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Better pay cheque for govt. employees

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Better pay cheque for govt. employees


Panel moots more benefits, proposes raising pension age from 56 to 58 years

Fixing the minimum basic pay of State government employees and teachers at Rs.17,000 and the maximum at Rs.1,20,000, the Tenth Pay Revision Commission submitted its recommendations to the government on Monday.

The present minimum salary, including dearness allowance, is Rs.15,300 and the maximum, Rs.1,07,712. The revised salary will come into effect from July 1 last. Eighty per cent DA has been merged with the basic salary and the retirement age has been proposed to be enhanced from 56 to 58 years.

As in the previous revision, there are 27 scales and 82 stages. The minimum increase in salary will be Rs.2,750, including basic pay and house rent allowance.

The minimum pension will be Rs.8,500 and the maximum, Rs.60,000. This proposal has been made against the present Rs.4,500 and Rs.29,920. The service for full pension has been reduced from 30 years to 25 and the salary revision should be once in 10 years.

The fitment benefit (benefit given on fixing a new scale for an employee) has been pegged at 12 per cent of the basic pay but the minimum rate has been fixed at Rs.2,000. The service weightage given for every completed year is 0.5 per cent and the maximum has been pegged at 15 per cent.

The combined maximum benefit for fitment and service weightage has been restricted at Rs.12,000. As the provision for opting to continue in the existing pay scale has been scrapped, all employees will have to compulsorily accept new scales.

The minimum increment rate is Rs.500 and the maximum, Rs.2,400. The house rent allowance in rural areas has been enhanced from Rs.250 to a minimum of Rs.1,000 and a maximum of Rs.1,750. About 55 per cent of the employees will benefit from the hike. The city compensatory allowance has also been hiked but the special pay has been scrapped.

Senior teachers with more than 28 years of service will be designated as deputy headmasters. Station house officers at 100 major police stations will be raised to the level of circle inspector.

A service selection board has been mooted for selecting SHOs and Deputy Superintendents of Police to be posted for law and order duty.

The grade of village officer has been proposed to be raised as deputy tahsildar. It has been proposed to merge the Higher Secondary and the VHSE departments and the Printing and Stationery departments.

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