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Note: CSUs and U.C.s do not accept “D’s” for admission

Department Collaborations

All teachers are required to attend and actively participate in department collaboration meetings. Department chairs will maintain a roster to verify attendance. Administrators and/or their designees will collect sign-in sheets 5 minutes after the beginning of the meeting. The purpose of department meetings is to examine student work, share best instructional practices and conference attendance information. Department collaboration meetings will be held on every other Tuesday of the month. The dates are: 9/12, 9/26, 10/10, 10/24, 11/7, 11/28, 1/9, 1/23, 2/6, 3/6, 3/20, 4/10, 4/24, 5/29.

Olympian Leadership Team Meetings

The OLT will meet on the first Tuesday of the month after school in the career center (room 104). The OLT includes all department chairs, coordinators, and administrators.

Hall Passes

Hall passes should be issued only in cases of emergency. Students who request to use the restroom should be kept in class unless there is a real need. Teachers should use only official school issued hall passes. Do not send students from your room for any reason during the first and last 10 minutes of the class period. This also applies to classroom teacher assistants. TEACHERS WILL BE GIVEN 2 OFFICIAL HALL PASSES, PLEASE TAKE CARE OF THE PASSES. IF A STUDENT LEAVES AND DOES NOT RETURN YOUR PASS, PLEASE REFER THEM TO Mrs. Brown or Mr. Ho.

Note: If every teacher on campus issues just two passes per period, there will be in excess of 200 students out of class during instructional time!

Guest Speakers
Guest speakers can enhance classroom instruction. All guest speakers must be pre-approved by your department administrator. Submit a written request at least two weeks prior to the proposed visit. Your request must include;

  1. Date and period speaker will be on campus

  2. Name of speaker

  3. General overview of the subject that will be addressed by the guest speaker.

All guest speakers must check in at the main office before proceeding to classrooms.

Instructional Videos/DVDs
Videotapes/DVDs used in the classroom must be relevant to classroom instructional standards and the course curriculum. Administrative approval must be obtained in writing for any entertainment or rental videos/DVDs. R-rated videos/DVDs are not allowed. Video approval forms are available in the main office.

California Standards for the Teaching Profession



1-1 Connecting students’ prior knowledge, life

Experience, and interests with learning goals.
1-2 Using a variety of instructional strategies and resources to respond to students’ diverse needs

    1. Facilitating learning experiences that promote

    1. Engaging students in problem solving, critical thinking, and other activities that make subject matter meaningful

1-5 Promoting self-directed, reflective learning for all students


    1. Creating a physical environment that engages all students

    1. Establishing a climate that promotes fairness and respect

    1. Promoting social development and group responsibility

    1. Establishing and maintaining standards for student behavior

    1. Planning and implementing classroom procedures and routines that support student learning

    1. Using instructional time effectively




    1. Demonstrating knowledge of subject matter content and student development.

3-2 Organizing curriculum to support student understanding of subject matter

    1. Interrelating ideas and information within and across subject matter areas

    1. Developing student understanding through instructional strategies that are appropriate to the subject matter

    1. Using materials, resources, and technologies to make subject matter accessible to students


    1. Drawing on and valuing students’ backgrounds, interests, and developmental learning

    1. Establishing and articulating goals for student learning

    1. Developing and sequencing instructional activities and materials for student learning

    1. Designing short-term and long-term plans to foster student learning

    1. Modifying instructional plans to adjust for student needs.


6-1 Reflecting on teaching practice and planning professional development

    1. Establishing professional goals and pursuing opportunities to grow professionally

    1. Working with families to improve professional practice

    1. Working with families to improve professional practice

    1. Working with colleagues to improve professional practice


    1. Establishing and communicating learning goals for all students

    1. Collecting and using multiple sources of information to assess student learning

    1. Involving and guiding all students in assessing their own learning

    1. Using the results of assessments to guide instruction

    1. Communicating with students, families, and other audiences about student progress



Teacher/Office Assistant Expectations

Accountability for Olympian TAs

The following expectations will be fully disclosed to students before they are assigned to classrooms as Teacher Assistants. These are the standards by which all TAs will be assessed for grading purposes.
Appropriate Tasks for TAs

  • Distribution and collection of materials for students

  • Assisting the teacher during instruction, i.e. participating in demonstrations

  • Delivering correspondences between offices and the classroom

  • Textbook record-keeping

  • Preparation/set-up for class activities

  • Organization of classroom materials

  • Filing

  • Decorating bulletin boards (or other tasks related to the enhancement of the classroom environment)

Inappropriate Tasks for TAs

  • Grading / recording grades

  • Making copies

  • Taking attendance

  • Working on assignments for other academic classes

  • Listening to headphones, using the computer to access the internet or type papers/projects, drawing, etc.

TAs and SSR

  • All TAs must participate in all assignments during this period, including SSR, test prep, Word of the Day, and other advisement activities.

Grading of TAs

  • Attendance

  • Completion of assigned tasks

  • SSR, test prep, Word of the Day, and advisement activities

Additional Suggestions

  • Prepare a list of tasks for your TA prior to the class period and provide clear directions, in writing if necessary.

  • Provide your TA with feedback regarding the quality of work demonstrated in each task completed.

  • After completing a task, ask your TA to reflect in writing about his/her performance.

  • Require your TA to keep a log of tasks completed, noting the time it takes to complete the task, difficulties they encounter while completing the task, and how satisfied they are with the outcome of his/her work.

Teacher Absences

Teachers who will be absent for four or more class periods must call SubFinder, the district’s automated substitute finder, at 1-310-355-0001, by no later than 6:00 a.m. on the day of the absence. This includes absences for conferences, field trips, or district meetings. If you will be absent for one or two periods, make arrangements for your substitute directly with Elizabeth Contreras. If you have problems reaching SubFinder, please call and leave a message for Elizabeth at 310-263-2202.

Report Cards

Report cards will be issued after the 10th, 20th, 30th, and 40th weeks. Progress reports will be issued after the 5th, 15th, 25th, and 35th weeks.

Parents must be notified in writing no later than 15 days before the end of the semester if their child is in danger of failing. Students must have a 2.00 grade point average to be eligible for athletics or extracurricular activities ( In this grade point average the student can not have more than two F’s in core courses). Eligibility is determined by grades on the 10, 20, 30, and 40-week report cards.

Contacting Parents

It is very important to contact parents as soon as possible if there are problems with attendance, behavior, or achievement. Parent conferences may be arranged on your own or through the student’s counselor, and held during non-teaching time in the counseling office. Do not conduct parent conferences in your classroom. If a parent appears at your classroom unannounced, ask the parent to report to the main office and see an administrator. This is necessary to prevent interruptions during instructional time. If a parent wishes to visit a classroom, an administrator will accompany the parent. .

Suspected Child Abuse

All certificated employees are mandated child abuse reporters. Any incidents of suspected child abuse must be reported immediately. “If one has knowledge of or observes a child, in his or her professional capacity or within the scope of his or her employment, whom he or she knows or reasonable suspects has been the victim of child abuse or neglect shall report such suspected incident of abuse or neglect to a designated agency immediately or as soon as practically possible by telephone and shall submit a report thereof within 36 hours of receiving the information concerning the incident. (PC Section 11166(a)). Below are the procedures you will need to follow when reporting suspected cases of child abuse.

  1. Document the details of the suspected abuse. (student name, parent/guardian name, phone number, address, details of situation, who was involved, siblings you’re aware of…)

  1. Call the hotline at 1-800-540-4000 and make a verbal report. After making the report they will give you a 19 digit referral number.

  1. Within 3-4 hours of reporting to the hotline you can for online and complete the referral using the 19 digit number. The website is https://mandreptla.org. Once you input the information, please print a copy of the report and forward it to Mrs. Brown in room 114. It is important that we receive the copy and notification for our records.

Policies and Procedures

Certificated Staff

Teachers are required to arrive on campus by 7:45 a.m. Teachers must arrive at their classrooms by the first bell at 7:54 a.m.

Supervision of Students

Students must be supervised carefully at all times while in classrooms and school facilities. Instructional aides are not authorized to supervise students alone. Teachers should never remain alone in a closed classroom with a student.

Tobacco-Free Workplace

Smoking is prohibited on the school grounds and in all school buildings. This is a school district policy, in accordance with state and federal law.

Attendance Procedures

Our attendance records are audited by the state, and we must be one hundred percent accurate. Attendance must always be marked by the teacher. Instructional aides and students may not mark attendance under any circumstances. Be sure to contact the attendance office whenever you have questions about a student’s attendance. Please make sure you turn in a weekly printout to attendance on Fridays.


Your rollbook is a permanent, legal document of your attendance and grades. All entries must be made in blue or black ink. Attendance marks in Powerschool must match your rollbook. Attendance is marked with the following symbols:

[E] Date student enrolled in class

[●] Present

[▬] Absent

[T] Tardy

[+] Excused absence

[A] School activity (field trip, office excuse)

[C] Cleared (last date of attendance, include destination
Subject marks must be recorded in your rollbook, with at least two subject marks per week. Report card grades for weeks 10, 20, 30, and 40 must also be noted, along with your system for determining grades. Rollbooks are audited every semester.
Rollbook Check List

All rollbooks must include the following information:

  • Grades and assignments

  • Progress Report Grades, Quarter and Final Semester Grades

  • Daily Attendance for the Semester

  • Grading Scale

  • Course Syllabus

Rollbook Audit Standards
TEACHER:_____________________________________ DATE:___________________

  1. Are all marks on class attendance roster in blue or black ink? ___

  2. Are corrections noted on Class Attendance Roster (no white-out)? ___

  3. If a student has been moved from one class to another or from one period to another are these changes clearly noted on the class attendance roster? ____

  4. Are the district’s standardized marks being used on the Class Attendance Rosters? _____

  5. Is there an entry (E) on your class attendance form for every student who has been enrolled in your class? ____

  6. Has the teacher signed the rollbook sheets? _____

  7. Is there any indication that the Class Attendance Rosters have been compromised by student’s access to these records? (for example, student aide marking teachers rollbook) _____

  8. Are subject marks recorded accurately in the rollbook? Is there two subject marks per week? ___

Auditors signature________________________________ Date_______________


Leuzinger High School

Field Trip Procedure Information

Field trips can be a positive supplement to the academic program. Below are the procedures required for each field trip to ensure the safety of students and staff members.
ALL field trips must be approved and calendared by school administration. This includes trips that take place after school hours and/or on non-school days.

  1. Read and complete the Field Trip Package. This package includes:

    • Field Trip Rules and Expectations for Students as well as Teacher Responsibility information

    • Field Trip Request Form

    • Educational Value Statement

    • Field Trip Attendance Roster

    • Emergency Card/Parent Permission information

    • Off-Campus Permit/Teacher Permission Card information

    • Medical Release Form

2. Submit the completed Field Trip Information Package with purchase requisition form for bus transportation (if applicable) to Mr. Ho in Room 112. All Field Trip Requests MUST be submitted four weeks prior to the field trip. Please note that Mr. Ono has final approval on all field trips.

  1. Notification of final approval of the field trip will be placed in your box immediately following approval.

  1. Every student participant must have a parent permission card, off-campus permit card, and medical release form signed a week prior to the field trip date. These documents are available from Mr. Ho in Room 112.

  1. Every student participant must have a parent permission card, off-campus permit card, and medical release form signed a week prior to the field trip date. These documents are available from Mr. Ho in Room 112.

  1. On the day of the field trip, use the Field Trip Attendance List to submit a list of students who are actually leaving on the trip to the security booth when your group is ready to depart for the field trip. This will be submitted to the Attendance Office in case a parent or guardian needs to locate a student that is on the field trip.

Leuzinger High School

Field Trip Expectations and Responsibilities

Student Rules and Expectations

  1. Adhere to the Olympian Code of conduct even when away from the school site.

  1. Submit Parent Permission for Excursion card and Medical Release Form signed by parent/guardian to the field trip sponsor at least one week prior to the field trip.

  1. Submit Off-Campus Permit card signed by teachers of classes that will not be attended as a result of field trip participation to the field trip sponsor.

  1. Complete in a timely manner all assignments missed as a result of attending the field trip.

Teacher Responsibilities

              1. Call Sub-Finder and contact the principal’s secretary for substitute coverage if needed.

              1. Provide detailed lesson plans and seating charts for your classes that will need substitute coverage.

              1. Verify that all students and teachers have signed permission forms and emergency information one week prior to the field trip.

              1. Keep student emergency information and medical release forms accessible during the entire field trip.

              1. Take accurate attendance during the field trip.

              1. Use the Field Trip Attendance List to submit a list of students who are actually leaving on the trip to the security booth when your group is ready to depart for the field trip.

Leuzinger School Procedures

Field Trip Educational Value Statement

Please provide short statements as evidence that this trip has educational value, supports course learning standards and justifies students missing other classes.

  • What is the academic purpose4 of this field trip?

  • What learning standards(s) or ESLR(s) is(are) addressed by this field trip?

  • How will you connect this field trip to content and skills students need to master in your class?

  • What activities are students expected to complete prior to, during, and/or after the field trip?

  • How will this field trip help students in making college/career decisions?


Leuzinger School Procedures

Field Trip Request Form
Requests must be submitted to Mr. Ho a minimum of four (4) weeks prior to the field trip.
Organization/Class: _____________________________________________________
Field Trip Destination: _________________________________________________
Date of Field Trip: _____________________________________________________
Leave Time: _________________ Return Time: _________________
Sponsor’s Name: ____________________________ Cell # ( )_______________
If additional sponsors are needed, please indicate names and positions (teacher, instructional aide, parent, etc.). Please note that additional sponsors are approved on a ratio of one sponsor per 15 students.
Name: __________________________________ Position: _________________
Name: __________________________________ Position: _________________
Name: __________________________________ Position: _________________
Transportation (check one)_____bus*____district van*____other (give details)
*For bus transportation, complete a purchase requisition with the appropriate budget funding number and name. Applications for use of school van are available from Mr. Ho in Room 112.
I have read and fully understand the field trip procedures. I acknowledge that this field trip will not be approved without an Educational Value Statement and that I must submit the Field Trip Attendance List to the security booth when my group is ready to depart for the field trip.

_______________________ ______________________

Signature (Lead Sponsor) Signature (Additional Sponsor)

_______________________ ______________________

Signature (Additional Sponsor) Signature (Additional Sponsor)
______________________ ______________________

Mr. Ho (Associate Principal Mr. Ono (Principal)
Date of Approval: _____________

Leuzinger School Procedures

Field Trip Attendance List
This form is due at the security booth immediately prior to departing for the field trip. The list must contain only students who are physically leaving on the trip.
These students submitted all required forms and attended a school-approved field trip on:
__________________________ ______/______/______ _____________________

Day of the Week Month Date Year Time/Period

Destination: _______________________________ Sponsor: _________________________

Name (Last, First) ID#

Name (Last, First) ID#

Student/Parents Forms

Field Trips
All students attending an approved field trip must submit the following forms to the field trip sponsor:

  1. Parent Permission for Excursion (blue card)

  2. Off Campus Permit (white card)

  3. Medical Release form (Sponsor is to make copies of this form)

These forms must be accessible to the sponsor during the entire field trip.
Field trip sponsors should obtain cards from Mr.Ho in Room 112.


Centinela Valley Union High School District

______________________________________________has my consent

to go to______________________________________________________

at_________________________________________________________ (TIME TO AND FROM)


I will not hold Centinela Valley Union High School District responsible in case of an accident while fulfilling the above engagement.


Teacher in charge____________________________________________

FM-070 (over)

STUDENT’S NAME___________________________________________
HOME ADDRESS_____________________________________________
HOME PHONE NUMBER_____________________________________________

FATHER’S FULL NAME_______________________________________

MOTHER’S FULL NAME______________________________________
FATHER’S PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT_________________________

BUSINESS PHONE NUMBER_____________________

MOTHER’S PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT________________________
BUSINESS PHONE NUMBER_____________________
______________________________ ______________________________ (NAME) (PHONE NUMBER)

_________________________High School—OFF CAMPUS PERMIT
Date of Trip__________________________ Period________________
Sponsor’s Signature____________________ Vice Prin_____________
Per. Subject Missed Teacher’s Signature









PUPIL MUST HAVE this card signed by teacher of each class to be missed before going. Card must be presented to teacher in charge excursion fully signed as permit to go. No one should be allowed to go without this. SPONSOR: Collect all cards and send them to the attendance office before the excursion.


Leuzinger High School
Parent’s or Guardian’s Waiver and Authorization for

Medical Care
Parents, please note:
Section 35330 of the California Education Code States in Part:
All persons making the field trip or excursion shall be deemed to have waived all claims against the district or the state of California for injury, accident illness, or death occurring during or by reason of the field trip or excursion.

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