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CAG slams Delhi for poor fund allocation

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HINDU, JUL 01, 2015

CAG slams Delhi for poor fund allocation

Even as the grants from the Centre decreased by Rs.99.66 crore in 2013-14, the Delhi Government’s allocation of funds was “less productive” and its social welfare schemes showed serious discrepancies in implementation. Besides, there was unrealistic budgeting and deficient financial management by several departments.

These observations were made by the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) in the annual report for 2013-14 tabled in the Delhi Assembly on Tuesday. Briefing mediapersons on the report, Principal Accountant General (Audit), Delhi, Dolly Chakrabarty, said it also pointed out under-assessment and short levy of revenue to the tune of Rs.905.66 crore in over 2000 cases during 2013-14.

Though the Delhi Government had invested Rs.17,060.35 crore as of March 31, 2014 in statutory corporations, rural banks, joint stock companies and cooperatives, the return on these investments was a meagre 0.07 per cent. The Government paid interest at an average rate of 8.80 per cent on its borrowings during 2013-14.

Overall fiscal liabilities of the State increased from Rs.26,544.20 crore in 2009-10 to Rs.32,080.32 crore in 2013-14, depicting a rise of 20.86 per cent, said the CAG report.

The CAG also rapped the Delhi Government for its failure to obtain fund utilisation certificates from various institutions.

Over 4,780 UCs amounting to Rs.19,064.02 crore were awaited from various departments at the end of March 2014.

The implementation of mid-day meal scheme, MLA local area development scheme and welfare schemes for persons with disabilities as well as management of jails, mechanisation of sanitation and performance of Delhi Tourism and Transport Development Corporation also came in for adverse remarks. While only 1,154 children were covered under the mid-day meal scheme, jails were overcrowded with 14,209 prisoners being lodged against the capacity of 6,250.

No State policy was developed to address the issues of persons with disabilities.


Home Secretary LC Goyal pulls up MHA bureaucrats for ‘shoddy’ notes

Aman Sharma
The home secretary asked bureaucrats to studiously follow a set of recent guidelines issued by the Centre, senior MHA officials said.
NEW DELHI: Home secretary LC Goyal has pulled up the ministry's bureaucrats for not preparing well-structured Cabinet notes and asked them to prepare clear and concise Cabinet notes as stipulated by the recent guidelines issued by the Modi government.

The decisions taken by the Cabinet and committees of the Cabinet are fundamental to the governance of the country and form the basis of policy formulation as well as evaluation of the impact of programmes, policies, plans, projects and schemes of the government, Goyal said in the note, sent to home ministry officials on June 15.

"The preparation of correct, accurate and concise Cabinet notes is essential to facilitate decision-making at the highest level of the government. But I find that the draft Cabinet notes prepared by the divisions and put up to me leave much to be desired," the note said.

The home secretary further asked bureaucrats to studiously follow a set of recent guidelines issued by the Centre, senior MHA officials said.

As per the guidelines, Cabinet notes should not exceed seveneight pages and while being brief should be self-contained, lucid and straightforward to bring out all relevant details with no material fact remaining unstated.

Notes should be suitably graded "secret" or "top secret", the heading should be fully indicative of the proposals contained in the note, which should be properly structured to include separate paragraphs on introduction, background, proposal, justification, details of inter-ministerial consultations, financial implications and level of approval required, the home secretary said in the note. He also said that only relevant papers are to be annexed while proposals concerning policy statements should be accompanied by an action plan with clearly identifiable time frame.


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