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Particle Physics and Quantum Mechanics

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Particle Physics and Quantum Mechanics

The construction of the Atoms do not follow the accepted nuclear theory, they are not miniature solar systems. Think about it, why would an orbiting electron (a negative charge) be attracted to another orbiting electron (a negative charge), this is totally impossible of course. The other problem with this theory is, where does the energy come from that keeps these electrons in orbit? The answer is that the Atoms are crystal like structures that are just groups of electrons protons and neutrons so to speak (see “the structure of the atom”). The Quantum dynamics of the “vortex Atoms” and “gravity” work at the atomic or particle level and the atom level (see “Radiant Pressure Model of Remote Forces”). This Aether shielding according to the mass of the particle or atom is also the source of the vortex or tornado like phenomena that we see in many “new physics” experiments. The Aether is 1040 smaller than the particles that make up the atoms, so the shadowing causes or creates a vortex “implosion” to be formed and then this allows some of the Aetheric energy to be absorbed, under the right circumstances. This phenomena is called “new energy” or “over unity”. The energy just appears to come from nowhere, but in fact it has a source and that source is the Aether (see “Thermodynamics and Free Energy”). This is defined as an “open system”.

Implications of Non Constant Light Velocity (light was 1012 times faster than it is today)
The velocity of electromagnetic waves has its present value of 299,792.458 km/sec, only in vacuum. When light enters a denser medium, such as glass or water the velocity in the medium drops immediately by a factor of one over the index of refraction (n) of the medium. For practical purposes, the index of refraction is equal to the square root of the dielectric constant of the medium --- which is the real part of the dielectric permittivity of the medium. Materials other than vacuum are lossy, causing electromagnetic waves to undergo dispersion as well a change in wavelength in the medium.
Setterfield continues, "This red-shift of light from distant galaxies is a well-known astronomical effect. The further away a galaxy is from us, the further down into the red end of the rainbow spectrum is its light shifted. It has been assumed that this is like a Doppler effect: when a train blowing its whistle, passes an observer on a station, the pitch of the whistle drops. Similarly light from galaxies was thought to be red-shifted because the galaxies were racing away from us. Instead, the total red-shift effect seems due to c variation alone."
"When this scenario is followed through in mathematical detail an amazing fact emerges. The light from distant objects is not only red-shifted: this red-shift goes in jumps, or is 'quantised' to use the exact terminology. For the last 10 years, William Tifft, an astronomer at (an) Arizona Observatory USA, has been pointing this out. His most recent paper on the matter gives red-shift quantum values from observation that are almost exactly (those) obtained from c-variation theory. Furthermore, a theoretical value can be derived for the Hubble constant, H. As a consequence, we now know from the red-shift how far away a galaxy was, and the value of c at the time the light was emitted. We can therefore find the value of c right out to the limits of the universe...Shortly after the origin of the universe, the red-shift of light from distant astronomical objects was about 11 million times faster than now. At the time of the Creation of the Universe, then, this high value of c meant the atomic clock ticked off 11 million years in one orbital year. This is why everything is so old when measured by the atomic clock." (See The Dirac Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy and “Implications of Non Constant Light Velocity”)

Energy and The Erroneous Belief That Mater Is Stable (Atomic disassociation - Alchemy)

Dr. Gustave La Bon wrote the book Evolution of Matter in 1906 and brought out many new concepts and ideas that changed forever the way we should think about the universe and how it works. The concepts and theories were proven by many experiments that were done by him and also several of the famous scientists at that era of new discovery. The world presented by La Bon was as different as anybody could possibly ever imagine. The idea that matter would not be perpetual and forever unchanged was and still is a very radical concept today. The reality is that the matter is as La Bon saw it, made up of energy. This part may, or may not be true. The reality is that ALL MATTER IS RADIOACTIVE and subject to decay or disassociation under the correct conditions. This energy is almost infinite or the multiplier is 1018 or for all practical purposes an infinite amount of energy, wherever it comes from, or what it comes from has yet to be proven, most of these scientists of that time assumed it was from the Aether. The worldly scientists do not want to admit this because they would be out of work at that very moment! Not a great picture, but true. You may also want to read “the Modern Fraud of Physics” this will open up things more. Remember, you only need to prove two or three things incorrect to kill the whole political cartoon that has been playing for the last 100 years. This paper shows some of the key parts of the book “The Evolution Of Matter” by Dr. Gustave La Bon 1906.

Modern Physics Is Another Story (Not Based Proven Facts)

This book (see “How Much of Modern Physics is a Fraud”) will bring out many of the things that you have just gone over, there are other opinions out there, and they do make a lot of sense. As you have just been reading, you can see the foolishness of many of the principals that modern physics is now based on.

The primary function of today’s science is to hide the Aether and make sure that everyone has to buy their energy at whatever rate the big corporations wish to charge. The science books are written so that the information is flawed and never gets to the true and real concepts, just enough to make a few crude things work good enough to sell to the unsuspecting public, and keep the sham going by replacing everything as often as needed by the economy as it is run by the big corporations.
The things that are brought out will, just as the whole paper shows, bring down the old “standards” that have driven science for the last 100 years. For example, if the speed of light is not a constant the theory of relativity just goes away, as Einstein stated himself. It only takes a few of these anomalies to change the construction (real physics) and history (age) of the universe. Please read this paper and see for yourself what they are chasing, it is not truth and the betterment of all mankind. Try money and fame! Not in that order, fame equals money in this world!
Electronics (The Missing Information)
The electron theory and the theory of magnetism are flawed (see “Ampere and The Fraud Of The Inverse Square Law”). This also then will change the theory of inductance and capacitance, and what they are and how they work. (see “The Evolution Of Matter)
Some of the discoveries of Ampere are showing:
(1) A vector relationship to the Magnetic “Tubes of Force” (now called a “Magnetic Field”).
(2) A definite “Longitudinal” field (90 Degrees off from the normal field) that will balance out at a certain distances (AKA the “strong force” of particle physics).
(3) The concept of the velocity changing (faster than light), not the mass or time (as in Einstein)
This will change almost all of the concepts that you have previously learned. This theory will touch almost all areas of physics, and change your view of the science that is now taught.
The inductance (Current? flow) is an expanding magnetic field that gets larger as the current increases and tries to stay at the same current flow (if the resistance is increased, the voltage will increase, trying to keep the current the same level). The capacitor is compressing the dielectric field (electron? flow) and will try to stay at the same voltage potential (if the resistance is reduced, the current will increase, trying to keep the voltage at the same level). This is oversimplified, but you get the idea.
Also, the equations that describe inductance (magnetism) and capacitance (dielectric field) are leaving the “velocity” part out of the formula and therefore are flawed (they can not admit to the concept of anything faster than light, or their whole house of cards will fall). None of this keeps us from using electricity, however it is hiding the Aether theory and is keeping the true electrical concepts from ever being discovered and used to improve everyone’s lifestyle (See “Ampere and The Fraud Of The Inverse Square Law” and “The Dirac Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy) and “Thermodynamics and Free Energy”) and also The Evolution Of Matter).
Next, the electricity flowing through a circuit does not consume the energy, the effects (light, heat and magnetism) are not part of the energy used to make the circuit function. This loss is a function of Ohms law, not all of the side affects or the work done, just the losses in the circuit that was poorly designed in the first place. We are not using any of the energy, just a side affect (light, heat and magnetism) of shorting out the power supply (ohms law). Or, just creating a “closed system”!
The electron and the Proton are flowing in opposite directions and there mass is about 1860 to 1 (ratio of mass), so their speed has to be the same difference (ratio of velocity)! The electron is then faster than light and the proton is slower than light (E=M*V)! The electrons are set in motion by the Aether flows or vibrations (resonance) with the physical mater. The electron flow is then a closed system where the energy is predetermined by the circuit design. The closer you follow nature the more likelihood of an open system. This is oversimplified, but you get the idea. This should be more obvious as you read the book.
There is much more to this story….


The theory of thermodynamics is in some cases (new energy) are not applicable (see “The World of Free Energy). The theory of thermodynamics is a general theory having to do with heat loss (steam engine) and some of the things that are now being invented are not following these concepts, so this theory does not always apply. If the thing that you are doing involves using the Aether (Open Systems) then most likely the law of thermodynamics may not apply. Many of the conmen formulas are designed and work for a static model, so if you are working in a dynamic situation (Open Systems) the rules may change or they may not work at all. The cold electricity formed may not be detectable or measurable by conventional test equipment.

Joule's Law (Velocity And Force And The New Information Now Available)
Issues and Mathematical Proof of the Error (see “Energy Mis-defined in Physics”). Squaring velocity in kinetic energy is the problem. Kinetic energy should be defined as momentum. There is no question that force x distance equals ½mv². The problem is that neither force x distance nor ½mv² are proper representations of kinetic energy. This issue was argued in science for 200 yrs., but Joule's constant created an illusion which side-tracked physics. There was no mathematical proof back then, because rockets were not understood, and they create the proof. The result is that a large part of physics is in error. Since relativity includes energy, it should be assumed to be proven incorrect also.


You have just read through the outline of the real universe that we all live in. Not the “imaginary earth” that has been created for you by the “world’s governments and multinational corporations”. The concepts may seen a bit complex for you to understand, but that is what you have been taught all of your life, so, get over it and move on. The concepts that are detailed in the book all fit together and make sense when they finally are incorporated into the big picture. The more that you can learn about the real science the more you will be able to see. The real universe is truly a work of art as you view it. However the real concepts of the physics and the reality of life and how it works is truly very complex. To use the true physics and learn to build things correctly is not a complex or most of the time not a difficult thing to do. Just a little different approach to the project you are planning to make. Using the correct science should make your job much less complex, don’t you think?

As you just saw “the standard academia” version of physics will in most cases let you create different projects that work to some degree, however you never, or very seldom, actually “see how or why the thing works”. You just know if you use this “constant” or this “formula” you will come close to the value that you wanted. Most of the time the information about the physics and geometry of a piece of equipment does not make much sense or will not tell you how it actually functions. More importantly, is there a “simpler” or “cheaper” way to do this thing? The bottom line, are we just buying extra energy because we have “never been informed how to properly design equipment” in the first place?
As you have probably noticed, the science is not what they have been telling you all along. Some of this is about “corporate profits” and some of this is about “academia” and the “politics” that is created by this keeping you “dumb and dumber” while they collect the money on those flawed and outdated pieces of equipment. Nothing new here. It’s all about the money.

The NEW You

OK now it is your turn. Read the book to see the details, it is not possible to condense 600 pages down to 6 pages and get the true facts out where you can not only see them, but also use them to really create new things that you want and need today. You might also look on the net to see the latest news coming off from others like yourself.

You should read the papers in the order that they are in the book to make the transition much simpler. You will be learning many new concepts and need to build on them one at a time. They are in a logical order to help you do this quicker. This book is not about building a specific project, it is about showing you “the foundation of what the universe is build upon”. With this you can accomplish much more that just building a simple project for your entertainment. When you are done here you can make whatever you need.
The theme of the book is truly the Aether and related subjects to get you to see how the universe works and what part the Aether plays. In the process of doing this you will see how the “academic-political-corporate” version of science and history is to say the least, somewhat flawed. The first thing that they do is “leave out the Aether” leaving an incomplete version of science. This of course is to keep people and corporations from getting ahead of them and becoming self sufficient enough to provide for themselves. What a horrible thought, or is it. Just a pipe dream for the dumb and dumber, well read the book and see if that thought still holds, I am betting the answer to that question is simply no.
Now that we have the Aether question solved let’s take a new look at the “conventional science” that was described throughout the whole book.. Don’t you think with this fresh look at the “real science” you could make a few “new innovative things” to spice up your life? I think so.
If you haven’t noticed, almost all of the “science of academia” is not even closely related to the True Science in the book. Think for a moment… There is no money in solving a problem or disproving some stupid concept of one of your colleges! The grant money is obviously done under extreme political circumstances. Extreme agendas and extreme needs to stay on that “money hoarse” that has worked so well for centuries. OK it is good to be invisible and only seven minutes ahead of your time, not 200 years. If you get too competitive, well that story can wait for another book (yes there are more books).
Now you are going to see the “real science”. Many of the concepts that are presented here have been proven by me or follow a path that has been proven by others or seems to follow all of the other true facts. The concepts are not just a bunch of neat ideas from a movie or comic book, they are real science. In some cases there are government satellite pictures that were done to show a project they were working on, but the pictures also shows the real science when applied properly. Yes, real science, not fiction for profit. I did not launch a satellite, but I did use the information to prove the real science.
They have taught you” how to be “an abject failure”, and how to make simple things that will burn energy and sort of work. Now you can see the real truth about the real “Earth” and “Universe” and how they work. It is not complicated, it is just like a work of art. The hard stuff can come later. Read the book. Do the science. Others have. Smile, it feel good.

Book 1 How The Universe Works
The Ether And Its Vortices 32 Pages 10

For several decades the physics profession has been contending that the hypothesis of an ether serves no other purpose than to supply a subject for the verb “to move” or “to undulate”. There are however many other things in nature besides movements and undulations. There are at least three elementary forces which act at a distance, namely gravitational, electric and magnetic forces, and also at least three different subatomic particles, namely protons, electrons and neutrons of which all matter is composed. The modern physics profession with its etherless universe has not yet even us a satisfactory explanation for a single one of these elementary forces or subatomic particles, but we do have such explanations under the new vortex theory which would have no meaning or significance and would never have been thought of without the assumption of an ether.

The Speed of Gravity - What the Experiments Say 14 Pages 42

Standard experimental techniques exist to determine the propagation speed of forces. When we apply these techniques to gravity, they all yield propagation speeds too great to measure, substantially faster than light speed. This is because gravity, in contrast to light, has no detectable aberration or propagation delay for its action, even for cases (such as binary pulsars) where sources of gravity accelerate significantly during the light time from source to target

Atomic Behavior of Light and The Red Shift 6 Pages 56

This intrinsic energy, which is inherent in the vacuum, gives free space its various properties. For example, the magnetic property of free space is called the permeability while the corresponding electric property is called the permittivity. Both of these must be affected uniformly by the ZPE. If they were not, the electric and magnetic fields in traveling light waves would no longer bear a constant ratio to each other, and light from distant objects would be noticeably affected. Since the vacuum permeability and permittivity are also energy related quantities, they are directly dependent upon the ZPE. It follows that if the amount of energy per unit volume (the energy density) of the ZPE ever increased, then there will be a proportional increase in the value of both the permeability and permittivity.

Implications of Non Constant Light Velocity13 Pages 64

This paper shows the probable result of the Entropy change including the change of light speed and the effect that it would have on the radiometric dating (atomic decay, light speed etc.) of the universe.

The Structure of The Atom” 12 Pages 78

This paper brings out the fallacy of the “nuclear” theory where the electrons orbit the nucleus of the atom. How can the atoms be attracted to each other if there is a negative charge at the outside of each atom? Also, an electron in orbit around a proton should be radiating energy. As a consequence, it should spiral into the atomic nucleus, causing the whole structure to disappear in a flash of light. But, as we all know, that does not happen. Furthermore, when you ask a physicist why it does not happen, you will be told it is because of “Bohr's quantum condition”. This quantum condition simply states that electrons in orbit around the nucleus do not radiate energy. . But if you ask why not, or alternatively if you ask why the classical laws of electro-magnetics are violated in this way, the reply could be somewhat vague and less than satisfactory. This vortex atom seams to make the periodic table work better and explain many things where the nuclear theory could not. It also gives the atom a ridged frame of reference and the melting temperatures are now easier to understand.

Radiant Pressure Model of Remote Forces” 27 Pages 90

This paper will bring out the fallacy of gravity being a pull or attraction, instead it is a push coming from the Aether field. This causes everything to react in a symmetrical way. The planets and the moon revolve around each other and they are actually being repelled by the Aether field. Think about it, the tides are the lowest directly under the moon and the Oceans are not level, but actually are about 80 feet higher around the Islands!

The Earth’s “Center of Gravity” 5 Pages 118

As you learned in the previous article the maximum gravity effect will be at the surface of the earth.

The Hydroplate Theory — An Overview 12 Pages 124

The satellite images show this to be a fact.

Thermodynamics And Free Energy 10 Pages 136

The mainstream scientific community dismisses the idea of "Free Energy" or "Over-Unity" machines because they say that the behavior of such machines violates the "Second Law of Thermodynamics." The purpose of this article is to squarely face this issue from an alternative science point of view. Many engineers and inventors, working in the alternative energy field, still mistakenly believe that the "Laws of Thermodynamics" are universally true. For them, the "free energy" machine can only be a clever scientific slight of hand where the machine becomes "outlaw", breaking some fundamental universe law. For progress to be made in this field, the limitations and errors inherent in the "Laws of Thermodynamics" must be exposed. Only then will people realize that scientific experimentation is the only reliable tool for revealing the behavior of physical reality.

How Much of Modern Physics is a Fraud? 20 Pages 146

This paper goes into much detail in showing the foolishness of many of the principals that modern physics is now based on. This will bring out many of the things that you have just gone over, there are other opinions out there, and they do make a lot of sense. The things that are brought out will, just as the whole paper shows, bring down the old “standards” that have driven science for the last 100 years. For example, if the speed of light is not a constant the theory of relativity just goes away, just as Einstein stated himself. It only takes a few of these anomalies to change the construction and history of the universe. Please read this paper and see for yourself what they are chasing, it is not truth and the betterment of man. Try money and fame!

Energy Misdefined in Physics 34 Pages 166

The “laws of thermodynamics were created many years ago before it was possible to correctly measure energy correctly.

The Evolution Of Matter” Paper by Dr. Gustave La Bon. 38 Pages 202

The reality is that the matter is as La Bon saw it, made up of energy. This part may, or may not be true. The reality is that ALL MATTER IS RADIOACTIVE and subject to decay or disassociation under the correct conditions. This energy is almost infinite or the multiplier is 1018 or for all practical purposes an infinite amount of energy, wherever it comes from, or what it comes from has yet to be proven, most of these people of that time assumed it was from the Aether. The worldly scientists do not want to admit this because they would be out of work at that very moment! Not a great picture, but true. This paper is some of the key parts of the book “The Evolution Of Matter” by Dr. Gustave La Bon.

The Resonant Velocity Of Space 4 Pages 240

The constancy of the speed of light in free space leads to the now-classic equation of special relativity, gamma=(1-beta^2) ^(-1/2), which describes relativistic effects, with beta being 'normalized velocity'. Among these effects are 'space contraction', 'time dilation', and 'mass increase with velocity'. The interesting thing, is that when you plug these two values into the equation 1/(square root(L*C)) [L representing Permeability and C representing Permittivity], out pops a very familiar answer: 2.998*10^8 meters/sec = 186,000 miles/sec = the SPEED OF LIGHT. A textbook on transmission lines mentioned that the characteristic IMPEDANCE of free space = 377 ohms. As a check on my earlier calculations, I plugged 377 ohms into the equation for capacitive reactance, Xc= 1/(2*PI*F*C) [re-arranged to F= 1/(2*PI*377*8.85 pF)] and, lo and behold, the answer comes out to F= 47.7 MHz. (Of course, Xc=XL at resonance.)

Dielectricity And Capacitance 4 Pages 244

A better look at the electrostatic and magnetic forces at work.

The Fallacy Of Conductors 2 Pages 248

A better look at the flow of energy and how it must be taking place.

Ampere and The Fraud Of The Inverse Square Law 28 Pages 250

What Ampère discovered was verified and added to until about 1900 and after that, the whole thing was covered up, until the real world of electricity and magnetism is almost unknown by anyone today. This paper will bring out many things that you have probably never heard of, or even stopped to think about. (1) the concept of a vector field of magnetism (2) the longitudinal field balancing the normal field at a certain distance (3) the concept of the velocity changing, (not the mass as in Einstein) will change your view of the physics and also electronics forever.

Exploring The Nature Of The Aether 26 Pages 282

This is a very good look at some of the history of the theory of the Aether and some of the people that did the research and put together some of he theories that are of course long forgotten today. The new theories (after 1900) moved away from the reality of how things worked and why. As you will see, there is much to be learned from the Aether concept of Physics and the resulting “real science” and what you can do with it. Putting the Aether concepts back into Physics will make all of the dots connect, and also show how to really make things work the way they were intended. Oh yea, buy the book, there is more…

The Dirac Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy 56 Pages 308

Dirac's Equation has profound implications both for science and for the search for new energy. If we continue to use the wrong model (and the Standard Model is profoundly wrong) we will continue to get confusing results that are difficult to replicate.

The enclosure shows the nature of the energetic, non-stationary Aether that Einstein missed, that Dirac's equation demonstrates, and that Heisenberg and others destroyed when they dismantled this equation. It further suggests that special conditions, catalysis, and energy available to a plasma may cause the synthesis, rather than the release, of free neutrons, causing transmutations and the release of energy via beta decay.
Nikola tesla and Radiant Energy 44 Pages 364

The technical themes relevant to understanding of all advanced technologies necessarily begins with Tesla. Because of a long-standing network of misinformation and the resultant skewed academic perceptions, Teslian Impulse Technology has never been openly legitimized or endorsed as a viable threat to either military or industrial agencies.

BOOK 2 (Creation Science)
You have just read the first book on True Science, if you have not done this, please at least read the intro section to see what the real world looks like and how it really works. This will give you a closer picture of the true physics and how the universe really operates. It will also answer some of the questions that have not been answered by the mainstream scientists and politicians. The picture that is painted here (Book II) will make much more sense after you read the first book (book I), or at least the intro section giving the main points and general descriptions of the real universe and True Science.
The following paragraphs will describe the physical universe as being very young, not billions of years old. The bible never states that the earth is only 6,000 years old. It does in fact speak of a repair of the earth and the creation of man about 6,000 years ago. This will of course create a problem for the other option of there being a perpetual and improving universe (Darwin Theory). The classic science that is pushed on everyone today has to show that the earth is 15 billion years old and that all of the evidence proves this beyond a shadow-of-a-doubt. Well as you are about to see, this is everything but the truth, using their own evidence, we will find the truth quite different and in fact quite humorous, examining the song and dance being played out.
In Book I the beginning or foundation for all of the physical universe is the Aether or the spiritual universe that the physical universe resides in. This is controlling and sustaining everything that exists in the physical universe that we are living in, including the earth and the solar system, as you will soon see. The properties of the earth and the universe are subject to the input of the Aether. At this time and from the time of the flood, the permeability of the Aether has been turned down. This causes many changes to the physical creation. Man has a much shorter life span than before the flood. This is also the cause of the speed of light being greatly diminished, it used to be 1012 times faster (a very large increase). This also causes the radiometric dating (atomic decay rates) to be skewed to make it appear that the universe is really 15 billion years old. As you will see this is not the case. This theory is proven to be flawed, taking dates from the Mt St Helen’s eruption some of these dates were as far off as 3,000,000 years! This should be an eye opener that will give you an idea of how the game is played out, just take the dates that match those on the request letter! Get rid of the rest, what other dates?
The flood caused a dramatic change in the way the world was operating before, as we have just seen. The way that the geology is presented, one would think that there is no doubt that the whole thing lines up with the Darwin Theory, and it is true, their version does, sort of…. Well as you are about to see this is quite a political cartoon, it has nothing to do with science, or truth, or trying to find out what really happened and when.
In the last two paragraphs we have touched on some of the particle physics in book I to give you an idea about some of this new information. Now let us go to physics and geometry to get to a simpler approach to this subject. The stars, sun planets earth and moons all have clocks (Each different phenomena will show a different speed and type of clock, or age or progression of some action.) that are proven beyond a shadow of any doubt to be correct. This is one way to prove the theory of gravity and the age of the solar system and also the age of the earth. This is like winding or unwinding your old style watch, if your self winding watch was misplaced and later found running, it is a good guess that it was not lost two years ago, try maybe two days ago. All of the pieces of the physical universe are in motion and all have certain clocks working, and they can be examined and proven to be following the laws set down in the beginning. So, you can get a very true picture of what is going on and why. A good example of this is the moon, it is not possible for it to have been there for 15 billion years, the orbit would no longer be valid and without the moon, life on earth could not exist as it is now (the maximum time would be about 100,000 years, much less than the 15 billion years that is stated). The age of the earth (the repair) then could be estimated from the shortest “clock” found to be a good indicator, or an average of several good examples. This is an obvious short time, much too short for the Darwin Story to be taken seriously.
Can you prove the “clocks” beyond a shadow of a doubt? Yes. Can you say that you witnessed this happening 15,000 years ago? No. But you can use the big machine to figure out how a small part of that machine works, and be pretty sure it is good information. Try to stay with the big issues and let them show you the smaller details. Just as in the True Science section, it only takes two or three things to kill the whole cartoon that the world is throwing at everybody. Another approach is to eliminate the impossible theories and solutions that are presented many times today, if it sounds and seems to be proven a fable or just repeating false information, it probably is. The usual way this is done is to create a story that is very hard to prove wrong and then use circular reasoning to prove the concept (circular reasoning is where the first concept is used to prove the second concept AND the second concept is used to prove the first concept, nobody seems to check and compare stories to verify their validity).
The History has also been “changed” to, or to be more correct, “removed from view” to prove the Darwin Theory of a 15 billion year old universe and lifeless, or an alien filled universe. The real deal, the only deal, is here on the earth. Look around and find the truth, it is out there, if you make the effort and look for it.

The Details

As a Christian we see the Earth as a young (and repaired) planet. Man was created about 6000 years ago and was set over the Earth and all that is in it to keep and enjoy it. At that time, the Earth was repaired by Jesus and it was all working correctly to keep man healthy and happy. In the beginning, Adam and Eve were living in the Garden of Eden and everything that they needed was provided for them. All parts of their lives were ideal for a totally perfect lifestyle.

Sometime in the past (perhaps a few hundred or a few thousand years) Satan had rebelled against God and in the process had caused one third of the angels to sin along with him. This caused a great deal of harm to come to the universe and also the Earth. God’s plan to populate the Earth was interrupted by this and so Jesus had to repair the universe and the Earth before this plan could be put into effect. This will leave us with a very young, but not necessarily a 6000 year old Earth and universe. The Earth has gone through several catastrophes in the past that can still be seen today. These will include the original creation, the repairing of the Earth (Genesis), the flood, the ice age, and the moving of the continents (at the tower of Babel).
The creation shows us simple concepts (True Science) and one agenda (True Christianity). It is very uncomplicated in the basic concepts and principals that make up the physical creation (the universe) and the agenda (God’s Plan for man’s future) that is the driving force in all of this
However, the reality is that the creation is complex beyond any limits of man’s imagination (see the True Science Book). The physical creation that we can see and touch is made up of molecules (a complex combination of elements that bind together to form new materials with different properties than the elements have), next are the elements (the primary building blocks of mater) that are made of atoms (the smallest part of an element) witch are made of particles (the components that make up the atoms) that reside and interact with the Aether (the sea of energy that the physical creation resides in) or Spiritual Creation.
From a distance the physical creation is a work of art, simple and beautiful beyond description. The concepts that are evident in the particle physics show a depth of detail that is not possible by time and chance. The basic values that drive the system are very critical and are all in perfect balance, showing that there is no errors. The other possibility would be that some or most of the things diving the system are fairly good values. The reality is, the whole thing is perfect in every detail.
Next comes the question of the origin of life, after doing a little research you will find that the complexity of life is infinitely complex and will show mathematically that even if the world’s story of billions of years is used it is not possible to have life just appear spontaneously all by itself. Additionally, the fossil records clearly show that all forms of life started at the same time, another distance to stretch the story. Now to add to the complexity, the clocks or taking the science and reversing the time it takes to complete each specific thing, do not go back more that a few thousand years. Again, there is no proof that the universe is older that a few thousand years. From a scientist view the creation is complex, very complex, to the point of undeniably being created by a loving God. To look at the creation from a perspective of true science and true history will bring out this point. Everything works and shows the creation by a creator with a plan that includes man and his future with God.
If you look at the moon tonight you can see what happened when Satan rebelled, it seems very doubtful that in creating the whole universe that God made a slight miscalculation and that the moon was struck by a bunch of random space junk. It looks more like a tantrum created by a little three year old kid (or the war in Heaven). This shows up on the planets (rotation) as a space of about one half hour!
This was a real fix for the whole physical universe including the earth and everything in it. This repair made a totally different world that was now running the way God had originally intended it to run. Think about it for a minute, Adam lived almost one thousand years, the earth was a totally different place before the flood.
The air pressure was higher,
the oxygen content was higher,
The water vapor that covered the earth was with a mist allowing no direct sunlight.
consequently the background radiation was far less than today,
Also the earth’s magnetic field was far stronger.
the permeability of the Aether was far different than it is today (light would have traveled 2.5 x 1012 faster than it does today).
This was a truly perfect creation, so that we can only imagine how it looked and operated.
Think for a moment about setting in this Garden of Eden. There was nothing that was not provided. The beauty was far beyond anything that we have ever seen at Yosemite or Yellowstone or the Alps because it was perfect in every way. The Garden was filled with plants that we have never seen and the variety and size of the fruit was far better than we can imagine. The environment was totally different than what we experience now, the air pressure, oxygen content, background radiation levels, magnetic fields and other things were far different than they are now. This concept of man improving was also incorrect, remember Adam named all of the animals, he was not just average IQ or less. They were created perfectly and set in a perfect environment and taught by Jesus, it just does not get any better than that (unless they would have chosen to eat from the tree of life). Adam and Eve were at the top of the physical creation and in a perfect setting enjoying the company of Jesus personally teaching and talking with them. Until they decided to eat of the tree of life they would not be able to understand about the spiritual things of God, that would only come after they chose the tree of life.

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