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Creating and debating the Anzac Legend

Learning Intention

Be able to evaluate the evidence to form an opinion about historical events [about the Gallipoli campaign and the Anzac legend that exists today]


Using a range of primary and secondary sources (examples listed below), write an essay that debates the Anzac legend.

Essay topic: Is the Anzac legend justified?

Success criteria

  • accurate and insightful reference to at least 2 primary sources and 2 secondary sources

  • clear construction of a point of view throughout the essay:

  • development of ideas in each paragraph (at least 4 relevant and purposeful sentences per body paragraph)

  • proper quoting and referencing of the source material


  • Gallipoli documentary, narrated by Jeremy Irons and Sam Neil

  • Beneath Hill 60 movie ‘faction’ – fictional stories based on factual events

  • Excerpt from Ellis Bartlett-Ashmead’s newspaper article

  • Excerpt from Charles’ Bean’s book The Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-1918

  • records of casualty numbers: deaths and wounded. Remember to take into account those who died from battle, those who died from diseases, and those who died from other conditions such as the fires, flooding, and hypothermia

  • other

Marking Rubric

Above Year 9 Standard

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