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Authorization for Medical Care

Should it be necessary for my child to have medical care while participating in this trip, I hereby give the Centinela Valley Union High School District personnel permission to use their judgment in obtaining medical care deemed necessary and appropriate by the physician. I understand that the Centinela Valley Union High School District has no insurance covering such medical or hospital costs incurred by my child and, therefore, any cost incurred for such treatment shall be my sole responsibility.

Student Name:__________________________________________ ID# ________________

Parent/Guardian Name: ______________________________________________________

Authorization Signature of Parent or guardian __________________________________


Date of Field Trip: _______________________________
Field Trip Destination: _____________________________________________________
Field Trip Sponsor/Teacher:__________________________________________________
Conference Learnings Report

Leuzinger High School
Attending conferences for professional development is an integral part of a teacher’s growth throughout his or her career. Through collaboration, faculty meetings, and department meetings, all teachers who attend conferences will have the opportunity to share with their colleagues the content and skills they have learned. The completion of this form will aid in determining when and in which venue each teacher’s conference learnings can be most effectively shared.
Please return this report to Mr. Ho within one week of conference attendance.
Teacher Name: __________________________________________

Conference Attended: _________________________________________________
Date(s) of Attendance: ____________________________________

Please check to which content area(s) or area(s) of focus the knowledge and strategies you gained at this conference are most applicable:

Business Literacy

English SSR (Sustained Silent Reading)

ELD Analysis of Student Work/Achievement Data

Fine Arts Standards-Based Instruction

Foreign Language Standardized Testing

Mathematics ESLRs (Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

Physical Education Parent/Community Involvement

Practical Arts Collaboration

Science School Community/Spirit

Social Science Counseling

Special Education Other:_________________________________________
Briefly explain the three most important strategies or pieces of knowledge you gained from attending this conference:

  • ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Please explain how you will use what you have learned from this conference to imporve student achievement.

Please describe any ideas you have for how what you have learned at this conference could be shared with other faculty members. What materials or assistance would you need to share/present your learnings?

Please attach copies of any handouts or other information you received at this conference.

Student Attendance Policy

Students who miss twenty or more consecutive days of school may be dis-enrolled and designated as truant.

All Students dis-enrolled for truancy and their parents will be required to attend an Attendance Improvement meeting prior to re-enrollment.

Student Cell Phone Policy

All cell phones and other electronic devices must be turned off and placed in a secure location (purse, backpack, etc.) during school hours, (7:54 am-2:53 pm) and specified school sponsored events.
Leuzinger High School assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any equipment/property brought by a student to school that may be damaged or lost, or confiscated for non-compliance with the official school policy.
Any student that has their cell phone out during school hours will have their cell phone confiscated. The cell phone can be picked up by a parent the first time. The second offense will lead to the cell phone being kept by administration until the end of the school year.
Teachers should not confiscate

cell phones or other electronic items.

Call for a safety officer.


Olympians are expected to:

  1. Attend school every day and be on time to all classes.

  2. Participate fully in all learning activities.

  3. Dedicate two hours each night to homework and studying.

  4. Develop long term plans that include college and career goals.

  5. Read for pleasure in a book each day for thirty minutes.

Olympians Dress Code:

  1. With the exception of Leuzinger team or ASB hats, no caps, hats, headgear or sweatshirt hoods may be worn.

  2. No bare-midriff tops, low-cut tops, short shorts, or other revealing styles.

  3. No clothing or items associated with gangs, taggers, crews, posses, or any non-school clubs. (This may include colored shoelaces, gloves, lettered belt buckles, bandannas, rags, or white T-shirts.)

  4. Clothing that is vulgar, displays profanity, promotes violence, alcohol, drugs, or tobacco may not be worn.

Olympian Behavior Codes:
1. Follow all campus rules and classroom policies including the cell phone and attendance policy. *

2. Act in a manner that shows respect for self and others.

3. Keep our campus clean by disposing of trash properly.

4. With the exception of bottled water, absolutely no food, candy or drink is allowed in classrooms.

Consequences for non-Olympian behavior:

  1. Dress code violators will be required to change and serve detention.

  2. Cell phones and any other prohibited items may be confiscated and held until a conference with parents is held.

  3. Suspension will result from habitual misbehavior as determined by an administrator or designee.

  4. Suspension, citations, arrest and/or expulsion will result from threats, fighting, and possession of alcohol/illegal drugs, gambling, truancy, gang activity, smoking, vandalism, theft or possession of a weapon.

Discipline Procedures
Classroom Behavior Standards
Students are required to maintain high standards of behavior at all times. If a student misbehaves after receiving a warning;

  1. Assign detention and call home

  2. Write a referral if the behavior continues

  3. Call for assistance if the student is defiant (ex. 7400)

Ask for help from deans or an administrator to develop classroom management strategies.

Teachers should avoid touching students. If a fight occurs, however, teachers are protected from liability if they elect to restrain the combatants.
Zero Tolerance Policy

The Centinela Valley Union High School District has a zero-tolerance policy on weapons. If you suspect that a weapon or dangerous object, call the main-office emergency number immediately (ex. 7400). Any student suspected of having a weapon will be investigated thoroughly. A student found in possession of a weapon will be subject to arrest, suspension, and expulsion.

Leuzinger High School

Referral for Discipline Action


Student Name

ID #

Teacher Name



Top of Form

Infraction 1

Infraction 2

Infraction 3

Bottom of Form

Details of Incident:


Grades 9 and 10

Mr. James

Room 111

Grade 11

Mr. Ho

Room 112

Grade 12

Mrs. Brown

Room 114

Previous Actions Taken by the Teacher (MUST BE COMPLETED)

Parent Contact:

Previous Action 1:

Name of Parent:

Previous Action 2:

Relationship to Student:

Previous Action 3:

Additional Information:

*For Office Use Only*



Consequence Completed



Stephanie Iveland, activities director, and Mr. Ho, Associate Principal for school activities must approve all fundraisers. Only school sanctioned clubs can hold fund-raisers. All money that is collected must be handled according to district guidelines. Students who are participating in fundraisers must carry written approval.

Health Office

Students who need to take medicine at school must have parent and doctor’s notes indication the name of medicine, dosage, and time the medicine is to be taken. No aspirin or over-the-counter medication can be administered to the student at school. The personnel in the office can administer only minor first aid. If the student requires medical attention or needs to go home, the parent/guardian will be notified. An up-to-date emergency card must be on file for every student. Students who wish to see the school nurse must obtain a written hall pass from their teacher. If a student is having a health emergency, call the emergency number (7400) and ask for emergency assistance. Health emergencies include seizures, breathing difficulties, chest pains, head injuries, neck injuries, or possible broken bones.

Maintenance Needs

Complete out a work order and submit it to Mr. Ho’s mailbox. This includes cleaning, repairs, or removal of items that are obsolete.
Purchase Requisition Procedures

For General and Categorical Funding

Categorical Funds: Title I, Title III, EIA, MCA, ECA, GATE,

Voc. Ed (Carl Perkins Fund).

  • All purchase requisitions must be approved by:

  • Department chair/Program Coordinator

  • AP (over your department)

  • Principal

    • Only when the purchase requisition has been signed off completely may you spend the specified funds.

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