Literature Shares

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Literature Shares
WHY?? The Purpose is to show that you have gained a thorough understanding of the novel (its characters, plots, & themes) without necessarily writing a book report or taking a test.
WHAT?? Your assignment is to complete a combination of the following Literature Shares (your choice) that will total 100 points.

The point values are listed.

WHEN?? You are required to Share once during each quarter.

(100 points per Quarter)

You may share in your literature group at any time throughout the quarter. Please let me know the day before.

100 Point Assignments
Create a word and/or picture collage representing the entire novel (main characters, major events, turning point, etc.). This must be done on a large sheet of drawing paper or poster board (8” x 11” paper is too small). This must be accompanied by a 1 page written explanation of why you selected the certain words and/or pictures.
Create a newspaper about the entire novel that includes such things as classified ads, obituaries, news items, sports articles, cartoons, etc.
Create a board game in which the game pieces represent the characters and the board shows the plot sequence/main events of the entire novel. This must include rules and be “playable”. You might want to consider games like Life, Monopoly, Clue, or Taboo.
Keep a diary from a main character’s point of view (your gender doesn’t matter). This should include her/his thoughts & feelings, actions, and significant events from the entire novel.
Write a series of letters that 2 main characters in the novel might have written to one another during the course of the entire novel.

  • Do several pieces of art about the novel. Be sure to include the major themes and characters. These should be accompanied by written pieces explaining them.

  • Create a Power Point Presentation/Book Report. This should include a minimum of 15 slides, which have clipart, animations, & sounds. The following information must be included: title, author, main characters, minor characters, protagonist(s), antagonist(s), setting, conflict, 3 major events, conflict, & resolution. Save to a flash drive.

50 Point Assignments

Use the alphabet (you may skip 2 letters) and for each letter write a word (noun, verb, adverb, or adjective) that is relevant to the book. Write at least 1 sentence, per letter, that tells why this word is significant.
Select (from an outside source) or write 10 poems/songs that you feel say something about the theme, mood, characters or settings of the novel. Explain why you selected or wrote each poem/song.
Write a new ending for the story, a new adventure for the main character, or the beginning of a sequel. The tone and format should be the same as the original novel. If you get rid of old characters, then tell what happened to them; if you invent new characters, then describe them. This should be at least 2 chapters long.
Compile a list of 5 other novels that have similar themes. This must include a brief summary of each book (you may find these online, in magazines or book catalogs, at the library, etc.) and the name of the author. The summaries do not need to be written by you, but you must tell why you think the books are similar. It is not necessary that you read the 5 books, but you must be familiar with the basic storyline of each.
If the novel you read was made into a movie, then watch the movie. Write a 2-page essay comparing and contrasting the book and the movie. Why do you think they are different? Same? Use text evidence to support your explanations. Which one did you like best?

  • Explain how you’d make your book into a movie. Write up a cast of characters & tell who would play each one. Where would you film it? What parts might you change/omit? Why? Be sure to explain all of your choices.

25 Point Assignments
Make a diorama in which you show the scene that you feel is the most significant in the story. A 1 written page explaining why you selected this scene must accompany this.
Select a character from the book. Then select 10 quotations from the text that you feel reveals the character’s personality. You must explain what each quotation/sentence tells you about the character. You must also tell which page the quotation/sentence came from.
Select (from an outside source) or write 5 poems/songs that you feel one of the characters from your novel would either like to read or that relate to her/his life. Explain why you selected or wrote each poem/song.
Story Bag: Put together a bag that contains at least 10 items that would be useful to or significant to a character in your novel. Include a description of each item and its relevance to the story.
Select one of the characters in the novel and imagine what would happen if you brought her/him to your school or to your home for a day. You should consider things like: how would s/he fit it with the other students/family members; how might s/he react to the rules, teachers/parents, assignments/chores, etc.; how would s/he dress & how would people react to that; what might s/he find interesting? This may either be written from your point of view or from the character’s point of view.
Create a tri-fold brochure or pamphlet with drawings, pictures, and text that advertise or promote something in the novel.
Select a character from the novel and “interview” her/him. What kinds of things would you like to ask her/him & how would s/he respond? Write this up in an interview format. 5 questions minimum.
Find and get copies of summaries of 5 other books written by the author of the novel that you just finished.
List 15 interesting words from your novel. Tell why each word is interesting or significant to the text.
Draw a map of where the story takes place. Label all of the places that were important in the story. Write 1 page about how the places were used in the novel.
Write an obituary or a eulogy for one character in the novel. Give all the pertinent information-- birthplace, schooling, accomplishments, career, etc. How do you think that person would want to be remembered?

  • Compare your novel with several (3 minimum) TV shows that are similar. Describe the ways in which they are similar & the ways in which they are different.

  • Have a character from your book endorse or sell a product (like a TV commercial). Tell what product it is and why people should buy it. Write a 1-paragraph dialogue for your character to say. The item you select should relate to the story.

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