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7. What does each sign express: warning or order? Answer in your notebook.


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8. We can use the Imperative to give orders, instructions, warnings, or to make recommendations. In your notebook, write the combination of numbers–letters to arrange the sentences in 4 groups (I, II, III, IV) according to their functions.

I Order

II Instruction

III Warning

IV Recommendation

A If you’re not sure of the IP address to use, open your router’s setup page and look in its quick-start guide for the correct address.

B Save paper when printing.

C Don’t accept unknown friend requests.

D Monitor what your friends are sending and sharing with you.

E Turn on https://browsing on your Facebook settings.

F Don’t click on suspicious links.

G Don’t you dare touch my mouse.

H Download the Facebook security server.

I Do not respond to cyberbullying messages.

J Look out for moving vehicles!

K Don’t ever give out any personal information.
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Let’s listen aND talk!

Before you listen…

a) Have you ever felt you were at risk when using a social network?

b) Have you ever felt you could put your friends at risk?

c) What kind of social network practices do you think expose us to more risks?


Pense nas palavras-chave que poderiam estar relacionadas ao tema do texto e useas para ajudar a identificar os principais tópicos discutidos.

ÁUDIO 3 1. This audio excerpt was taken from the 50th episode of the Shared Security Podcast sponsored by Security Perspectives, recorded on January 21, 2016. Below are the headings of the topics discussed on the podcast by Tom Eston and Scott Wright with special guest Alex Hamerstone. Listen to two minutes of the podcast and identify the topic under discussion. Write down the answer in your notebook.

a) 2016 Reality: Lazy Authentication Still the Norm

b) Stop Doing Quizzes on Facebook if You Place any Value on Your Privacy

c) Pre-crime Arrives in The UK: Better Make Sure Your Face Stays Off the Crowdsourced Watch List

d) The Super Creepy Side of the Internet of Things and Smart Homes

e) Xfinity’s Security System Flaws Open Homes to Thieves

2. Look at some images of Facebook applications. Which picture is an example of the topic under discussion?

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