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Are you aware that "ALL CULTURES BEGAN SUDDENLY" and were fully developed? A long preliminary period is not supported by archaeology. Before cities on earth, there was nothing. There was no transition whatsoever between the ancient civilizations and any primitive forebearers. They were at their peak from the beginning. :

...Great cities, enormous temples, pyramids of overwhelming size. Colossal statues with tremendous expressive power. Luxurious tunnels and tombs. Splendid streets flanked by magnificent sculpture, perfect drainage systems. A decimal system at the very start. A ready-made writing, already perfected. A well established naming system (in which each Pharaoh had as many as five names). Society already divided into specialist classes. An army, civil service and hierarchy minutely organized. A court exhibiting all the indications of well-defined precedence and form. Egypt came from a clearly established civilization.

The only conclusions that can be drawn from the evidence is that,

1 Each of the first civilizations appeared suddenly, already fully developed.
2) That a connection existed between them.

3) Their footprints led back to the Middle East mountains where Noah and his family left the Ark. :
The sudden appearance of civilization is itself a memorial to history's one great catastrophe. More importantly, the flood is a historical event of tremendous testimonial importance to modern man...... :

Ancient Maps:

....hard evidence that shows the ancient's knowledge of planet earth as seen through their cartographers eyes was far more sophisticated than we have previously supposed. Their maps are surprisingly accurate and reveal knowledge of parts of the earth that were not known until very recently. They also show profound changes have taken place in man's lifetime since the flood, especially at the poles as you shall see. :

Maps drawn from the 11th to the 17th century were obviously copied from maps probably drawn thousands of years before. Some maps show Greenland and Antarctica free of ice. (The Piri Reis Map from 1513 shows Antartica):


Obviously these maps.. had to have been copied from earlier sources. They display a scientific achievement far surpassing the abilities of the navigators and map-makers of the Renaissance, Middle Ages, the Arab world, or any ancient geographers. THEY HAD TO BE THE PRODUCT OF AN UNKNOWN PEOPLE ANTEDATING RECOGNIZED HISTORY.--end of quote

" Science supports the Bible. That's just how it is. On the other hand, there's the theory of Evolution which is not science. What sustains it? FAITH !Science as Religion. One has to believe that all matter is self created, that this matter in turn created intelligence and; in spite of the fact that it has never been seen, that this inorganic self-creating matter then created life in opposition to observed science. All of this in violation of the 1st and 2nd law of Physics, probability theory, biogenesis and common sense.
This leads and has to some extraordinary explanatory contortions, strange suppositions and sleight of hand. For example, since catastrophic events in our history would lend too much credence to the truth of the Flood of Noah, those theories are avoided. It is thought and promoted that man has evolved both physically and technologically from the primitive to the modern on a uniform basis. Given that presupposition, what do you do as a scientist when you encounter ancient artifacts or items produced by antique high technology?
As a scientist, you’d better be careful what you say or risk ridicule and professional suicide. As a result one can wind up convincing oneself, other scientific disciplines and the public that these things can be explained by elbow grease or some other arcane theory which is best not examined too closely.(That's how items like true optical lenses get described as "worship artifacts"--because everyone knows the ancients didn't have optical lenses). See True Suppressions
If the Bible account is true, evidence in the form of archeological artifacts and the like Should be occasionally found in the fossil and archeological record--and they are!
On subsequent pages we discuss some of the evidence that indicates that what we've been told by science may not be entirely accurate. One note of caution: this information comes from a variety of sources with a variety of beliefs and ideas behind them. Our viewpoint is that of Christians who belief that there is one God and that He created the universe at some time in the past nowhere near millions or billions of years ago. Exactly how long ago is besides the point. We believe that there was a worldwide flood and that evolution as an explanation for our existence is a fairy tale. If you believe differently perhaps we can agree that what we're being told about origins and the past is seriously flawed.

The "Helicopter" and other Strange Objects at Abydos

On the left, another view of the relief on Egyptian temple wall at Abydos. "Dr. Ruth Hover, and her husband took a trip to the pyramids and temples of Egypt. In the temple at Abydios, she photographed a wall panel in a section where an overlaying panel with Egyptian heiroglyphics crumbled and fell, revealing an older panel beneath it. This older panel, shown below, contains embossed images of what appear to be ancient aircraft."
What we do know about these images is that they are not fakes. By that we mean, that the images do actually exist. What is in question then is what do they mean--what do they represent? Egyptologists certainly think that they know what they mean. Their explanation includes the notion that it is a combined image of a later symbol over an older one.
Of course, those same experts can't adequately explain how the pyramids were built, how and why the Egyptian civilization appeared fully developed or why the oldest pyramid, the Great Pyramid was built with higher technology than later pyramids.
On these pages, because the items we're looking at usually aren't being scrutinized by science or experts, there is a likelihood that some objects will turn out to have fairly straightforward explanations. This could be the case here. However, undeniably we have what nearly 100% of people would recognize as an advanced modern helicopter--if they didn't know where it had been found. Add to that the fact that symbols proximate to the "helicopter" also appear to be instruments of war. It's certainly an interesting find.

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