Magical Realism Mini-Essay Essay

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Magical Realism Mini-Essay

  1. Pick one of the three magical realism stories (“Axolotl,” “Death and Transfiguration of a Teacher,” or “The Very Old Man with Enormous Wings.”

  1. Respond to the following question in a mini-essay:

How does the magic realism in this story help the reader gain a deeper understanding of reality?

  1. Write a mini essay in which you use at least TWO pieces of specific textual evidence to support and original thesis statement.

    1. This will be THREE paragraphs in length: intro, body, and conclusion.

    2. 12 point font

    3. Double-spaced

    4. Proper heading and header

    5. No personal pronouns

    6. Text evidence must be cited using MLA.

    7. Rubric must be ATTCHED to the front of the essay

  1. The focus of my grading will be on your focus & elaboration. This is an essay grade.

Developing your thesis statement –
1. Consider the author’s purpose. Why did the author write the story that you chose? What message/theme/main idea is the author trying to get across to the reader? What is the author trying to explain about reality?

2. Sample thesis:

Magic Realism + Theme + One Way Theme is Communicated
Through the use of magical realism, Julio Cortazar’s “The Night Face Up” argues that often times readers need to become one with the past if they are to understand it; the author accomplishes this by incorporating ordinary objects in unusual ways.



Background info:

-Include the author’s name, story title, and background on magical realism.

Thesis statement:


Topic sentence:



Restate thesis statement:

Review your point:

Writer’s name:_______________________________________Peer editor’s name:__________________________________________

Peer Editing Checklist
If anything cannot be checked off, please explain why under each line in order to help your partner.
________Background information at the beginning of the introduction?

________Clear thesis statement at the end of the introduction?

________Clear topic sentences at the beginning of the body paragraph?

________At least two pieces of direct text evidence with the proper citation?

________Conclusion that restates key ideas and ties the essay together with final thoughts?

________Correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and strong word choice?

Any other comments for your partner about his/her essay?

Download 16.39 Kb.

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