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Language Arts Binder
Table of Contents



Section 1: Current projects

  • This is where you store the prewrite, drafts, and any other materials needed for whatever project or essay we are currently working on.  It all stays in one place so that it doesn't get lost!

Section 2: Completed Drafts

  • You will keep your completed final drafts in this section. These drafts have not been corrected by your teacher, but it is necessary to keep them in sheet protectors for future work. A few times per semester, you will go through the recent work from this section to pick an essay or project to revise for a final grade.

  • 5 sheet protectors

Section 3: Graded Work & District Prompts

  • This section is for any essays or paragraphs that have received feedback and/or a final grade from the teacher.  You will be able to track your progress and set goals for improvement from this section.

  • 5 sheet protectors

Section 4: Resources

Section 5: Past Quick Writes/Brainstorms

  • Often we will start class with a quick writing prompt or brainstorming activity.  Keep these papers in here to use as ideas for later writing and occasionally to be graded.

1. Label each of your tabs with the above (either section names or numbers)

2. Place the appropriate number of sheet protectors in each section.  You may move them around later as needed.
3. Write your first and last name in permanent marker on the spine of your binder.  This makes it easy for your binder to be found on the shelf.
4. Check this list to make sure that you have included everything you need.
5. Present your completed binder with this table of contents at the beginning to your teacher.
6. Decorate your binder with cool designs if you have time.
Directory: cms -> lib05 -> WA01919490 -> Centricity -> Domain
lib05 -> Hspa writing Prompts Expository Essay hspa practice
lib05 -> Topic: As we read Homer’s epic poem, The Odyssey, we are looking at the parallels between the ancient Greek story of Odysseus and our own lives. The epic journey taken by Odysseus is representative of the journeys we all take in life
lib05 -> Begin well in advance, at least 4 weeks before the application is due
lib05 -> Acrostic Poem
lib05 -> Multiple-choice
lib05 -> Cracking the College Essay
lib05 -> Italian 111 Language Level I three Credits Class meets Monday- friday; 40 minutes each day
lib05 -> Italian 112 Language Level II three Credits Class meets Monday- friday; 40 minutes each day
Domain -> Class Date "The Diary of Anne Frank"
Domain -> Spelling bee word List grip bore taco

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