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2. Did you notice any other characteristics? Add any other features you think a good poster should display.
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Let's create a poster

Posters are a simple but effective way of publicizing events and communicating important messages to the public at large.

Design a poster, keeping in mind that it is important to make it attractive and easy to read. Use the steps below as a guide.

Suggested theme:

Security on the Web

Writing Steps


• Decide how you will make your poster. Are you going to make a poster on cardboard by hand? Or do you have access to a computer and printer? Or are you going to publish it on Wikispaces?

• Choose one simple, memorable message.

• Get the information from a reliable source, such as from books, people working in the field, or on reputable Internet sites.

Preparing the first draft

• Prepare the first draft. Place your message in large lettering that will attract attention. More detailed information can also be added in smaller lettering.

• Have your information checked by somebody with expertise in the subject. Also get somebody to spell-check the information.

Peer editing

• Ask a classmate to read it and give you feedback.

• Make the necessary corrections.


• Put up your poster on the classroom wall or publish it on Wikispaces. Try to find a location where lots of people will pass by but where it will not get lost in the crowd. You can also take a photograph of your poster and include it in your portfolio.

If you have access to the Internet, you can use free Web tools to make an interactive online poster.


Genre: Poster

Purpose: To warn your classmates to be careful when surfing the Net

Tone: Formal

Setting: School wall or Wikispaces

Writer: You or your group

Audience: Teacher, classmates, or wiki readers
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let’s study for enem

ATENÇÃO: todas as questões foram elaboradas nos moldes das provas originais do Enem. Responda a todas as questões no caderno.

1. Uma nuvem de palavras é uma representação visual de um texto. A leitura da nuvem de palavras abaixo indica que o tema do texto ao qual ela se refere é:


a) amigos em visita a Chicago.
b) conexões em redes sociais.
c) mapas de trabalho na Web.
d) oportunidades de negócios.
e) problemas de conectividade.

2. “In my point of view, Internet becomes part of our life. We also should consider it like simply meeting someone in the street. In any case people can lie both on the Internet and during face-to-face contact. It depends on you, to believe or not. For me, it is easier to communicate with someone by chats and social networks. You can analyse the context of speech. (What to say, how to answer and etc.)”

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