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No. 51 Spring/Summer 2006

Letter from the President

This is a very full newsletter so I will be brief. One reason for the length of the newsletter is that this issue contains a large number of reviews. It is good to see members offering reviews regularly, and after discussion with publishers we have agreed to print them in their entirety in the newsletter as well as on the web site as publishers think of paper as a more authoritative and enduring format.

With publishers in mind, I will once more urge you all to make sure you check the list of members’ publications regularly and remember to order them for your libraries and recommend them to students and colleagues – it is only through such grassroots activity that a market in our field can be proven since academic publishers are notoriously loathe to spend money advertising books. The IRSCL proceedings (listed at the end of the newsletter) not only contain colleagues’ work, but also generate royalties for the Society so do remember to order them too!

It has been very good to see the IRSCL Award being recognised by publishers: the English language edition of Emer O’Sullivan’s 2001 Award- winning Kinderliterarische Komparatistik has now been published and a paperback edition of Roni Natov’s The Poetics of Childhood will appear in April of this year.

I am very pleased indeed to say that our venue for the 2009 congress has now been confirmed. 2009 marks the IRSCL’s 40th anniversary. The IRSCL was launched at a colloquium in Frankfurt in 1969, so it is fitting that we return to Frankfurt to celebrate this milestone. Our member, Hans-Heino Ewers, warmly invites IRSCL members to join in this anniversary event at the Institut für Jugendbuchforschung, Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universität. Details will follow in due course.

Kimberley Reynolds

As we announced at the last congress, the 18th Biennial Congress of IRSCL will be held at Kyoto International Conference Hall, in Kyoto, Japan, August 25-29, 2007. We, the members of IRSCL 2007 Japan Committee are now preparing for program, and the main theme of the congress is decided: Power and Children‘s Literature: Past, Present and Future.

The congress logo is above. We associate the butterfly with power. There's the famous chaos theory saying, "A butterfly flaps its wings in China and it rains in Chicago." Even the smallest action can have profound implications. Children's books share with butterflies a sense of being beautiful but not particularly powerful. With this butterfly, you can think about power in unconventional ways.

Several keynote lecturers have already agreed to come: Roberta Seelinger Trites, Susan Napier, and Masahiko Nishi. Prof. Trites from Illinois State University specializes in YA literature, Prof. Napier from Texas University majors in Japanese animation films, and Prof. Nishi from Ritsumei University will talk on the relationship between children’s literature and marginality. Besides lectures and paper presentations, our program includes evening attractions, such as watching a Kamishibai play, folktale story-telling, and so on. You can choose an excursion, either to a well-known cultural treasure or to the International Institute for Children’s Literature, Osaka, where several welcome programs are planned. Before and after the congress, you can also explore Kyoto, which is a city full of picturesque and historical sights.

We are renewing the local homepage for the Kyoto congress. See the latest news at http://www.irscl.info/chirasi.htm and watch the IRSCL web site for more information and the Call for papers.


If you have ideas for the newsletter or web site or would like to offer your services in developing either or both, please don’t hesitate to contact Kim Reynolds. All information for the next newsletter and website should be sent to Kim Reynolds, School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics, University of Newcastle, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE1 7RU UK

Email: Kim.Reynolds@ncl.ac.uk

Special offers to IRSCL members

The board is seeking ways to enhance what membership in the IRSCL offers. We are pleased to announce that in addition to the newsletter, website, directory, discussion list, archives, congress and other benefits of IRSCL membership, members may now subscribe to three major journals at a special rate.

Those who would like to subscribe to Canadian Children’s Literature (edited by Perry Nodelman) at the IRSCL rate can do so by going to http://ccl.uwinnipeg.ca/irscl.shtml

Those who want to receive the Australian journal Papers (edited by Clare Bradford) at the discounted rate should contact Clare Bradford at clarex@deakin.edu.au

There is also a special offer for The Lion and the Unicorn which you can access via the IRSCL web site (www.irscl.ac.uk).


Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

13 – 17 August, 2005
A special section on the web site recapping and evaluating the events in Dublin is now available.

New Members

We are pleased to welcome 6 new individual members. Do please remember to mention the Society to colleagues whose research interests reflect those of the society and who could benefit and contribute to the work of the IRSCL. Information about the Society and application forms can be found on the web site: www.irscl.ac.uk.

Affiliated members: No new members (details can be found on the web site).

Institutional members: No new members (details can be found on the web site).

Individual members:

Dr. Yuko Ashitagawa, PhD student (2nd PhD!), University of Tokyo (Japan)

Julie Cross, PhD student, Roehampton University (UK)

Dr. William Gray, Reader in Literary History and Hermeneutics, Department of English, University of Chichester (UK)

Gill James, Part-time lecturer, PhD student & writer, University of Portsmouth (UK)

Dr. Mari Jose Olaziregi, Lecturer in contemporary Basque literature, University of the Basque Country, Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain)

Dr. Mikiko Chimori, Professor of English Studies, Yamanashi Prefectural University (Japan)

Members’ news and announcements

Please send all items for this section to Kim.Reynolds@ncl.ac.uk.
Mavis Reimer receives Canada Research Chair at University of Winnipeg (extract from public announcement)

Dr. Mavis Reimer, IRSCL board member. has been named The University of Winnipeg's Canada Research Chair in the

Culture of Childhood. 

A five-year, $500,000 appointment, this Canada Research Chair is unique in its focus on the culture of childhood. The overall objective of

Reimer's research is to account for the cultural work of texts directed to children and youth, to understand how actual children assume the burden of meaning assigned to the metaphorical figure of the child, and to encourage the creation of critical and resisting young readers.

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