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World Literature, Per 1

An enemy is someone who is not with you so by definition is against you. Where you both are willing to kill each other. In war there are people out there ready to kill you without mercy. You automatically have an enemy thats trying to kill you. You have no choice but to do the same. When you have enemy they’re always trying to come on top of you be better than you. An enemy is always seen as the attacker or a bad person.

An enemy is always seen as the attacker in the bug bunny cartoon with the japanese. Bugs bunny was the good guy in cartoon and there was a young japanese guy trying to kill him because i’m guessing he hates everyone who sent japanese. At the time the U.S had a conflict with japan trying to make all Japanese look bad because there the enemy. An enemy is like an opponent. When there is an enemy you’re either trying to be better than them or kill them in certain case. Thats the case during war you’re trying to kill the enemy.

In the documentary Inside north korea the enemy for them is the United states. People hate the U.S . The kids are taught a song about how americans are bad and how they’re going to kill them. In north korea there these kids who laugh at a poster about a american man getting shot in the head. They hate americans north korea specifically see america as an enemy and have huge hatred for them .

In the story "the man I killed " by Tim O'brien it shows you what a enemy isn't just cause you kill someone doesent mean you hate them. In this cause Tim O'brien is a solier and killed someone with a grenade after he does he feels guilt and simpithy for the other soldier. In the story he imagined his whole life and what it could of been .

He said "the man he killed was born in 1946 and that his parents were farmers that he was neither a Communist or a fighter he just wanted the war to end ". Tim felt harsh for killing the guy just cause you're at war doesn't mean you hate the enemy you're force to. That person is more of a target than en enemy. You have to kill them by force you don't have much of a choice if they're trying to kill you to.

People always mix and confuse and what RN enemy is. An enemy isn't someone you dislike or someone you don't like cause there better than you. My thought on this word is a lot of people take it in the wrong way. This word is use in the wrong way I personally don't have an enemy at all I don't have huge hatred toward anybody . When you hear the word think about the way you're using it. Enemy is not a word you use every day it should be use in a specific way.

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