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Frenchay Girls Friendly Society Log Book 1937 – 1938

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List of Contributors:

M Huish B Rose

E Harris H Fidler

B Higgins J Florence

D Packer P Blacker


Editor P Blacker

Asst Ed D Packer

Cover M Hish
2 April 1937 GFS Meeting at Manor House 8pm

3 April 1937 Candidates Party held at Frenchay Village Hall from 7-30 to 10pm; admission 6d; D Packer at door. There were dances and games, besides several interesting sketches and songs by the Candidates. Profit taken £1-19-6

7 April 1937 Skipping practice at Hall for Competitions.

8 April 1937 Committee meeting at Cliff Court

9 April 1937 Dramatic practice and usual meeting at Manor House

11 April 1937 Corporate Communion at 8am

12 April 1937 Rededication Service at St Michael’s Room, Winterbourne. Attendance of Frenchay Members approx 14

13 April 1937 Practice for skipping at hall

14 April 1937 Dramatic at Manor House

16 April 1937 Skipping Practice at Village Hall 7pm. L Rice taking the place of C Radford who was unable to continue because of her work


17 April 1937 Candidates Competitions at St Mary’s, Fishponds. B Higgins and L Pedrick helped with teas

20 April 1937 Practice for skipping at Hall

23 April 1937 Skipping practice at Hall 7pm. Dress rehearsal for those taking part in “The Abbott” 9pm (last practice)

26 April 1937 Member’s Competitions at St Thomas’ Hall, Eastville, 4pm

Competition Entries – Frenchay Branch:

No4 Elementary Dramatic Team

16 Skipping Team

26 Piano Solo (Advanced) Margery Huish

28 Recitation (under 18) Celia Radford

28 Recitation (over 18) Betty Glasson

42 Cookery Joyce Florence

43 Knitting Betty Rose

44 Knitting Elsie Harris, Doris Packer, Hilda Fidler

45 Needlework Doris Packer

48 Plain Needlework & Mending Doris Packer, Joyce Florence

50 Embroidery Lucy Rice

54 Crochet Hilda Fidler

61 Evening Bag (Associates) M

65 Branch Log Book

67 GFS Knowledge May Sawyer

69 Story May Sawyer

73 Penmanship Barbara Higgins


A printed page is affixed to the page…

Inter-Diocesan Competitions, 1937

Final Winners and Commendations:

Among the many names are…

Needlework (Nightdess or Princess Slip) (45 entries): Highly Commended, Bristol, D Packer

Crochet (Jumper) (19 entries): Commended, Bristol, Hilda Fidler

GFS Knowledge (44 entries): Very Highly Commended, Bristol, May Sawyer.

Minutes Committee Meeting 8 April 1937

Present: Miss Elliott, M Huish, L Pedrick, D Packer, P Blacker, B Higgins

Election of Officers followed:

Secretary D Packer

Asst Secretary M Huish

Treasurer B Higgins

Representatives, Diocesan Members Committee…

M Huish L Pedrick

Branch Council: D Packer P Blacker

Log Book editor P Blacker

Asst Editor D Packer

Arising out of the minutes of the last meeting – Competitions will take place at St Thomas’s Hall, Eastville 4pm. Distribution of Certificates to take place first, Dramatic to follow. Recitations to take place 14 April at 7-45

Miss Elliott must have all entries in by Wednesday 14 April

The accounts showed a balance in hand of £1-16-11

Rededication Service to be held at St Michael’s Room, Winterbourne, Monday 12 April: It is hoped that members will make an effort to attend the service, and to take their service sheets with them.


Candidates Competition: Saturday 17 April at St Mary’s, Fishponds. L Pedrick and B Higgins offered to help with the teas.

Sale: it was decided to divide the proceeds of the sale between the Church Extension Fund and The Indian Medical Missions.

Miss Elliott had bought a bunch of tulips and had taken them to Miss Way (who has had an operation) form the members.


Programme GFS Candidates Social:

Programme, with intervals for games & dances & competitions.

Short Play by the Senior GFS Candidates:

“April Fools”

Jemima Jane Esme Bartlett

The April Fool Esme Thomas

29 February Margaret Rodman

Christmas Day Iris Cox

5 November Margaret Curtis

Monday’s Child Phyllis Clark

Tuesday’s Child Nan Hibbard

Wednesday’s Child, Phillipa Wiltshire

Thursday’s Child Rita Coles

Friday’s Child Maisie Fowler

Saturday’s Child Pamela Carpenter

Sunday’s Child Esme Fox

Song by Six Junior Candidates

“Six Little Mothers”

Maryon Dumper Ronnie Lockyer

Esme Attwood Valerie Morton

Nesta Pullin Freda Cullip

Short Play by Seniors

“The Sign of the Seven Daisies”

An Old Woman Gwen Ettles

A Child Cynthia Allen

An Old Man Olive Palmer

Spring Phyllis Clark


Action Song by Juniors

“Riding in the Tram”

Driver: Esme Wiltshire Conductor: Eileen Lockyer

Inspector: E Moulding

Passengers: Adelaide Jackson Christine Morgan

Barbara Sowden Grace Rodman

Iris Lampard Jean Attwood

Christine Cullip Joyce Richards

Joan Curtis Edna Fox

Peggy Hulton Megan Wiltshire

Edith Newman Heather Wilkins

Nesta Pullin Maryon Dumper

Ronnie Lockyer Esme Attwood

Freda Cullip Valerie Morton

Heather Lampard

Short Play by Seniors

“Spring Cleaning”

Two Old Ladies: Betty Bawn, Elsie Coles

Fairies: Nan Hibbard, Doreen Gregg, Barbara Smart

Recitation by Juniors

“Seven Little Women”

Iris Lampard, Christine Cullip, Heather Wilkins, Edna Fox, Barbara Wowden, Jean Attwood, Peggy Hutton

Song by Juniors

“The Chinaman”

Esme Wiltshire, Evelyn Moulding, Barbara Sowden, Eileen Lockyer, Adelaide Jackson, Christine Morgan, Grace Rodman, Jean Attwood, Christine Cullip, Joyce Richards

God Save the King


GFS Knowledge:

An Essay on the Object of the Girls Friendly Society.

The Object:- To unite for the glory of God, in one fellowship of Prayer & Service, the Girls & Women of the Empire to uphold Purity in Thought, Word & Deed.

It seems most appropriate that the subject of the essay, which is the key to all Girls Friendly Society Competitions, should be this year “The Object of the GFS”. For in this year of 1937 there comes to all British Subjects a special call to new beginnings; to a new beginning or rededication, all members of the Girls Friendly Society have been called by the President. On 12 May the world will witness the solemn dedication of a king to his people; and of a people to the king: that dedication will not be a hollow show of pomp and circumstance, but a very real promise on both sides, to love and to serve. It is a rededication such as this that will be carried out during April by the Girls Friendly Society, the clarion clear challenge has rung though the branches to take up more vigorously the banner of blue, which bears the emblem of the white lily and the words “Bear ye one another’s burdens”.

[This essay continues for a further eleven pages in the same vain, and woven around the Object of the GFS contained in the sentence “To Unite for the glory of God in one Fellowship of prayer and service, the Girls & Women of the Empire”.]

Signed by May E Sawyer.


28 April 1937 Miss Elliott and a member represented the GFS by invitation of the Hall Committee to a meeting with the view of enlarging the Village Hall.

30 April 1937 Last GFS Meeting at Manor House

4 May 1937 Miss Elliott and two members went to the Jubilee Club party…

On Tuesday evening, 4 May, the Jubilee Club, Clifton, gave a party at the Club Room to celebrate the winning of the Diocesan Shield, Miss Elliott and two members were invited. We left Frenchay a little after 7 o’clock, when we arrived at the club we were welcomed by Miss Braithwaite, also a crowd of very merry looking club girls.

No one could have been other than merry with the sight that met our eyes. The club room was gaily decorated in red, white and blue, an immense table was laid with delicious things to eat, such as jellies, fruit salads and other things. Before we started the supper Miss Stafford Jones unveiled the shield, then followed presentations of flowers to the various ladies who had assisted in training the girls for the competitions.

After supper, games commenced which were thoroughly enjoyed by all, then followed community singing, ending with the Vesper Hymn.

After saying goodbye, we left, promising that when Frenchay win the Shield, Jubilee Club members are coming to he party.


5 May 1937 GFS Dance at Winterbourne

9 May 1937 GFS Corporate Communion. Lily Pedrick went to the Civic Service at the Cathedral in the afternoon.

20 May 1937 Members Committee at Cliff Court.

9 June 1937 Diocesan Council of Youth held Grammar School. D Packer was one of the representatives of the GFS.

18 June 1937 First meeting for the tennis; Miss Elliott has once again allowed the use of her court from 6pm. GFS Members Committee at 8pm.

24 June 1937 Joan Adam’s Wedding

25 June 1937 GFS Tennis & Branch Outing cancelled through lack of numbers

26 June 1937 The Rector enquired if any of the members would like to help with singing at the 8 o’clock service on the 27th as most of the choir boys were away. Practice at 2-30 this afternoon; most of the members turned up.

27 June 1937 Anniversary week begins. GFS Corporate Communion instead of usual 2nd Sunday and the Rector was very pleased with the members .

20 May 1937 Minutes of Meeting. Present: Miss Elliott in the chair, B Higgins, P Blacker, M Huish & C Radford. Competition results are as follows: we gained 80% for Dramatic and were the only entry for the elementary section. The skipping team came 2nd with 76%. Log Book 2nd

Individual Competitions: Bed Jacket 1st (knitting), Nightdress 1st, Evening Bag 1st, Crochet Jumper 1st, Advanced Pianoforte Solo 1st, Recitations under 18 2nd. Total 61 marks

As we had gained 1st place for Log Book 3 years in succession, it was decided for Miss Elliott to keep the picture.

Eighteen members went to the Rededication Service at St Michael’s Room, Winterbourne. Miss Elliott, C Radford & M Huish spent a very enjoyable evening at the Jubilee Club on 4th May. Four Candidates went to the “Empire Service of Youth” 19th May.

The accounts showed a balance in hand of 15/5d.

Arrangements for future: 27 June is the beginning of Anniversary Week. It was decided to have the GFS Corporate Communion Service on that Sunday instead of the usual 2nd Sunday.

Corporate Dance at the Berkley Café; It was decided for us to find our own way in and to hire a bus for the return journey, and if necessary, to pay the difference out of funds. Fare 9d each.

Tennis: to commence Friday, 18 June, weather permitting. Each member to pay 1d per week and if anyone forgets to bring money, they must mark on the list that they played & to pay the following week. Each set to play for 20 minutes. Each set also to see that all balls are on the court when they come off. If members do not take their share in looking for balls, they can be reported by a committee member. Balls must on no account be left on the court during a storm. The last four playing must tidy up – such as putting nets up, putting balls and rackets away, etc.

The Inter-diocesan Competitions will take place 3 July. M Huish will be going up for the Pianoforte Solo. The Diocesan Extension Committee is planning a day trip to London on the same date, & it is hoped that this will include a visit to Wembley where the King & Queen will be present. It seemed quite possible that 2 or 3 members at least would like to join the party. More details to be given later.

Branch Duty to take place Sat 24 July. 16 names at least must be given in. We were given a fortnight to decided where we would like to go.

A photo is attached of “GFS Members passing the King & Queen at Wembley”.

2 July 1937 A small party for tennis this evening

3 July 1937 London Trip:

Four members caught the 7am bus to Bristol this morning. Miss Elliott kindly arranged for a taxi to take us from the Centre to the station so that we might be under the clock at the appointed time, 7-30am, to Miss Vibert and the rest of the party. The sun was shining beautifully and gave promise of a glorious day.

As the train steamed out of the station at 7-50 Miss Elliott and Miss Braithwaite had gone to London a few days previously and so met the party at Paddington at 10am. It was here that the party spilt up, Miss Elliott hurrying one of her members, M Huish, because she was to play a piano-torte solo for the GFS Inter-Diocesan Competitions at Corton Hall. Miss Vibert took the party that wanted to see the Tower, and Miss Braithwaite took another member and myself to Madame Tussauds. We went by underground to Baker Street and the first thing we did was to have coffee and biscuits for which we have to thank Miss Braithwaite. We then spent a very interesting hour going round the Exhibition, making good use of our brains, before looking at the catalogue.

The next move was to Townsend House to see the competition work. We found that Frenchay had done very well. M Sawyer’s GFS Knowledge Paper was Very Highly Commended, H Fidler’s Crochet jumper Commended and D Packer’s nightdress Highly Commended. We were also pleased to meet Miss Way, our Diocesan President.

We made our way to the GFS Restaurant near Caxton Hall for lunch. On arrival there we found Miss Elliott and M Huish. Eager enquiries were made as to how Marjory had got on with her music. We found that she had gained fourth position. Rather a rushed meal followed as there were many waiting for tables. We then set out for Wembley.

At Baker Street we were joined by Miss Vibert and her party and during the rest of the journey we were told how much they had enjoyed their visit to the Tower of London.

This is an account given by one of the Frenchay members: The first thing we saw on our arrival was the Tower Bridge opening and a large ship passing through. Then we saw where Henry VIII killed his wives; a piece of ground was roped off for this purpose and a brass plate was there with an inscription on it. It was put there by Queen Victoria to mark the place. We also saw where Lady Jane Grey washed the body of her headless husband and the tower where the two little princes were murdered; also where the prisoners were kept. After this we went to the White Tower where all the armour, spears, swords & revolvers were kept. There were two models of the Tower which were made indifferent years. In another room was the execution block. The crown jewels were a sight not to be missed. So ended our visit to the Tower. After lunch, having a few minutes to spare, we went into All Hallow’s Church, which is opposite the Tower. Here the lamp is continually kept burning.

By this time we had arrived at Wembley and walked to the Empire Stadium. It was about 2-30 and we found that we had excellent seats, a good view of the King and Queen when they arrived. We were all delighted when Miss Way joined us. The whole crowd was getting pretty excited as those taking part in the March Past were making their entry into the arena, forming up facing the Royal Box. The trumpets sounded to indicate the arrival of their Majesties, cheers were given by the whole assembly as the King, Queen and two Princesses took their places on the dais. The National Anthem was then played, and the King was presented with a figure of Youth and the Queen with a bouquet. Afterwards the March Past began. Forty different organisations took part; 1,400 altogether.

As the GFS group marched past the dais the King was heard to remark, “That’s a very pretty shade of blue”. At the end of the March Past, the Royal Party moved back into the Royal Box. We did not have such a good view of their Majesties now, and had to content ourselves with an occasional view of the top of the Queen’s hat. The programme was a long one, also a very good one, and it is hard to describe which one liked the most. The colours were arranged most effectually. Some of the GFS were taking part in the ‘Keep Fit Demonstration’ and were dressed in green. This was also a very pretty colour scheme of green, blue and brown. The Women’s League of Health and Beauty looked very neat in their black shorts and white blouses. During the performance, Miss Way very kindly bought us all an ice, which was most welcome & very much appreciated by the whole party. We did not stop for the last item – ‘A Camping Display by the Boy Scouts’ because we thought it would be easier to get away and so avoid the crowd later. After a very enjoyable afternoon, we once more made our way by underground to Baker Street. We had a late tea at Tussaud’s Restaurant. For which we have to thank Miss Elliott, and so we had missed the 6-30 pm train from Paddington, telegrams etc had to be sent off because the next train we were able to leave by was the 9-45pm, arriving in Bristol in the early hours of Sunday morning. This done, some of the party felt they would like to go round Madame Tussaud’s Exhibition, as we were right on the spot, so Miss Vibert’s Party with Miss Elliott and Marjory went into the exhibition while the remaining party decided to wait for them in the Regent’s Park.

8-30 found us all together again, and this time we had no choice but to make our way to Paddington. We were very sorry to leave after a day well spent. The train left punctually at 9-45 and for a while tongues were very busy discussing the day’s events, but soon everyone began to feel sleepy, & tried to get a little sleep. It was about 1-15 Sunday morning when we arrived at Temple Meads, and it was raining very heavily. We now had to say goodbye to some of the party, Miss Vibert was taking half the party to their homes in her car, and Miss Elliott and the Frenchay Members had a taxi, again we have to thank Miss Elliott. It was 1-45 when we reached Frenchay; we all felt tired but very happy after our trip to London, and our thanks are due to Miss Braithwaite, Miss Vibert and Miss Elliott, who made the day a tremendous success.

M Huish, B Higgins, E Harris, D Packer.


9 July 1937 Tennis at Cliff Court as usual

11 July 1937 GFS Corporate Communion.

30 July 1937 Tennis at Cliff Court

4 August 1937 Six members helped at the Hospital Fete this afternoon, by selling programmes and taking charge of the gate leading into the gardens. Some of the candidates also helped before hand by collecting money for the purses which were presented to Mrs Cecil Fry at the opening of the Fete.

6 August 1937 Miss Dinn’s Holiday Party at Cliff Court…

For the first fortnight of August, Bristol was invaded by a party of twenty or more GFS members from all parts of England to spend a holiday in the West Country under the able guidance of Miss Dinn.

On Friday, Miss Dinn guided her flock to Frenchay to spend the afternoon in the garden and grounds of Cliff Court at the invitation of Miss Elliott. They arrived 25 strong at 3-30pm to be welcomed on the common by Miss Elliott and a few Frenchay members who were able to help entertain.

After greetings were over, those of the party who felt so inclined, were conducted by Miss Elliott and Mike, the dog, through the woods to the river, while the rest sat on the lawn, talking with Mrs Elliott and Miss Nancy Elliott.

A Game of cricket with darts followed as a quiet prelude to tea. Miss Dinn’s team scored a fine total which could not be equalled by Miss Elliott’s team.

Tea now followed on the lawn, served by Miss Elliott who officiated at the teapot and the Frenchay members; here I must pause to thank Mrs Elliott’s maids who helped so much with that important part of the entertainment – Tea! Many of the owners of cameras seized the opportunity to take some very jolly snaps of the whole party.

A quarter of an hour was given for wandering about, swinging and enjoying the garden, then a series of competitions was arranged by Miss Elliott for the energetic people, while the less energetic enjoyed talking with M & Mrs Elliott.

The competitions began with an earsplitting game of Cats & Dogs, resulting in a victory for the Dogs under the leadership of Miss Elliott.

Then silence reigned during a Bottle-Fishing contest, an occupation which caused a great deal of frowning. Other games followed till everyone was tired out, four energetic persons, two visitors and two Frenchay members, began a game of tennis which had to be closed at a score of three games all owing to the fact that it was almost time for the ‘bus.

More photographs were taken and finally the party trooped across the common to the waiting ‘bus and promptly at 7 o’clock we waved them off to Bristol.

ME Sawyer

Signatures & Branch of members of Holiday Party:-

Nora F Fountain South Branch Lincoln

Amy W Ottaway Rickmansworth St Albans

Eileen Ellis St Judes, South Kensington, London

Gladys A Willey St Anne’s, Stamford Hill London

Ruby Friend Upper Chelsea London

Jay M Piper St Cuthberts, Wood Green, London

Ivy Willey St Anne’s, Stamford Hill London

Elsie Wilcox St Dunstan’s, Stepney London

Dora Lewis St Peter’s Chester

Phyllis Jones Christleton Chester

Muriel Broughton St Peter’s Chester

Doreen Matthews Gerrards Cross Bucks

Dorothy Dinn GFS Central Office London SW1

Hilda Bruce St Andrew’s, Orpington Rochester

Kathleen Dunstan St Paul’s, Margate Canterbury

Dorothy R Eyre South Branch Lincoln

Constance Sturdy Easingwold Yorks

Emily Ottaway Rickmansworth St Albans

Alice Friend Upper Chelsea London

Annie Pearson St George’s Barrow-in-Furness


8 August 1937 GFS Corporate Communion

14 August 1937 Joyce Florence’s Holiday Report, 14th – 18th:-

At last the long looked for day arrived and for the second year running I made my way to Minehead to join the Bristol Holiday Party. Although it was pouring with rain, I was not downhearted for I was quite confident of having a good time. My friend had already arrived when I got there and during the process of unpacking, we talked of last year’s events.

At last we were aroused by the tea bell where we met the rest of the holiday makers. During the evening we had a walk round the town and back along the prom, and by that time we were quite ready for bed. I woke next morning to the sound of the breakfast bell, and the general rush began in order to get down in good time. Then we started off to our favourite Church on the hill. After the service, we walked down to the beach where we reclined until lunch time, planning what we should like to do in the afternoon. We decided to walk to Blue Anchor. After a good three mile walk we arrived there, and were quite ready for a bathe, after which we made our way to Cleeve. Time flew, and at last we had to retrace our steps nto Ellesmere.

Monday morning we all boarded a motor coach at 9-30 for Lynton and Watersmeet. In spite of thick drizzle of rain which lasted all day, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Tuesday came with an improvement in the weather, so a party of us planned a hike to Selworthy. It was a glorious walk and the scenery was beautiful. When we arrived there we found a tiny little village consisting of a church and about a dozen little thatched cottages, in one of these we had our tea. The following day we had an afternoon trip to Simonsbath. This was another quaint little village, with the Bagworth river running through the middle and it lay at the North end of the Doone Valley.

Thursday was a free day for everyone so three of us decided to explore the Doone Valley. The driver dropped us off at a County Gate and under his directions we soon came to the entrance of the Doone Valley. Having paid to enter, we soon started off and were amazed at the glorious scenery in front of us. Through the middle ran the Bagworth Waters, bordered by the gentle slopes covered with heather & bracken. Eventually, we made our way back to Gore Church (which was very beautiful) and then on to the Lower Doone Farm, where we had tea. All to soon the coach arrived and we were soon speeding back to Minehead.

Friday morning until 11am was spent shop gazing and then we rushed back for our haversacks and started off to Dunster over Gabist. The weather was glorious and finally we reached Gabist Hill which overlooked Dunster. The church was our first place of interest and then on to Tithe Barn and the Yarm Market. Most of our time was taken up in the latter, watching a little old man with his performing mice. About 2-30 we made our way to the Polo ground, where the rest of the afternoon was spent. A much less strenuous walk brought us back to Minehead and we just had time to get ready for an evening picnic on Dunkery. The chara arrived at 6-30pm and every one clambered in, while the food was packed into Miss Way’s car. Dunkery Beacon proved too cold for our evening meal so once more we all got into the charabanc for Wibber’s Post. This lay down in the valley and was certainly warmer. Everyone seixed a rug from the charabanc and wrapped themselves up in it. A marvellous supper was soon handed round.

On out arrival back at Ellesmere, hot coffee was served, and being the last night for some people, we had a singsong – ‘Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree”, “Insy Mittsey Spider”, and Miss Braithwaite’s favourite, ‘There’s a hole in my bucket dear Georgy’. This went on until 11-30, when ‘Auld Lang Syne’ ended the evening, but the fun did not end there, and the younger members were soon in the midst of raids. Order was at last restored by Miss Braithwaite.

Saturday morning as usual the hall was filled with luggage. The day was spent saying goodbye’s and greeting new comers. The next week was spent very quietly. Wednesday we thought we would get out of a groove and go for a walk. Miss Way took some of us in her car to Woolin Country and dropped us. After tea, we walked overt Gabbist, it was really glorious. Miss Elliott (our Associate) spent the last week with us, and it was great fun to watch her skidding round corners “Perp Perp”. One day she failed to blow her horn and the result was two empty soup plates and two dirty dresses.

Thursday we started early in the morning for Tidmouth and Exeter, the weather was beautiful. Honiton was our first stopping place. Here we saw them making, glazing, printing the famous Honiton Pottery. We had an Hour to look round the town and to go down to the beach and then we made our way to Exeter, and to the Cathedral, after which we visited the Museum, the smallest street in the world, the Guild Hall, and some of the old Roman pavement. We were all sorry to leave for we spent a very enjoyable day. Saturday came almost too soon, & I was very sorry to leave, but I shall always look forward to going again, beside always having a lovely memory to think back on.

J Florence


20 August 1937 Tennis at Cliff Court

27 August 1937 Tennis at Cliff Court

3 Sep 1937 Last meeting for tennis

9 Sep 1937 Member’s Committee Meeting at Cliff Court:

Minutes. Present: Miss Elliott, in the chair, M Huish, B Higgins, and D Packer.

Arising: the Branch Outing had failed, owing to lack of numbers.

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