Laxmi Dulal Professor, Madav Kefley

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Laxmi Dulal

Professor, Madav Kefley

24 April 2012

Internet Addiction: Its negative effect on teenagers

In the 21st century, technology has been developed and it has influenced people in many ways. People use technology for different reasons, like communication, work, social activities, etc. One of the most widely used technologies is the internet. According to, an internet is “a vast computer network linking smaller computer networks in worldwide… The internet includes commercials, educational, government, and other networks, all of which use the same set of communication protocols” ( Due to the development of internet technology, we are able to communicate with many people; also we are able to do different activities like take online educational classes, chat online, make friends, enjoy entertainment, and do different kinds of online shopping. Today it seems to be that the internet is used by all groups of people mostly to send email, search for personal interests, play games and sports and so on.

However, it is good for many reason it is also the world problem today. “Some children and teens are more likely than their peers to become addicted to the Internet, and a new study suggests it's more likely to happen if kids are depressed, hostile, or have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or social phobia” (Amanda). In this advanced era of technology internet addiction is becoming more noticeable worldwide. As many people think internet is very beneficial for the society it is really affected in teenagers. Although internet has many positive things to do with, it may cause negative effect in teenagers. Therefore, teen agers should reduce use excessive amount of internet today.

Using excessive amount of internet has been drags many problems in social and academic life of the teenagers. Many teenagers spend most of their time in social networking which takes them away from social life. As they engage most of their time in social networking and entertainment as well it also created problems in academic of many teenagers students. Due to internet catch once eye it also created health related problems in teenagers like sight effect and vision problems.

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