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Resigned Cabinet Ministers Portfolio

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Resigned Cabinet Ministers Portfolio

S.M. Krishna External Affairs

Ambika Soni Information and Broadcasting

Mukul Wasnik Tourism

Mahadev Khandela Minister of State Justice and Empowerment

27. President Pranab Mukherjee released a commemorative postage stamp on late

Ramgopal Maheshwari : President Pranab Mukherjee released a commemorative

postage stamp on late Ramgopal Maheshwari on 20 November 2012.

28. Arvind Kejriwal launches Aam Admi Party : Arvind Kejriwal announced the name for

his newly launched party as “Aam Admi Party” on 24 November 2012 in New Delhi.

29. Bangalore among top polluted megacities in the world : India’s silicone valley

Bangalore was rated among top polluted megacities in the world, claims a new study,

using data collected by NASA’s high-tech satellites.Scientists at Tel Aviv University tracked

pollution trends for 189 megacities, including Mumbai, New York City and Tokyo, by

analysing eight years’ worth of data from three of NASA’s high-tech aerosol monitoring


30. Sexual Assault a Gender-Neutral Offence Bill Passed by Lok Sabha : The Criminal

Law (Amendment) Bill, replacing the word ‘rape’ by the phrase ‘sexual assault’ and seeking

to widen the scope of the offence passed by Lok Sabha on 4 December. Both men and

women could soon be able to invoke the provisions of a criminal law in case of sexual

assault .The amendment bill expands the definition so that cases of sexual assault where

victims were male would fall under the same law along with cases where victims were


31. Cabinet Approved Naval Base Phase II of Project “Seabird “ : On 7 December The

Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) cleared a Rs 13,500 crore major expansion plan of

the strategic Karwar naval base Phase II Alpha of the project “Seabird “in Karnataka is set

to become the country’s biggest Naval base by 2025. The Karwar naval base is India’s

third major naval base after Mumbai and Visakhapatnam on the east coast.

32. Over 7 Crore Unemployed Youth in India : According to the National Sample Survey

Office (NSSO) report an approximate 7 crore youth people in India are either unemployed

or under-employed. The figures were revealed by Labour and Employment Minister

Mallikarjun Kharge in Rajya Sabha.”As per results of the latest survey conducted by NSSO

during 2009-10, the number of unemployed or under-employed persons on usual status

basis in the country was 95 lakhs and about six crore respectively.

33. Rajya Sabha Passed SC/ST Quota Bill : A Constitution 117th amendment bill providing

for quota for SCs and STs in government job promotions was on December 17 passed by

Rajya Sabha.

34. Unlawful Activities Amendment Bill Passed by Rajya Sabha : On 20 December

Parliament passed a bill that makes economic offences, including circulation of high

quality counterfeit currency, a terrorist act.The Rajya Sabha passed Unlawful Activities

(Prevention) Amendment Bill, 2012 by voice vote while several parties. The bill was

already passed by Lok Sabha.

35. LokSabha Approved Company Bill 2011 : On 18 December Lok Sabha passed the

Companies Bill 2011 paving the way for a new modern company law.The Bill is aimed at

improving corporate governance. It contains provisions to strengthen regulations for

corporate as well as auditing firms.

36. Banking Bill passed by Lok Sabha : The Banking Laws Amendment Bill, 2011, have

been passed in the Lok Sabha on 20 December .The amendments pave the way for the

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to issue new bank licences, and also opens door for more

foreign investment into the sector.

37. Usha Mehra commission for Delhi incident victim Nirbhaya’s Case : A female

physiotherapy intern student Nirbhaya beaten and gang raped in Delhi on 16 December

and died on 29 December while undergoing emergency treatment in Singapore for brain

and gastrointestinal damage from the assault.The government has formed a committee of

enquiry under justice Usha Mehra to reconstruct the events leading to the incident identify

lapses by police and other agencies and fix responsibility for the crime.

38. Microsoft Launches 14 Innovation Centres in India : Microsoft Corporation (India)

Pvt. Ltd had launched 14 Microsoft Innovation Centres (MICs) in India. It has signed

agreements with leading academic institutions across four States.As part of the global

programme, which currently has 75 MICs, Microsoft aims to launch a 100 such centres in

India in the next two years.

39. Govt Launched Direct Cash Transfer Scheme in 20 Districts : On 1 January 2013

The government launched its scaled down Cash Transfer Benefit (CBT) in 20 districts,but

food, fertiliser and fuel subsidies will not be covered in the initial phase. All 26 schemes are

ready for rollout. On 1 January 2013 the seven schemes in which payout is due in the (20

selected) districts, the money will be transferred through the direct benefit transfer system

using the UIDAI platform.The scheme is going to be rolled out in 43 districts by 1 March

2013, 20 districts from January 1, 11 districts from February 1 and 12 districts from March

1. By end of 2013, the direct cash benefit transfer will be rolled out in all the districts of

the country.

40. PA Sangma launched National People’s Party : PA Sangma, who broke away with

the NCP in 2012 to contest the presidential elections, though unsuccessfully, on 05

January 2013 launched National People’s Party (NPP), and chosen a book as its symbol.

Sangma has chosen to align his party with the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA).

41. President Released Stamps on Swami Vivekananda : On 12 January The President,

Shri Pranab Mukherjee released the Commemorative Postage Stamps, at the

Commemoration of the 150th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, in New Delhi .

42. Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) 2012 : On 17 January According to the

Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) 2012 report has found that learning levels have

dipped to an all-time low. So, almost half the 6-7 year-olds (Class I) in India cannot read

even one letter in any language, over 57% cannot read any English while almost 40%

cannot recognize numbers between 1 and 9.The 12.8% children between Class I and V

could not read a single letter while 10.7% could not recognize numbers 1 to 9. The

number of children in Class V who could read Class II text fell from 53.7% in 2010 to

46.8% in 2012. In 2010, seven out of 10 children could solve a two-digit subtraction

problem with borrowing. This has come down to five out of 10 in 2012.


1. Orissa is the first state to provide e-payment : facility for government employees

Orissa became the First Indian state to provide epayment facility for government

employees from 1 August 2012.Now, the government employees in the state will receive

their salaries and pensions

through the online Portal of Reserve Bank of India.Employees received their salaries and

pensions directly to their bank account.

2. Keshubhai Patel launched Gujarat Parivartan (GPP) Party : Former Chief Minister of

Gujarat, Keshubhai Patel launched Gujarat Parivartan (GPP) Party on 6 August 2012.

Keshubhai Patel and the former union textile minister Kanshiram Rana resigned from

Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) on 4 August 2012. This Party would contest all the 182 seats in

Gujarat assembly elections which will be held by the end of 2012.

3. Himachal Bagged top slot in Environment Index :Environment Performance

Index(EPI)-2012 compiled on July Month.According to the Survey Report conducted across

all 28 states and 7 Union territories, the EPI is an Indication of the “ Environmental wellbeing

of a state”. Himachal

bagged first and Andhra Pradesh bagged Second. The rankings, the report added, have

been decided based on five broad parameters: air pollution, forests, water quality, waste

management and climate change.

4. MJP merges with Keshubhai party : The anti-Narendra Modi factions in the Bharatiya

Janata Party(BJP)in Gujarat under one umbrella, the Mahagujarat Janata Party(MJP),

formed five years ago, was on 8 August 2012 merged with the Gujarat Parivartan

Party(GPP) formed by the former Chief Minister and Mr. Modi’s arch rival Keshubhai Patel.

5. Maharashtra bans Bt cotton seeds : The Maharashtra government has banned the sale

and distribution of the genetically modified Bt cotton seeds of Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds

Company (Mahyco), a partner of US multinational Monsanto, in the state with immediate

effect for supplying inferior quality seeds. “The government has banned the Mahyco

company with immediate effect,”

agriculture commissioner Umakant Dangat told IANS(Indo-Asia News Service) 9 August


when asked about the canceling of the company’s license.

6. Haryana to ban food articles containing Nicotine and Tobacco : Haryana

government will impose a complete banon food articles containing nicotine and tobacco

from 2012 August 15.

7. House Sparrow declared “State Bird of Delhi” : The good old house sparrow, which is

becoming rarer by the day, has been declared “State Bird of Delhi” by Chief Minister Sheila

Dikshit as part of a new campaign to save the species and enhance awareness about their

life and habitat.High court imposed a fine of Rs.5000 rupees to State Government for the

appointment of DGP

8. The State Government challenged the Central : Administrative Tribunal(CAT) order in

the High Court. Ironically for the State, the High Court imposed a fine of Rs 5,000 on the

government, while declaring the appointment of Dinesh Reddy in the post of DGP as


9. Drug Trial Related Deaths Highest in Maharastra : According to data released by the

Drug Controller General of India Maharastra has recorded the maximum deaths number of

deaths due to serious adverse events (SAEs) during drug trials, while Madhya Pradesh saw

the least number of such deaths.During the 49 months period (January 2008 to January

2012) , the country had recorded the 2,061 drug trial related deaths. while maharastra

recorded maximum number of deaths 268 deaths to stand first among top five states.It is

followed by Andhra Pradesh (153), Delhi/National Capital Region (97), Gujarat (87) and

Karnataka (78). The number of deaths in Maharashtra was over 10 times that of Madhya

Pradesh, which is the lowest among the top 10 States. :

10. Delhi launched the Kerosene-free Delhi scheme : Delhi Government set to launch an

ambitious scheme(Kerosene-free Delhi scheme ) on 21st August 2012 under which 3.56

lakh households will get LPG cylinder and a gas stove free of cost.

11. Punjab Approves Rs.93crore Milk Production Scheme : The Punjab Government has

started a special programme to increase the milk production in the state by spending

Rs.93crore during 2012-13. This was announced by Dairy Development Minister Gulzar

Singh Ranike. Punjab government has bought 3 lakh doses of foreign semen from America

and Canada for improvement of cow breeds in the state.

12. Uttarakhand Cabinet increases age limit for jobs : Uttarakhand Cabinet the maximum

age limit for government jobs had been increased from 35 to 40 years for general category

candidates from 21 August 2012 onwords.Candidates belonging to other categories would

also get the benefit of the decision accordingly.

13. ‘Odisha tops in FDI proposals; Andhra, Gujarat next’ : Odisha attracted the largest

value of investments from foreign direct investment (FDI) proposals filed in 2011-12,

followed by Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat.Odisha garnered 27 per cent of the total

investments (worth about Rs 49,527 crore), though barely 17 FDI proposals were filed

for the State. Andhra Pradesh ranked second with a share of about 19 per cent through

about 70 proposals, attracting investment worth about Rs 33,936 crore.Gujarat, which

received 131 FDI proposals, ranked third with a share of over 11 per cent attracting

proposed investment worth Rs 20,258 crore.

14. Jaane Apna Rajasthan’ scheme for NRIs : The Rajasthan Government on 27 Aug

launched a scheme aimed at making the young non-resident Indians(NRIs) familiar, with

the culture and traditions of the state under the ‘ Jaane Apna Rajasthan’(Know your

Rjasthan)scheme announced by the chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. According to this scheme

the NRIs who visit Rajasthan will be taken around” historical places, tourist

attractions,sanctuaries,famous educational institutions, ancestral villages and major

Industrial projects” will be shown to them . :

15. HC(High Court) fixes quota in local bodies at 50 percent : The AP High Court on 04

September 2012 ruled that the combined reservations for Backward Classes, Scheduled

Castes and Scheduled Tribes in the Panchayat Raj local bodies should not exceed the

upper ceiling of 50 per cent.The court directed the state to cut the quota for BCs and bring

the cumulative figure down to 50 per cent. :

16. Bill for special status for six districts in Hyderabad-Karnataka region introduced :

In the Lok Sabha on 7th September 2012 ,Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde introduced

a Bill to amend the Constitution and thus provide a special status to the Hyderabad-

Karnataka region , under a new Article 371(J).Once it is approved by Parliament the

Hyderabad-Karnataka region covering six backwards districts – Bidar, Gulbarga, Koppal,

Yadgir, Raichur and Bellary – will get more central funds for development and will be on

par with the Telananga region of Andhra Pradesh. Besides, there will be reservation in jobs

and education for the locals. :

17. Supreme Court issues notice to Tamil Nadu government on 69 per cent

reservation : The Supreme Court 10th September 2012 issued a notice to Tamil Nadu

government on a petition challenging the constitutional validity of the 69 per cent

reservation by the state government in employment and educational institutions. The

petition, filed by students, challenged the government’s decision to exceed the 50 per cent

limit in reservation mandated by the Mandal Commission judgement.The ten student

petitioners from Tamil Nadu had approached the Court after failing to secure admission to

the Medical College despite having secured 198/200.

18. Punjab government amends Canal and Drainage Act : The offence of “theft of canal

water” can now attract both fine and 6 months imprisonment after an amendment in the

law relating to canals and drainage.Punjab Irrigation Minister, Janmeja Singh Sekhon

informed that the Punjab government has amended section 70 of the Act for this. :

19. NHRC issues notice to Maharashtra over farm suicides: The National Human Rights

Commission (NHRC) has sought a reply from the Maharashtra government over seven

farm suicides that took place last week within a span of 72 hours in the state’s Vidarbha

region.A total of 528 farmers have committed suicide in the Vidarbha region between Jan 1

and Sep 2 this year.

20. Ban on gutka in Delhi comes into effect : A blanket ban on manufacturing, sale,

storage and display of all gutka products in the national capital came into effect from 13th

September 2012. States like Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Kerala, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh and

Bihar have already announced ban on gutka products. A similar comprehensive ban came

into effect in Gujarat from 12th September 2012.

21. Haryana government institute awards for women : Haryana government has

instituted four state-level awards to felicitate women who have done outstanding work in

different fields. These are 1.Indira Gandhi Mahila Shakti Award(given to those engaged in

promoting self help groups or women empowerment initiatives, established their own

business or industry and have contributed to development of women besides

entrepreneurship and done exemplary work in public service.) 2.Kalpna Chawla Shaurya

Award(who perform acts of bravery and meritorious services) 3.Bahin Shano Devi

Panchayti Raj Award(exemplary work in promoting female literacy, health and nutrition,

universalisation of education, sanitation, water, hygiene and other health determinants)

and 4.Life time Achievers Award( given to woman of 60 years of age or above, who has

excelled in administrative skills, career or profession, leadership quality, courage and

creative work) and Women Outstanding Achievers Award(women who have done

commendable work in their respective fields)

22. Door-to-door cancer campaign in Punjab : Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal

sanctioned the “biggest ever” door-to-door campaign for a symptoms-based early

detection and awareness about cancer.At least 50,000 personnel and volunteers would

visit 54 lakh households in 12,603 villages and 217 census towns, for the exercise that

begins in Faridkot district on October 2.

23. In Goa Housewives with family income less than Rs 3 lakh to get Rs 1000 to fight

inflation : Housewives in Goa just got a breather from rising inflation, the Bharatiya

Janata Party (BJP)-led coalition government on 2nd October 2012 launched a scheme to

provide an allowance of Rs 1,000 a month to housewives in households whose annual

incomes are less than Rs 3 lakh.

24. EC announces dates for assembly polls in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh :The

Election Commission on 3rd October 2012 announced dates for Gujarat and Himachal

Pradesh Assembly elections. While Gujarat will have elections in two phases – December

13 and 17, Himachal Pradesh will vote on November 4. The counting for both the assembly

elections will take place on December 20.

25. UP government announces ban on gutka industry from April 2013 : On 3rd October

2012 Uttar Pradesh government decided to impose a ban on gutka industry in the state

with effect from April 2013.

26. Supreme Court bans mining activities in Goa : In Goa, the Supreme Court imposed a

complete ban on the mining activities as well as transportation of iron and manganese ore

on 5th October 2012.

27. Arvind Kejriwal launches ‘bijli-paani satyagraha’ in Delhi : Activist Arvind Kejriwal

on 6th Octomber 2012 launched a ‘bijli-paani satyagraha’ in Delhi to protest against

“inflated” power and water bills and hike in tariffs by restoring electricity connection to the

household of a labourer which was disconnected for non-payment of bills.

28. EC fiat to Himachal Pradesh : On 7th October 2012 The Election Commission (EC)

stopped the BJP government in Himachal Pradesh from distributing free PDS bags carrying

photographs of former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

29. Maharashtra tribals demand ban on alcohol : Tribal women from Maharashtra’s

Chandrapur have sent 80,000 postcards to Chief Miniter Prithviraj Chavan asking to make

the district liquor-free.

30. UPRVUNL, NLC to set up thermal plant at Ghatampur : The UP Rajya Vidyut Utpadan

Nigam Ltd (UPRVUNL) and the central government PSU Neyveli Lignite Corporation Ltd

(NLCL) signed a joint venture agreement (JVA) to set up a 2,000 MW thermal power plant

at Ghatampur (Kanpur) on 7th October 2012 .

31. Union Government ruled out the decision of Cauvery River Authority : Decision of the

Cauvery River Authority was ruled out by the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on 8

October 2012. The Prime Minister ordered Karnataka to release 9000 cusecs of water to

Tamil Nadu every day, till 20 October 2012.

32. Railways put 400 CCTVs at 10 stations to improve security system : The Delhi

division of Northern Railway authorities have completed the installation of 400 CCTVs at

10 stations with Rs. 20 crore to ensure better security and mobility at its stations.Only in

the New Delhi Railway station they installed more than 100 CCTV cameras as part of an

integrated security system (ISS).

33. President’s son Abhijit Mukherjee wins Jangipur Lok Sabha by-poll : Abhijit

Mukherjee, son of President Pranab Mukherjee and Congress candidate, on 13th October

2012 won the Jangipur Lok Sabha by-election by 2,536 votes defeating the CPI-M rival

Muzaffar Hussain. :

34. Union Power Ministry gave its Nod to Implement Islanding Scheme in Delhi : The

Union Power Minister Veerapa Moily on 17 October 2012 announced the implementation of

Islanding Scheme for Delhi by January 2013 to protect it from massive disruptions caused

due to grid failures in power supply. The scheme of Delhi is different to that of the existing

ones in cities like Mumbai and Kolkata because the transmission lines of different states is

routed through Delhi.

35. Haryana to give Rs.11,000 to couples at mass weddings : The Haryana Government

has announced on 20th October 2012 that it will give Rs.11,000 to each newly wedding

couple at a mass marriage.

36. Uttarakhand Named best Performing States in terms of Environmental standards

: The state of Uttarakhand on 29 October 2012 tops the Environmental Performance Index

(EPI) list of being best-performing States and Union territories in terms of environmental

well-being released by Planning Commission.

37. 50% reservation for women in Assam Panchayat Elections : The Assam State

Election Commission has announced 50 per cent reservation of seats for women in the

forthcoming panchayat polls as stated by State Election Commissioner Biren Dutta on 9th

November 2012

38. Chain of static sensors positioned along the coast of Andhra Pradesh : Union

Minister of State for Defence Jitendra Kumar inaugurated a chain of static sensors

positioned along the coast of Andhra Pradesh at a programme organised at the Coast

Guard district headquarters Visakhapatnam on 23 November 2012.This will improve

surveillance along coast.

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