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5. Use your answers in activity 4 to record a podcast and share it with your classmates.

Useful language

• I’ve (never) answered a quiz on Facebook.

• I (don’t) need to take a quiz to answer those 6 questions.

• My answers are…

• X understands me completely because she/he… really likes me./… has been my friend since, like, forever.

If I am kidnapped, X will… miss me./… go crazy.

• My life defining moments are… my birthday./…my holidays at the beach./…my trip to…

• X completes me because he/she… helps me…/…gives me good advice.

• My sixth sense is telling me… to study hard/… to be patient/… to be honest/… to be polite/… I’ll get an A in English.

• X is addicted to me. We always do things together. We see each other every day.

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Let’s act with words!

1. Study the two posters on this page and the four posters on page 26. Then discuss with a classmate which of the characteristics in the chart they display.

Protect IU/Indiana University

New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence/ID/BR

Verbal information

Only relevant information is presented.

The most relevant information is highlighted.

Text is in a simple font (Arial, Times New Roman).

Text is large and bold.

Content is easy to understand.

Minimal abbreviations and jargon are used.

Information is presented in a logical progression.

Information is grouped in sections.

Nonverbal information

Color use is logical and consistent.

Color is used to organize information.

Size is used to emphasize information.

Use of white spaces is adequate.

Elements are aligned vertically and horizontally.

Use of bulleted phrases.

Only relevant photos, charts, etc. are included.

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