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Literary Agent: Miriam Altschuler, DeFiore Literary Agency

Columbia University, School of the Arts, M.F.A in Fiction & Nonfiction, 1991

  • Writing Fellow: Woolrich Scholarship: 1989 – 1991

Princeton University, A.B. cum laude in Comparative Literature, 1986

Program in East Asian Studies, Japanese Studies

Fifth-Year Degree, (M.A. equiv) 1986

  • Senior Thesis Prize in East Asian Studies, 1986

  • Morris M. Cross Poetry Prize, (hon) 1986

Middlebury College, Intensive Summer Language program, Japanese, 1983

Professor: English Dept /Creative Writing Program: College of the Holy Cross, 2003 - present

Honored Graduate Faculty Mentor: Ashland University, MFA Program, 2010 - present

AWARDS (selected since 1990)
2015 Ct Arts Initiative Grant, funded by the National Endowment for the Arts,

Video Installation: Environment, Memory & Things Video

2014 Puschcart Prize in Literature, Nomination for “Water Rising” fall 2014

2014 National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Stipend

2007 Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship, Literary Nonfiction

2006 National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Stipend, Nominee

2002 Publication Award, the Victorian Society of America, A Family Place

2002 Book Award, Documentation of American Life, A Family Place

2000 National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship in American Studies

1999 American Association of University Women, American Fellowship

1999 Furthermore, the Publication Program of the J.M. Kaplan Fund, book grant

1998 New York State Library Research Fellowship

1997 Picker Research Fellowship, Colgate University

1996 Rona Jaffe Writer's Award Finalist

1996 Garrison Fellowship, awarded for distinguished research: Colgate University

1994 National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in Literature

1993 Money for Women/ Deming Memorial Fund, award for nonfiction

1992 Bunting Institute Fellowship in Creative Writing, Radcliffe, Cambridge

1991 James Thurber Writer-in-Residence, The Ohio State University, Columbus

1990 PEN/Martha Albrand Special Citation for Nonfiction


Water Rising New Rivers Press, Minnesota State University at Moorhead, fall 2015.

Poetry with watercolors by Garth Evans (hardcover)

First Serial Excerpts published at: Diagram, Art Critical, The Humble Essay,Woven Tale Press, Terrain Magazine
A Family Place: A Hudson Valley Farm, Three Centuries, Five Wars, One Family

Viking, 2001 (hardcover); Penguin, 2002 (paperback); State University Press, Excelsior Series, 2009

Winner of the Documentation for American life Award

Winner of the Victorian Society Publishing Award

Hidden Dialogue: A discussion between Women in Japan and the U.S.

U.S. Japan Program Series, Japan Society of New York, 1993

The Road Through Miyama Random House,1989 (hardcover)

Vintage, 1991 (paperback)

Winner of the 1990 Pen/ Martha Albrand Special Citation for Nonfiction
Cardiff: A play about Art based on a True Story, (accepted for staging by 3A Productions, spring 2015. World Premiere Jan 25-28, 2017. The Duplex, NYC
June 2018: Scheduled for staging in Cardiff, Wales, with the Royal Welsh Drama School
“Geography of the Imagination,” The Sculpture of Garth Evans: Beneath The Skin, Philip Wilson Publishing. London, Publication date: March 22, 2013. pp 143 – 159
Excerpt from this book chapter printed by The William Benton Museum of Art, Connecticut State Art Museum, for catalogue accompanying show: “Garth Evans: Selections from the Studio” Feb 2 -April 28, 2013. pp 6-8

“Rooted in the Land” and “Morning Chores,” (book chapter 11) Lift Thine Eyes, NMH Press, Mount Hermon, Mass, Sept. 2010. pp 199 - 209

“The Great Irony of the County Fair,” The Boston Globe, Opinion Page, Sept 1, 2017.
“So You Think You Can Do Without Health Insurance?” The Boston Globe, Opinion Page, July 23, 2017.
“Welcome to the American Yard Sale,” The Boston Globe, Opinion Page, July 14, 2017.
“Tagging Along with a beaver Trapper,” The Boston Globe, Opinion Page, May 5, 2017.
“Contemplating Our Founding Documents and What They Mean,” March 14, 2017 The Boston Globe, Opinion Page, Dec. 5, 2017.
“The Beauty and Power of Becoming a US Citizen,” The Boston Globe, Opinion Page, Feb. 8, 2017.
“Know Your Chickens -- and Your Eggs, The Boston Globe, Opinion Page, Dec. 5, 2016.
“Apple Season is Just One More Reason to Buy Local” The Boston Globe,

Opinion Page, October 5, 2016.

“Why I Teach” The Boston Globe Opinion Page, August 10, 2016.

“Pathmakers: Women, Craft & Modernism,” Art Critical, Sept 11, 2015.

“A Ceramic Fairytale: Chigusa and the Art of Tea in Japan,” Art Critical, Jan. 18, 2015.
“Islands of Clay: Toshiko Takaezu, 1922- 2011” Asian Diasporic Visual Cultures and the Americas, Issue 1, March 2015, Brill / Asian/Pacific American Institute, New York University. pp 131 - 154
“Water Rising,” Riverteeth: A Journal of Nonfiction Narrative, Vol 15, Issue 2, Ashland University, March 2014. P 1-2
“Necessary Angel” Riverteeth: A Journal of Nonfiction Narrative, Vol 13, Issue 2, Ashland University, October 2011. pp 87 - 91
“Shagbark,” Riverteeth: A Journal of Nonfiction Narrative, Vol 13, Issue 2, Ashland University, October 2011. pp 92 - 94

"Sixteen Years," Why We're Here: New York Essayists on Living Upstate, edited by Bob Cowser, Colgate University Press, Fall 2010. pp 79 - 99

(a republishing of “Epilogue” from AFP, 2009)
“Aftershocks of Memoir”, Fourth Genre, vol spring 2009 pp 145-6, pp 151- 156
“Sun Farm: A Work of Art,” Our Town, spring, 2007. Pp 26 - 27
“Ceramics: A Wary Regard for Tradition,” Art in America, November 2007. pp 125 - 128
“Mary McCarthy: Story First Then Confession Tampa Review, Vol 33, 2007. pp 77 - 83
“Hidden in Plain Sight,” Our Town, Claverack, NY Issue #4, May 2005.
“North Sixth Street,” Garth Evans: Materials Being, Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Art Gallery, College of the Holy Cross, MA, Nov. 2004 – Feb. 2005. pp 25 – 27
“Everett Nack: Last of the Shad Fishermen?” Our Town, Claverack, NY, June 2004.
“A Tie That Binds,” New York Archives, vol.2 no.2, Fall 2002. pp 16 - 19
“In the Hollow of His Hand,” Hudson Valley Regional Review, Sept. 2000. pp 16 - 35
“Paddling Right” in Writing Down the River, Northland Press, 1997. pp 70 - 75

Winner of the Willa Cather Literary Award for Memoir and Essay

Environment, Memory & Things @ Leila Philip, Garth Evans, Siobhan Landry

Funded by the CT. Commission of the Arts / National Endowment for the Arts.

This video installation is based on the book, Water Rising, (New Rivers, Press, University of Minnesota Moorehead, 2015) by Garth Evans and Leila Philip. The video interweaves poems from the book read by the Leila Philip, conversation with the authors of Water Rising and music by the composer, Shirish Korde. In addition the video includes photographs taken by the authors of their local landscape and images of each stage of three new watercolors as they evolve. It is a collaboration between writer, Leila Philip, sculptor, Garth Evans and video artist, Siobhan Landry. To View 2016- 2017 Exhibition Schedule see www.water-rising.com

(Forthcoming 2017 – 2018 New Bedford Art Museum, Mass.; California College of Art, San Francisco)
“Water Rising: A Performance:” This musical performance is a collaboration between composer Shirish Korde, writer, Leila Philip and cellist Jan Muller Szeraws (accompanied by tabla musicians, tba)
Nov 6, 2014 Worcester, MA, Chick Weiss Salon

Nov 12, 2014 New York City, Anne Delaney/Chelsea Performance Center

November 2, 2016 Wave Hill Performance Center, NYC

(with Shirish Korde, Jan Muller Szeraws, Leila Philip and musicians

ANTHOLOGIES Writing Selected for: (since 1993)
“Water Rising,” Brief Encounters: A Collection of Contemporary Nonfiction,

ed. by Judith Kitchen and Dinah Lenney, W. W. Norton, fall 2015. pp 259-260

“Green Tea,” Creating Nonfiction: A Guide and Anthology, ed. Becky Bradway

and Doug Hesse, Bedford/ St. Martins Press, 2008. Pp 643 – 651, pp 108 - 115

“River of Life,” in A Woman’s Passion for Travel, edited by Marybeth Bond and Pamela Michael, Traveler’s Tales Books, September 1999. pp 93 - 97

Also anthologized in Family Travel: The Farther You Go the Closer You Get, edited by Laura Manske, Traveler’s Tales Books, May 1999. pp 231 - 236
“Rice Harvest,” in Japan: True Stories of Life on the Road, edited by Donald W. George, Traveler’s Tales Books, September 1999. Pp 294 - 302
“Nagata-san” excerpt from The Road Through Miyama, Maiden Voyages, Writings of Women Travelers, edited by Mary Morris, (Vintage Books, 1993). pp 423 – 430.


“Interview: The writing of Cardiff” WorksbyWomen January 11, 2017.

“The Year of Working Secretly,” NMH Magazine, Spring 2016.

“Author Interview: Water Rising,” Woven Tale Press, November 2015.

The Future of Longform: exploring the Space between Writers and Readers in the new Media Galaxy, “Picturing the Essay” interviewed by Pepi Ronalds, Melbourne, Australia, Nov 13, 2012 http://futureoflongform.com/picturing-essay/  
Writers on the Fly: Unesco Project: Cities of Literature, Iowa City, Recorded Nov, 2010, interviewed by Ben Hill, broadcast January 2011. YouTube as (Author Interview)
River of Words: Portraits of Hudson Valley Writers, edited by Nina Shengold (interview format), SUNY press, August 2010. Pp 160 -161

Edmund De Wal The White Road: Journey Into an Obsession Art Critical, February, 2016.

Marnie Mueller, The Climate of the Country and Kerri Sakamoto, The Electric Field, San Jose Mercury News, Book Section, cover review, February 21, 1999.

Harriet Doerr, The Tiger in the Grass Boston Globe, Nov 26, 1995.

Kathy Davidson, 36 Views of Mt. Fuji, Women's Review of Books, Feb, 1994.

Linda Minatoya, Talking to High Monks in the Snow, Ploughshares, Fall, 1993.

Bonnie Friedman, Writing After Dark, Harvard Review, fall 1993.

Helene Cixous, Three Steps on the Ladder of Writing, Harvard Review, fall 1993

Kate Wheeler, Not Where I Started From, Boston Globe, Aug. 8, 1993.

Diane Ackerman, The Moon By Whale Light, Columbus Dispatch, January 26, 1992.

"The Road Back," Mahora, Gyosei Publishing Corporation, Tokyo, July, 1993.

"Legacy of December 7 Remains Troubling," Columbus Dispatch, Dec 1, 1991.

"Returning," Winds, Magazine, Spring, 1992.

"The Chrysanthemum and the Buckeye," Ohio Magazine, Nov. 1992. (15, no.8)

"The Road Through Miyama" (cover story), Studio Potter, Dec. 1, 1989.

"Rice Magazine: Asian Amerian Staple," Christian Science Monitor, July 7, 1988.

"Tourism on the Upswing in Harlem," Christian Science Monitor Nov. 24, 1987.

"Farewell to Van Gogh," The Daily Yomiuri, Dec. 4, 1987.

"From The Vocabulary of Ugliness," The Daily Yomiuri, Nov. 29, 1987.

"Working Class Kabuki," The Daily Yomiuri, Nov. 28, 1987.

"One Person Says 'Can Do'," The Daily Yomiuri, Nov. 22, 1987.

"Van Gogh's Irises Brings 53.9 Million?" The Daily Yomiuri, Nov. 13, 1987.

"Americans See Advantages of Cross Cultural Training," The Daily Yomiuri, 8/ 8, 1987.

“Shipwreck,” Punctuate, Columbia College, Chicago, fall 2017.
“Black Bowl Dreaming,” The Earth in Bloom, Meam Publishing, December 2006.
Heart of Flame Documentary on the work of Otani Shiro, 1993.

90 minutes. Produced by NHK (Japanese public television) and Right Stuff Video corporation. Japanese dialogue translated to English.

Elected Editorships/ Contributing Writer/ Elected Memberships
2016- present Regular contributor: Opinion Page, The Boston Globe

2015 - present Contributing Writer, Art Critical

2015- present Contributing Editor, Riverteeth: A Journal of Nonfiction Narrative

2011 Editorial Consultant Welcome Table Press, (until 2012)

2004- 10 Contributing Writer, Our Town, quarterly magazine, Claverack, NY
Pen American Center elected member since 2008 Author's Guild member since 2006

Listed in in Contemporary Authors

Nominating Boards / Judge & External Review positions
2017 Solicted Tenure Review Report: Colorado State, Boulder, CO

2014 Solicited Tenure Review Report: University of Pittsburgh.

2013 Rona Jaffee Writer Award Nomination Panel, Nonfiction.

2004 Competition Judge for Thorne Prize in Fiction, Pomfret Academy, Pomfret, Ct.

2003 External Examiner Hobart William Smith, Honors Thesis in nonfiction.

2003 NEH Panelist for the NEH Research Fellowship in American Studies.

2004 Panelist for Nonfiction Residency Selection, Millay Colony for the Arts, Austerlitz, NY,

Competition Judge, the Alliance for Young Writers, New York City, 1999

Competition Judge for the Radcliffe College Rona Jaffe Prizes (Creative Writing), 1993

Competition Judge for Rhode Island State Council on the Arts Fellowship in Lit., 1993

Visiting Writer Positions/ Artist in Residence Fellowships (selected)
2010- present Honored Visiting Graduate Faculty Mentor, Ashland University, low res. MFA

2010 Distinguished Visiting Writer, Fairfield University, low res. MFA, through 2012

Yaddo Corporation: Granville Hicks Endowed Residency in Literature, 1994

Breadloaf Writer's Conference: Bernard DeVoto Fellow in Nonfiction, 1992

Virginia Center For the Creative Arts: Endowed residency in literature, 1991

Yaddo Corporation: Endowed Residency in Literature, 1991

INVITED LECTURES ON ART for Museums: (since 2007)
The Nordic Center of Iceland, “Water Rising: An Art Collaboration” Reykjavik, June 3&4 2017.
Victoria & Albert Museum, London. In conjunction with the Royal College of Art, “Dialogues in Clay,” presented with filmmaker Marty Gross, June 24, 2015.
Honolulu Museum of Contemporary Art, Honolulu, HI, “Toshiko Takaezu: Island Modernism”

May 3, 2015.

Longside Gallery, Arts Council Collections, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Yorkshire, UK:Geography of the Imagination” as part of a panel on Garth Evans Sculpture Exhibition. Fellow panel Members: Jon Wood, Senior Curator, Henry Moore Institute Penelope Curtis, Director Tate Museum; Ann Compton, Art Critic, Glasgow University. March, 25, 2012.
Princeton University Art Museum,Hidden In Clay,” September 11, 2010.
Brooklyn Museum of Art, “Hudson Valley Landscape” as part of a panel titled Kindrid Spirits: Asher B. Durand and the American Landscape June 9, 2007.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER Invitations: (since 2007)
Tinker Mountain Writers Conference, Women in Clay Conference:

Hollins College, Roanoke, VA. June 10, 2015

Keynote lecture: “Apprenticeship in two Cultures: Writing and Ceramics”
Bancroft Young Writers Conference:

Worcester, MA. November 2011 Keynote lecture: “New Forms in Nonfiction”

Sarah Hull Hallock Free Library Founder’s Day Annual Speaker,

“A Family Place: Look Back,” April 14, 2011

The Genius of Place: Landscape, Identity, Memory & Loss, Panel Chair, Title of Talk:“Geographies of Knowing,” and “Ekphrasis in Action” paper, NonfictioNow Conference, University of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland. June 2-5, 2017.
I Don’t Know: The Productive uses of Not knowing in the writing process, Panel Chair , Title of Talk: “Writer as Oracle,” NonfictioNow Conference, University of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff, AZ October 31, 2015.
“Mary McCarthy: Breaking the 4th Wall in Nonfiction,” Riverteeth Annual Conference, Ashland, OH, May 2015.
Geography of the Imagination: The Island, Panel Co-Chair, Talk: “Islands of Clay: Toshiko Takaezu,” College Art Association Conference, Feb 13, 2015.
Herrings and Apples, and the Lyric Time, invited to deliver two talks at the 2012 Bedell Conference in Melbourne, NonfictioNow, Melbourne Australia, Nov 21 – 24, 2012.
October Conference: Making Connections and Cultivating Community “Opposites Attract: Connecting Science and Literature: An Experience of Embedded Librarianship,” Dartmouth College, with Barbara Merolli, College of the Holy Cross, October 18, 2013.
Exiles on Main Street: Memoir and the Far-Flung Place, paper delivered at the Bedell Conference in Nonfiction, University of Iowa, Nov 4, 2010.
In Praise of the Essay: Practice and Form, Symposium Commentator & Panelist, Fordham University English department and Creative Writing Program, April 2010.
Aftershock: What Happens When You Throw off the Veil of Fiction to render long hidden Truths? Panel Chair. Paper presented at the Association of Writers & Writing Programs Conference AWP, Conference, Chicago, March 2009.
(this paper was expanded and rewritten as the informal essay which was published in the literary journal Fourth Genre, see above)
Indra’s Net, Essay presented as part of “Giving Voice: Conference on Memoir,” Trinity College, Hartford, CT. March 29-31, 2007.
Through the Senses, a paper presented as part of a panel titled “Body as Muse”, Associated Writing Programs & Writers Conference, Austin, TX, March 2006.
Mary McCarthy: Icon Undone, a paper presented as part of a panel with Phillip Lopate and Sandi Wisenberg, titled “Mary McCarthy: A Creative Nonfiction Appreciation,” Nonfiction Now Conference, The University of Iowa, November, 2005.
Daring Truths: The role of research in novel-writing, a panel organized and convened and paper presented at the annual Association of Writers & Writing Programs AWP Conference, March 2005.
Pulling in the Real: A Workshop on Research Strategies, Opportunities, Challenges and Conundrums, panel organized and paper presented at the Bedell Conference on Nonfiction, The University of Iowa, Nov 1 - 3, 2007.
Landscape as the Confluence of Family and National Identities: A Hudson Valley Farm: Three Centuries, Five Wars, One Family, paper delivered as part of a panel organized and convened with co-organizer Cindy Ott at the American Society for Environmental History Annual Meeting. Panel title: “Family Farms, Wild Birds and Town Festivals: Thinking with Flora and Fauna in modern North America,” March 2003.

LITERARY READINGS/ TALKS: (outside Holy Cross) selected
Loko Writer’s Festival, Author Reading, SUNY Potsdam, May 4, 2017.
“On The Trapline” (new work): New Rivers Press Author Reading, Associated Writers and Writing Program (AWP) Annual Conference, Washington DC, Feb 8 -11, 2017.
Water Rising Poetry Reading Monson Library, Monson, MA June 23, 2016
Water Rising Poetry Reading Truro Library, N. Truro, Cape Cod July 5, 2016
Water Rising: Book Launch (with Garth Evans) Talk and exhibition,

Ct. Audubon Society, Pomfret, CT Oct. 3, 2015
Can Art Save Nature? (with Garth Jacob Edwards Library Evans), Southbridge,

MA, with Opacum Land Trust: Oct. 15, 2015
Poetry/New Rivers Reading, Associated Writing & Writers Conference, MN April 2015.

New Work: A Reading, Ashland University, July 2015.
An Evening with Leila Philip, Annual “Authors Night,” Day Kimball Hospital, Putnam, CT (fundraiser event raised $4,200 for hospital) Nov. 2014
James Agee and Walker Evans: A Closer Look, Craft Talk and Lecture delivered

Ashland University, July 29, 2013.

New Work, Nonfiction reading, Ashland University, July 30, 2014.
Water Rising, Poetry Reading, Ashland University, Aug 2, 2013.
Shagbark, Poetry Reading, Ashland University, August 4, 2011.
Elizabeth Bishop: In The Waiting Room, Poetry Lecture, Jacob Edwards Public Library, “Common Threads” Poetry Project, April 28, 2011
Getting Real, Country Bookshelf, Bozeman, MT, Reading/ Memoir Workshop,

March 10, 2011

Black Bowl Dreaming” (Poetry) “Wedding Dress” (Essay), Fairfield University, Jan 2, 2011
A Family Place: Epilogue” Reading / Author talk, American Association of University Women: Shoreline Branch, Spring Lecture, Feb 16 2011
Author Event: “A Family Place,” Jacob Edwards Library, Southbridge, MA

(fundraiser for library, raised $500) February 24, 2011

Memoir: The Ambush of Truth Author Reading /Featured Speaker: Putnam Historical Society, Cold Spring, NY, November 13, 2010.
A Family Place Book SUNY Book launch 2009: Readings at Oblong Books, Rhinebeck, NY; Book Expo, NYC; Maple Grove, Poughkeepsie NY; Dutchess County Fair Book Expo, Rhinebeck, NY; Dutchess County Historical Society; Columbia County Historical Society (among others)
A Family Place: One writer’s approach to research,” Worcester Women’s History Club, Worcester Public Library, February, 2008.
“unHistory: The uses of historical method in crafting Nonfiction Prose,” Stonecoast Writer’s Conference, ME, January session 2008.
Literally Nonfiction? A Writer’s Craft Talk on the role of Invention in Nonfiction Prose, a talk delivered in the Humanities Colloquium Series, Colgate University, April 3, 2001.
Talavera: Country Seat or Working Farm? a talk on the subject of farming in the romantic era landscapes of the Mid-Hudson Valley. Annual May 20, 2000.
Once a Pilgrim, a lecture on Annie Dillard’s Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, written for the “Images of Rural Life in Literature” series at the Morrisville Public Library, sponsored by the New York Council on the Humanities, April 26, 2000.
Research, Research, Research, A Writer’s Craft Talk, Chenango Writers’ Conference, Colgate University, July 1999.
Satsuma, a lecture and reading based on writing and research used in The Road Through Miyama, delivered at the Rhode Island School of Design (joint sponsorship by the English department and Asian Studies Council), April 8, 1999.
In Cold Fact, a talk exploring some of the ethical and aesthetic issues of nonfiction as seen in the work of Truman Capote and others, Wichita State University, October 15, 1999.
Creative Non-fiction, Meaning Fact or Fiction or What? A Writer’s Craft Talk on Nonfiction Prose. MFA program in creative writing at Washington University, St. Louis. November, 1998.
Factually Speaking, a writer’s craft talk: The Chenango Valley Writers’ Conference, Colgate University, July, 1996.

Riverteeth Annual Conference, July 16-17, Ashland Ohio, 2017.

Young Writers Conference, Bancroft School, Worcester, MA, Faculty Mentor, fall 2014

Common Threads, Massachusetts Poetry Project Leader, April 2011

Southbridge Public Library, Southbridge, MA, Poetry Workshop, April - June 2011

Country Bookshelf, Bozeman, Montana, Memoir Workshop, March 10, 2011

Stonecoast Low Residency MFA Program, Visiting Faculty: 2008 - 2009

Hartford Public Library, Master class: “Pulling in the Real,” March 2007

Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance, Nonfiction Workshop, September 2001

Chenango Valley Writers’ Conference, Nonfiction Workshop and Craft Talks, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2002


Includes reporting for Japan's largest newspaper, The Yomiuri Shimbun; serving as ombudsman and writing coach for The Columbus Dispatch, advising on Japan coverage; interpreting Japanese language for the Smithsonian Institution; and lecturing about Japan, and interpreting Japanese language for the New York Japan Society.

Fluent in Japanese

Water Rising Book Events organized for environmental groups including: CT Audubon, Opacum Land Trust, Sustainable Cape, 1,000 Friends of Oregon, Environmental Law Alliance and others to raise funds for environmental stewardship. $5,000.00 raised through sales of the book, Water Rising and donated to these organizations.
Young Writers Conference, Bancroft School, Worcester, MA, Faculty Mentor, fall 2014

Common Threads, Massachusetts Poetry Project Leader, April 2011

Southbridge Public Library, Southbridge, MA, Poetry Workshop, April - June 2011

Country Bookshelf, Bozeman, Montana, Memoir Workshop, March 10, 2011

Hartford Public Library, Master class: “Pulling in the Real,” March 2007

Additional Service to Profession
Readings & Talks given at the following institutions: (2000 – 2017)
Assumption College

Bennington College

Boston University

Bunting Institute at Radcliffe

Columbia University

College of the Holy Cross

Connecticut College

Drew University

Fairfield University

Harvard University

Honolulu Museum of Contemporary Art

Japan America Society of Southern California, Los Angeles

Japan America Society of Oregon, Portland

Japan America Society of the State of Washington, Seattle

Japan Society of New York, New York City

Japan Society of Northern California, San Francisco

Jefferson Community College,

92nd Street Y, New York City

New York State Historical Association, Cooperstown, NY

Princeton University

San Francisco Museum of Asian Art

Siena College

SUNY Buffalo

The Ohio State University

University of Georgia

University of Iceland, Reykjavik

University of Maine, Farmington

University of Pittsburgh

Vassar College

Victoria & Albert Museum

Washington University

Wichita State University

Women's National Book Association, New York

Yale University


2015- 2016 ( and ongoing)

Water Rising Book Events organized for environmental groups including: CT Audubon, Opacum Land Trust, Sustainable Cape, 1,000 Friends of Oregon, Environmental Law Alliance and others to raise funds for environmental stewardship. $5,000.00 raised through sales of the book, Water Rising and donated to these organizations.
2007 – 2012

Board of Education, Woodstock, CT (bi-monthly meetings) 2007- 2008

Participated in fundraising events for breast cancer and cancer research: Ride for the Cure, 2012;

The Danskin Triathalon for Breast Cancer Research, 2009, 2010; Relay for Life 2008 - 2012

2009 – 2015

Participated in community fundraising events by volunteering as the invited speaker for the following organizations: Southbridge library, Southbridge, MA, Day Kimball Hospital,Putnam, CT, (raised $3,500) Ct. Audubon, Pomfret CT

2007 – 2014

Delivered the following writing workshops without the usual honorarium as a community contribution. (Note: These 5 are included under invited workshops, but also listed here as my work and time was donated in the spirit of community service).

Young Writers Conference, Bancroft School, Worcester, MA, Faculty Mentor, fall 2014

Common Threads, Massachusetts Poetry Project Leader, April 2011

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