Logan r a matter of Balance Essay

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Logan R A Matter of Balance Essay
People dislike others being angry at them. Conflicts can cause this. Therefore, people avoid conflicts. One reason was just mentioned, but conflicts can also affect people’s behavior, and people also don’t like being in pain and dying.

People avoid conflicts because they don’t like others being angry at them. Another’s anger makes a person feel bad, and slightly exited, in a bad way.

Conflicts are able to change personality. If one gets into a conflict, they could become angry or develop an enjoyment for fighting. This can affect their relationships with others, as well. It’s hard for someone to communicate with someone who is always angry or likes fighting.

No person enjoys pain. This is the reason Harold ran from the bikers who were threatening him. “The action [a biker pretending to shoot Harold], childish as it was, unsettled Harold and he felt his stomach knot with anxiety” (A Matter of Balance).

In conclusion, people avoid conflicts because they dislike anger and pain, and conflicts change personality for the worse.

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