Letter to Avi on “Fortune Cookie”

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Letter to Avi on “Fortune Cookie”

859 South York Street

Denver, CO, 80209

Dear Avi,

Fortune cookie by Avi is about a young boy that on his thirteenth birthday he wanted to go to dinner with his mom and dad but the father and mother were divorced, and the father didn't want to go because the mother was coming along. So he just decided to go because it was his son's birthday. Then when the mother was in the bathroom the father told the son to tell his mom, that he had an important meeting to go to.

Have you ever been in a situation like Parker? Well I did and this is how it started. It was my ninth birthday and I wanted to go some where with my mom and my father, but my father didn't want to go because my mother was coming along. So he just decided to go because it was my birthday, just like parkers father did. Then my father just left after we finished eating and my mother was crying. Also do you think divorce is harder for children? Yes I do, it's like  home work on a Friday man I just can't deal with it any more, it's to much to deal with, when I go to my father I have to travel, when I have to go back home I have to travel, man that's to much. Also when I call my father sometimes he is not there, and if not when I call my mother she is on vacation. Further more now look at how parker's life is, it's like living alone.

How does this affected others life? To me I think that this affects other, because some kids in the world don't even live with there fathers or there mother and others do and the ones who do don't apreshate that they live with there father and mother. Also they should apreshate living with there mom and dad because with out them what we do. Further more I wish I lived with my mom and dad because I want to have dinner with both of them, just like parker did for his thirteenth birthday. Well that's what I think about divorce for the children.

Next do you think divorce is dumb? Yes it is, its so dumb I think this because, why would you get married to get divorce that's dumb why would you do that, if you know that you going to get divorce then don't get married. That's just putting more pressure on the children just like parkers parents did, now his parents don't even talk. Also if you do get divorce just don't act different around your child. Further more this is what happens in the story, the parents got the divorce and they just did want to talk to each other, and parker was hurt because he loved them the same. So this is how others live and have to deal with, like parker.

Now you know my thoughts about fortune cookie. Also this is why I say that you should always apreshate what you have because other don't have what you have. Further more now go and so some appreciation to your parents.   


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