Managing Brands Over Time Chapter 13 Reinforcing Brands

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Managing Brands Over Time

  • Chapter 13

Reinforcing Brands

  • Use marketing actions that consistently convey the meaning of the brand to consumers in terms of awareness and image
  • Fortify the brand by raising awareness and building favorable associations - sponsorships, product placements

Brand Concept Management

  • Functional benefits - solve consumer related problems
  • Symbolic benefits - needs for social approval or personal expression; “badge brands”
  • Experiential benefits - sensory pleasure, variety

Brand Concept Management: Functional Concept

  • Intro Elaboration Fortification
  • Clorox Prob/solve Pre-wash stain
  • Bleach strategy remover
  • Usage New scents
  • ________extension (cotton to synthetics)
  • Vaseline prob/solve Lotion
  • Jelly Extensions Baby wipes

Symbolic & Experiential Concepts

  • Brand Elaboration Fortification
  • symbolic
  • Godiva Gold box Customizing
  • Apple Controlled dist Retail stores
  • experiential
  • Lego Accessories Furniture
  • Aveda Aromatherapy Make-up

Revitalizing Brands

  • Recapturing lost sources of equity
  • Returning to values of original brand
  • Repositioning
  • Expanding awareness and image

Comeback Stories

  • RCA - went from obsolete TV image to Satellite System with DirecTV; new campaign with “Chipper” dog logo
  • Hush Puppies - suede shoes image changed with new designs, ad campaign and Forrest Gump placement
  • Adidas - After losing to Nike and Reebok, targeted young urbans, Rappers and Kobe to make 3 stripes cool again

Expanding the Breadth of Brand Awareness

  • Finding new uses for the brand with TOM awareness (Cheeze Whiz recipes, Folgers coffee singles)
  • Reminding consumers to replace products with short lifespan (Oral-B)
  • Providing innovative package design (MentaDent)

Improving Brand Image

  • Repositioning with points of difference or points of parity
  • Changing brand elements (KFC)
  • Entering new markets (Frosted Flakes)
  • Targeting new segments (Brylcreen Power Gel)

Adjustments to Brand Portfolio

  • • Migration strategies (Dockers)
  • Acquire new customers (VW)
  • New distribution outlets (Kmart; Internet sales)
  • Line extension or sub brands (TJs)
  • IMC campaigns for each segment (Dewars Profiles)
  • Retiring obsolete brands/products

Maintaining Equity at the Movies

  • How can Disney maintain brand equity for the film Bambi over the years?
  • How does Disney expand brand equity through film production?
  • Are there any sub-brands that Disney should consider retiring?

Managing Nivea’s Brand Portfolio

  • What is the US image of Nivea?
  • How did Nivea create a POD through associations of ‘mildness and gentleness” to the brand as a whole? To sub-brands?
  • What role did the Blue Harmony ad campaign play in positioning the brand?
  • What should be the next step for Nivea?

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