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Version 2.0

This document maps content from the existing National Alopecia Areata Foundation Web site to categories in their redesigned site map, suggests material from current PDF and Word documents in the NAAF archive for inclusion, and recommends areas to update and/or combine content for optimal user flow and topical comprehension.

Mairi Reyer, Information Architect, Convio


Site Map Item

Existing URLs

Applicable PDFs or Word Documents

Content Notes

About Alopecia Areata


 Combine content into one essay.

Types of Alopecia Areata


Combine content into one essay with headers separating topics.

Autoimmunity and Alopecia Areata


Will want to expand on this section – current page includes link to off-site PDF. Recommend including links to additional articles and a more substantive explanation of how AA and autoimmunity are related.

Alopecia Areata in Children


Combine content into one essay with headers separating topics.

Treatment for Alopecia Areata


Combine content into one essay with headers separating topics.

Just Diagnosed?



What is Alopecia Areata?


Alopecia Areata Quick Fact Sheet.pdf

Recommend writing new overview section; can include content from About Alopecia Areata pages but with special focus for the newly-diagnosed.

Getting Treatment has no content - needs to be written.
Recommend linking prominently here to the more comprehensive page on Treatment for Alopecia Areata in other section of the Web site.

Finding Others With Alopecia Areata



Need to write content for Finding Others With Alopecia Areata – this is a section on the current site but the link is broken and there is no content other than links to current resources li. Suggest links to NAAF Support Groups and message boards.

Living With Alopecia Areata


Combine content into one essay with headers separating topics.

Reactions To Alopecia Areata


Combine content into one essay with headers separating topics.
This would be an excellent place to discuss issues of insurance and dermatology diagnoses, and how to find a dermatologist who will work with you.

Alopecia Areata in the Workplace



Alopecia Areata in School


Consider writing new content for this section tailored specifically for younger readers and break content up on the page for parents versus actual kids. (“How do I talk to my friends about it?” etc.)
Might also consider embedding sample video clip on this page!

Alopecia Areata in Relationships


Combine content into one essay with headers separating topics.

Cosmetics and Prostheses


Hair Prosthesis.pdf

Recommend pulling excellent content from these PDFs out into page and divide with headers separating topics. Also, discuss issues of insurance coverage here as well.



Recommend placing some mention/ information on grant application on index page for this section.
Also recommend including information on past research summit here.

Research Highlights

New section created by Mary

Genetic Research



Clinical Trials



Research Grants


Combined new and past research grants.

National Alopecia Areata Registry


 New article written by Mary.

Apply For A Grant

(Erin, please just comment this out for now…the grants are not open)



Consider creating a form for grant applications for inclusion when they are open.

Our Stories and Photos




Photo Album







Recommend putting these PDFs into StoryBuilder.



A HowToTurnAAIntoPositive.pdf

A MyHawaiiVacation.pdf

A MySpiritualJourney.pdf

Recommend putting these PDFs into StoryBuilder.







Growing Up With Alopecia.pdf

MyStory FindingStrenth Within.pdf


Who Has Had The Greatest Influence.pdf

Young and Wise Links for Locks.pdf


Recommend putting these PDFs into StoryBuilder.

Tell Your Story



Need to create submission form in StoryBuilder.

Support and Resources


Need an overview essay of all the kinds of support NAAF provides for this index page. Recommend including discussion of privacy and sensitivity issues related to photos of baldness and personal information on the Internet here.

Message Boards



Support Groups


Combine all support group information into one page. Provide links at top for users to select state/region.
May consider adding to site map two subcategories for support groups: Domestic and Foreign, since there are a number of foreign groups.

PenPal Program



Ascot Fund


Do not necessarily need to include all the testimonials—cull it down to a few of the best.

Charlie's Angels (abbreviated)

Charlie Villanueva Biography 31.pdf
What is a Meet & Greet.pdf

Include items from as visual interest on this page.
Need new content for 08-09 recap; consider retiring most content from 07-08.
Consider including video clip from Charlie here.

Parents' Support Pack













Recommend writing comprehensive overview essay for this section and pulling relevant material out of PDFs for direct inclusion.

Programs and Events







Annual Conference





Special Event Application.pdf
Community Awareness How-To Manual.pdf

Will need to write new content for this page. Consider creating an online form for special events applications.

Past Events


Recommend stripping content out from the three PDFs on the Past Highlights page and including it here in essay/photo format along with content from Past Events page. Recommend writing in narrative format, not bulleted list.

Products for People with Alopecia Areata


Will use new format/design for this page breaking up products by type. Consider writing stronger introduction explaining why and how NAAF benefits when constituents buy products from these vendors, reminding them to keep the NAAF codes in mind.

Get Involved


Need overview essay for this section. Recommend including current publicity, must-read articles and downloadable materials as call-outs on this section’s index page.



Combine content from both pages into one page. Divide topic areas up with headers (Planned Giving, IRA Donations, etc.)

Advocacy News

Community Awareness Education Packet.pdf
Awareness Month Advocacy Toolkit

Make sure this page is updated regularly. This strengthens calls for donations and helps insure constituents feel like advocacy efforts are always in progress.

NAAF National Campaign


Recommend augmenting content for this page with additional information about the overall national campaign. Updates on campaign can be mentioned in Advocacy News.

State Updates


Combine state and federal updates into one streamlined page.




Will need new content for this page explaining the ways that constituents can volunteer.

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