Main theme of Aytul Kursi meaning of surah ikhlas

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Q1. Main theme of Aytul Kursi
Q2. Meaning of surah ikhlas
Q3. Main theme of Surah Ikhlas
Q4. Write some trait’s about the holy prophet
Q5. How was holy prophet the last prophet.
Q6. What are the articiles’ of faith
Q7. What do angle’s do for allah

A1. The main theme of The Aytul Kursi is that Allah is alone, Absolute, Unique there is no one else except Allah. Allah can rule the whole universe by himself he does not need his angle’s. He know’s all he does not need any informer’s or adviser’s he is all knowing.

A2. Purity of Faith

A3. The main theme of Surah Ikhlas is to express on allah’s oneness that allah is one he does not need partner’s or helper’s or anyone that he is alone he does not have a father or a son he is alone there is none like him. None other like him and that there is no one who is even equal to him Allah is all powerful and mighty and he can manage the world’s and the universe by himself.

A4. The holy Prophet was very forgiving as he thought that Allah would forgive him if he should forgive everyone as Allah would forgive everyone.

A5. The holy prophet is the last prophet due to it being confirmed in the Quran and the Holy Prophet. And the holy prophet was sent not to a tribe but to a message for the whole world

Q. Why is it important for us to believe in Angles.
A. It is important for us to believe in Angle’s in Islam because Angle’s are the messenger’s of Allah they gave the revelation’s to the holy prophet from Allah. To ask for help from a Angle is very degrading for a man as Allah has blessed Human’s with knowledge and being able to learn. Angle’s can only know what Allah has told them but humans can learn anything. Angle’s are why we know the holy Quran and the other revelation’s.

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