2014

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Private collection. Photography: NBC Studios/ID/BR


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1. What do the images on the previous page portray? Share your thoughts with your classmates.

2. In your notebook, write the correct combination of numbers–letters to relate the stages in the history of the radio to the pictures on the previous page.

A People can now listen to radio stations when they are online.

B The radio was reduced in size and became portable.

C People can listen to the radio wherever they are on their mobile devices.

D People got together to listen to the news or the soaps on the radio.

E Actors got together around a microphone to record the soaps on the radio/radio show.

F Almost every car has a radio.


Faça uma leitura rápida e superficial apenas para identificar a ideia geral e, assim, o tipo de show descrito no texto.

3. Read the excerpts of a radio show. What kind of show is it? Use your notebook.

a) A sitcom.

b) The top 10 hits.

c) An interview.

d) A commercial.

Excerpt 1

Lady Gaga: […] I just want to say “thank you” to you from the bottom of my heart for talking to me about this issue today on your morning radio show. I know, you know, it’s not something that everyone wants to drive to work thinking about, but it will mean a lot to so many people that felt so unheard for so long, I mean, I can´t tell you how many people in my life, that I’ve known for my entire life, have come forward to tell me that they have had a dramatic experience and that this has helped them. Thank you for, you know, doing this for me.

Excerpt 2

Elvis Duran and the Morning Show.

ED: Hey! So here it is Friday. I was looking for the coolest person on earth to talk to kick off my weekend.

B: Who would that be?

ED: You. You, Bethany.

B: I don’t think that’s true.

ED: But I found the second coolest. Please welcome to the Friday show, Lady Gaga.

Excerpt 3

ED: […] The song that you performed the other night on the Academy Award Show. This is what’s getting so much attention right now. You must be so proud of this song.

Lady Gaga: Thank you. I am so... so proud to hear the song, er... being, you know, heard... see that... see it’s being heard and see the effect, I mean, what I've witnessed since the performance’s really the most astounding thing I’ve ever seen. There’s so many people in the world that feel alone, and this song, it heals them by bringing them together, and it also, you know, remind people that don’t feel alone to have empathy for others.

ED: You know what I like about this song and watch you perform it that night with all the sexual assault survivors on stage and, you know, even though it’s about such a serious, serious, deep, deep subject, it really is a great song about healing and celebrating. […]

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