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Genre: Infographic

Purpose: To instruct your classmates about making connections

Tone: Informal

Setting: Wikispaces

Writer: You or your group

Audience: Classmates or wiki readers
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Learning tips

How to learn more vocabulary

Learning vocabulary means knowing not only the meaning of the words, but also how to use them in context. To know a word also implies spelling, pronunciation, collocation, register or style, changes in form, and grammar information.

How to learn new words:

• Read a lot.

• Listen to music and pay attention to the lyrics.

• Watch movies and pay attention to the new words.

• Use a good dictionary.

• Build a personal glossary.

• Use vocabulary graphic organizers.

Have you ever recorded new words in graphic organizers? Find several kinds of graphic organizers to help you learn new vocabulary at Enchanted Learning (accessed on April 7, 2016).


What about building a glossary about jobs and professions? See some examples.





/ˈwɛbˌmæstər, -ˌmɑstər/

Someone whose job is to manage a website.

Systems analyst

/ˈsIstəmz ˈænlIst/

Someone whose job is to plan or improve the way that a business or organization uses computers.

Web designer

/ˈwɛb dIˈzaInər/

Someone who plans, designs, creates, and often maintains websites.

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In your notebook, use the following phrases to think and write about what you’ve learned so far. You can start with…

Hands: Macrovector/

Heart: Iktash/

… and finish with one of the options below:

… talking about general truths and regular events.
… talking about recent actions in progress.
… giving tips and instructions.
… expressing opinions.
… identifying and using words related to social networks.
… identifying the sound “th”.
… creating an infographic.
… working with free diagramming tools to build infographics.

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