Length: 3,000 words

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Essay Topics Pw 2201 Canadian Government and Politics

Cite material in an appropriate manner.

Length: 3,000 words
Due: November 20, 2006
Keep a copy of your essay.
1, Examine how parties choose their leaders. How does the method vary

from party to party and how has it changed over time up to the current

Liberal leadersip contest? Consider whether each method strengthens the

party’s position.

2 ) Can the relationship between the courts and parliament be usefully

described as a “dialogue”? What are the implications of this

relationship for democracy?
3 What are Stephen Harper’s views on the legitimate procedure for

Quebec’s separation from Canada? Compare these views to those of the

Supreme Court as indicated in its reference case opinion on Quebec

secession, to those of the Clarity Act and to those of separatists.

4 Consider the progress or lack of progress of official bilingualism.

Has it contributed to national unity?

5) Is Canadian politcal culture changing? Are Canadians becoming less

deferential and/or more American?

6) What is the impact of changing technology on the regulation of

media? Consider factors such as the development of the internet. and

satellite television.
7) Examine the current system of fiscal federalism with particular

attention to equalization. Does it meet goals of promoting economic

development and/or regional equity?
8) Examine Newfoundland’s role in Canada. Has Premier Danny Williams’

approach in dealing with Ottawa been successful?

9) Examine attempts to deal with the “democratic deficit” at the

provincial level.

10) How can first nations be accommodated in Canada, politically,

economically and socially? Is it useful to emphasize the sovereignty

and distinctiveness of first nations or to emphasize their integration

into mainstream society?

11) Is the era of Liberal Party dominance in Canadian politics over?

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