Language Assessment and Numeracy Test

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Language Assessment and Numeracy Test

During the assessment session/selection day you will be required sit the following literacy and numeracy tests to assess your language and numeracy skills.

The tests will be sat under exam conditions and will last 120 minutes.

In the set questions we will provide you with questions to answer which will allow you to demonstrate your aptitude for your chosen field of nursing.

Please note:

Calculators can be used in the numeracy test, although these will not be provided.

Only conventional calculators can be used in the assessments, any other devices should not be used as a calculator, this includes mobile phones, which must be switched off during the assessments.
If you require additional time for the assessments due to disability, dyslexia or on-going medical condition please provide us with written evidence of this at registration.
You may find the following websites useful in preparing for the tests:






Sample numeracy questions

1: A patient's pulse rate is 60 beats in 30 seconds - what would it be in 1 minute?
2: From 9am to 1pm Mr Khan drank 750mls. From 1pm to midnight he drank 400ml. How much did he drink in total?
3: Mrs Donald needs to receive 900ml of fluid in total over 12 hours. How many ml should she receive each hour?
4: What is 1.24 litres in ml?
5: Mr Peters has been prescribed an antibiotic - he is required to take 500mg twice a day for 7 days. How many grams of the antibiotic would he have taken at the end of the 7 days?

Sample language assessment questions (multiple choice)

  1. University students sometimes ……… part time
    a) studies
    b) study
    c) are studying

  1. He …………. studying but that changed when he came to City University!
    a) enjoyed not
    b) had not enjoyed
    c) had not been enjoying

  1. This time next year I ………. in a hospital
    a) will work
    b) will have worked
    c) will be working

  1. There aren't ……… students available who can work outside London.
    a) much
    b) many
    c) lots

  1. ……… has been done on this topic.
    a) A useful research
    b) Useful research
    c) The useful research

  1. City University has released some ……… data about obesity amongst school children in Tower Hamlets.
    a) worry
    b) worrying
    c) worried

  1. ……… women stay at home than 100 years ago.
    a) Few
    b) Less
    c) Fewer

  1. She got a very high mark in the exam so she ……… the exam very difficult.
    a) didn't find
    b) can't have found
    c) mustn't have found

  1. ……… these figures, more people are now living longer in the UK.
    a) Supposedly
    b) Apparently
    c) According to

  1. I allowed ……… my course book.
    a) her to borrow
    b) her borrowing
    c) her borrow

  1. If I had finished the essay last night, ………
    a) I'd be able to go out with you now
    b) I'm able to go out with you now
    c) I'll be able to go out with you now

  1. Do you have any experience ……… giving injections?
    a) on
    b) for
    c) of

  1. City University ……… has over 23,000 students from 156 countries.
    a) which was founded in 1894
    b) , which was founded in 1894,
    c) , that was founded in 1894,

  1. The needs of the patient ……… in this essay
    a) will be discussed
    b) discuss
    c) will be discuss

  1. ……… there has been a rise in profits this year, the company is still losing money.
    a) Because
    b) Although
    c) So

  1. Following a bee sting, the normal ……… is burning pain, redness, irritation and itching.
    a) react
    b) reaction
    c) reacting


Numeracy answers

1: 120 beats per minute

2: 1150 ml

3: 75 ml/hour

4: 1240 ml

5: 7 grams

Literacy answers

1: b) study

2: b) had not enjoyed

3: c) will be working

4: b) many

5: b) Useful research

6: b) worrying

7: c) Fewer

8: b) can't have found

9: c) According to

10: a) her to borrow

11: a) I'd be able to go out with you now

12: c) of

13: b) , which was founded in 1894,

14: a) will be discussed

15: b) Although

16: b) reaction

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