Lorenzo’s Oil Assignment

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Lorenzo’s Oil Assignment

Directions: Choose 2 of the following writing prompts and write a short essay that completely answers the question. Each essay should be at least 150 words in length.

  1. In the movie Lorenzo’s Oil, Lorenzo suffers from a genetic neurological disorder known as Adrenoleukodystrophy. In your essay explain what the impacts of ALD are on a normal neuron and why it is so debilitating.

  1. Lorenzo’s father discovered that a combination of two different acids was able to halt the progress of the disorder known as ALD. In your essay explain what the combination of acids is and how it is able to treat ALD.

  1. The treatment that was initially given to Lorenzo was oleic acid and it did not prove to be an effective treatment. In your essay explain what oleic acid was intended to do and why it was not an effective form of treatment.

  1. Choose another neurological disorder similar to ALD (Multiple Sclerosis, Krabbe Disease, or any other leukodystrophy) and explain how the disorder affects the physiology of the nervous system. Also discuss any treatment options for the disorder and how they work to help treat the disorder.

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