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APPENDIX B Ancient High Technology Evidence of Noah’s Flood?

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Ancient High Technology

Evidence of Noah’s Flood?

Do unexplained technologies of the ancients provide possible proofs of Pre-flood civilizations? If you believe that the flood of Noah actually happened, what was the state of the technology of pre-flooders? Could they have left physical evidence of their existence?

Much of what we think we know about the past is wrong. Columbus discovered America? That's wrong for so many reasons--and must come as some surprise to the people who were living here at the time. First manned flight by the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk? No! Marconi invented the radio? Not at all!
Why is the oldest pyramid, the Great Pyramid, the one built with the highest technology; bigger blocks with closer fit? "Newer" pyramids are crumbling because they were built with less skill. Some are suggesting that the Great Pyramid of Giza is much, older (relatively) than previously thought. (For more on the incredible, Great Pyramid,see Page 13 of this section.)

It's also been said that the Great Pyramid

is the largest and most accurately designed

single building in the world even by today's standards.

On these pages, we want to look at history through another lense.

In photo 1,is a section of relief on Egyptian temple wall at Abydos; photo by Dr. Ruth Hover. Photo 2, the Saqqara Bird. Both items are dated at a minimum of 2000 years. Note the other interesting bas relief objects in Photo 1.
The Saqqara Bird is the cargo plane in the Logo Picture at the top of this web page and the helicopters and chase planes are also electronically snipped items from the wall at Abydos in Photo 1. More about these and other such items later.
I may not agree completely with all of the statements or conclusions reached by Anthropologist/author Jonathan Gray, but this discussion of some of the themes of his book Dead Men's Secrets, dovetails very well with the things covered on these pages and will serve as my intro:
"..On November 17, 3398 B.C., two billion people, with their astonishing technology, vanished from the face of the earth. This lost super race beat us to the moon(?), to computers, and to nuclear war. A cosmic disaster occurred which wiped out a super civilization and generated 6,000 foot tidal waves the disaster known to early civilizations worldwide as the great flood (the deluge mentioned in the book of Genesis in the Bible, for which Noah constructed the Ark to save a remnant of mankind). :
...The descendants of this super race branched out from Ararat (Armenia) to create civilizations less advanced technologically, but still with some knowledge of their original civilization. The theory of evolution, which believes in the gradual progression of man, cannot stand up to the evidence governed by the laws of thermo-dynamics. The evidence of fully developed cities and an advanced technology of a superior man, whose society deteriorated over time is irrefutable. :
...Early "cave men" wore clothes like ours? (more later & see Those Sophisticated Cave Men) That man knew the secret of flight before the twentieth century? That early civilizations performed open-heart surgery and fluoroscopy? That there were once shining cities illuminated by a means of electricity unknown to us today. The list is endless and fascinating, pointing to a super civilization, evidences of which can no longer be ignored. :

..Archaeological and anthropological evidence that something very big happened on this planet in the past.. something so big it wiped traces of just about everything from the face of the earth. From around the world, "impossible" ancient inventions have been surfacing of late, and some of them from a technology as advanced as our own. :

Nearly all the writings of ancient people worldwide tell the same story, that of decline from an original "Golden Age." That a cataclysmic disaster wiped out the advanced world. Today's diggings worldwide show that these traditions tally with the facts.

Enormous stone masses or metal fragments are there; they cannot be argued away. (Photo shows ancient stone hewn from single block and weighs at least 2.4 million pounds. No modern crane could move it. More later.) I believe that this original advanced world, gave impetus to all succeeding civilizations, and is well within the framework of scientific thinking. :


There are recently discovered artifacts that cannot be dismissed, namely, objects of metal sitting in museums, unquestionably made in the ancient world, that would have required very advanced technology to produce. A technology not to be repeated until our day. :

The entire world is really a "dead man's tomb," a treasure hunter's paradise.

As we pry open the coffin, suspense builds.

Slowly we're lifting the lid on a lost technology which almost smacks of science fiction?


The global flood catastrophe is one of the key facts of all history. Not only is there a mass of geological evidence, it has left an indelible impression on the memory of the entire human race. An analysis of some 600 individual flood traditions reveals a widespread concurrence on essential points: the prior corruption of mankind, a flood warning unheeded by the masses, a survival vessel, the preservation of up to eight people with representative animal life, the sending forth of a bird to determine the suitability of reemerging land, significance in the rainbow, descent from a mountain, and the re-population of the whole earth from a single group of survivors.

(Photo: under water monument off the coast of Japan)Especially remarkable is the persistence of that biblical name Noah. And this is particularly so when you consider the ultimate language differences between peoples, and the extreme local distortions which (developed in flood legends. Yet the name survived virtually unchanged in such isolated places as Hawaii (where he was called Nu-u), the Sudan (Nuh), China (Nu-Wah), the Amazon region (Noa), Phrygia (Noe) and among the Hottentots (Noh and Hiagnoh). :

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