Krishnasamy college of education for women, manapattu, puducherry

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Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

and Submission of Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) in Accredited Institutions


An Autonomous Institution of the University Grants Commission

P. O. Box. No. 1075, Opp: NLSIU, Nagarbhavi, Bangalore - 560 072 India

The Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) of the IQAC
All NAAC accredited institutions will submit an annual self-reviewed progress report to NAAC, through its IQAC. The report is to detail the tangible results achieved in key areas, specifically identified by the institutional IQAC at the beginning of the academic year. The AQAR will detail the results of the perspective plan worked out by the IQAC. The AQAR period for the Academic Year. July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017)
Part – A

Krishnasamy College of Education for Women
1.Details of the Institution

1.1 Name of the Institution                               

Varkalodai Area

1.2 Address Line 1

Manapattu Village

Address Line 2

Bahour Commune




607 402

Pin Code

Institution e-mail address

9442577394, 9488651394

Contact Nos.

Dr. R. Muthumanickam

Name of the Head of the Institution:

0413- 2615394

Tel. No. with STD Code:



Dr.G. Manjula

Name of the IQAC Co-ordinator:



IQAC e-mail address:

1.3 NAAC Track ID (For ex. MHCOGN 18879)

1.4 NAAC Executive Committee No. &Date:

EC/60/A&A/089 dated 05-07-2012

(For Example EC/32/A&A/143 dated 3-5-2004.

This EC available in the right corner-bottom

of your institution’s Accreditation Certificate)

1.5Website address:

Web-link of the AQAR:

For ex.

1.6Accreditation Details





Year of Accreditation

Validity Period


1st Cycle




4th July 2017


2nd Cycle






3rd Cycle






4th Cycle





1.7Date of Establishment of IQAC: DD/MM/YYYY


1.8AQAR for the year (for example 2010-11)

1.9Details of the previous year’s AQAR submitted to NAAC after the latest Assessment and Accreditation by NAAC ((for example AQAR 2010-11submitted to NAAC on 12-10-2011)

  1. AQAR2012-13 submitted to NAAC on 04/07/2017

  2. AQAR2013-14 submitted to NAAC on 04/07/2017

  3. AQAR2014-15 submitted to NAAC on 04/07/2017

  4. AQAR2015-16 submitted to NAAC on 04/07/2017

1.10Institutional Status

University State Central Deemed Private

Affiliated College Yes No

Constituent College Yes No

Autonomous college of UGC Yes No

Regulatory Agency approved Institution Yes No (NCTE – SRC - Bangalore)



Type of Institution Co-education Men Women

Urban Rural Tribal

Financial Status Grant-in-aid UGC 2(f) UGC 12B

Grant-in-aid +Self Financing Totally Self-financing

1.11Type of Faculty/Programme

Arts Science Commerce Law PEI (Phys Edu)

TEI (Edu) Engineering Health Science Management


Others (Specify)

Pondicherry University
1.12Name of the Affiliating University (for the Colleges)

1.13 Special status conferred by Central/ State Government-- UGC/CSIR/DST/DBT/ICMR etc


Autonomy by State/Central Govt. / University


University with Potential for Excellence UGC-CPE



DST Star Scheme UGC-CE



UGC-Special Assistance Programme DST-FIST



UGC-Innovative PG programmes Any other (Specify)


UGC-COP Programmes

2.IQAC Composition and Activities

2.1No. of Teachers

2.2No. of Administrative/Technical staff

2.3No. of students


2.4No. of Management representatives

2.5No. of Alumni      

2. 6No.of any other stakeholder and

community representatives

2.7 No. of Employers/ Industrialists      


2.8 No. of other External Experts

2.9 Total No. of members

2.10No. of IQAC meetings held 2



2.11 No. of meetings with various stakeholders: No. Faculty



Non-Teaching Staff Students Alumni Others

2.12Has IQAC received any funding from UGC during the year? Yes No

If yes, mention the amount

2.13. Seminars and Conferences (only quality related)



(i) No. of Seminars/Conferences/ Workshops/Symposia organized by the IQAC

Total Nos. International National State Institution Level

(ii) Themes

“EDUCATION IN THE DIGITAL WORLD”, National Seminar on 31st March 2017

    • Sub theme :1 Learning and Teaching in the Digital World

    • Sub theme: 2 evaluations in the Digital World

    • Sub theme :3 Educational Management in the Digital World

    • Sub theme: 4 Financial Management in the Digital World

“GURU - KUL 2017”, In-Service Orientation programme on Innovative Skills - Two days -29th& 30th May 2017 – 250 teachers benefited.

2.14Significant Activities and contributions made by IQAC

  • IQAC organised awareness program on the topic “Run for Rio” as directed by UGC & Puducherry Govt. The purpose of this rally was to encourage the Indian champions to win in the Olympic game in Rio and to encourage Youth in India on 12.08.2016

  • 70th Independence Day Celebration in the college campus was organised under IQAC. Dr. Alok Mohanty Associate Professor, Mahathma Gandhi Medical College, Puducherry and Dr.R. Kannan, CEO offered the special address on 15.08.2016.

  • The 12th year Inaugural Function was held on 17th August 2016 in the college campus. The invited chief guest on that special day was Mr. P.T. Sethuraman, the Co-ordinator of KMMHSS, Cuddalore who delivered the special address.

  • The teachers’ day was celebrated on 5th Sept. 2016 in a grand manner both in the college as well as in the KMHHS School Cuddalore. The Management, the Principals, the Staff members and the Student-teachers took part in this important events. The chief guest Prof. Dr. S. Prabu Shankar, HOD (i/c), Dept. of Education, Govt. Institute of Advanced Study in Education, Chennai, delivered the Special Address. The Senior teachers and high achievers were honoured with mementos & prizes.

  • A Continuous Awareness Program on “Swachh Puducherry” from 11th August 2016 to 15th January 2017.

  • Awareness program on “Dengue & Chikungunya” was conducted on 26th Sept. 2016

  • Saraswathi Pooja was celebrated to promote spiritual values among the student-teachers. The College Executive Director Dr.M. Sireesha Kannan took part in the event. The Student-teachers exhibited their talents in the “Kolu” competition 10th Oct 2016.

  • The Review Meeting for Second year B.Ed. Student-teachers was held in the college campus on 21st Oct. 2016. In that meeting, the student-teachers shared their views and experiences and also got clarification for the doubts regarding teaching practice and records.

  • Swachh Barath – Swachh Puducherry movement all the students and faculty members were involved in close link with Pondicherry University, Dept. of higher and Technical Education, Bahour Commune and Lieutenant Governor Secretariat Govt. of Puducherry – Varkalodai and Kanniakoil areas adopted – Cleaning work and awareness creation activities were undertaken once in every week. A door to door survey was conducted on “Open Defecation and Polythene Usage” in Varkalodai area – 22 Oct. 2016 – the finding and report of the survey were sent to the above Govt. authorities and University.

  • The faculty and Student in-charge for Gender Championship organised a variety of programmes and maintained exhibits regarding Women. - “Your Contribution in the development of Women” on 25th Oct 2016

  • Lecture Series “Qualities of a Good Gender Champion” for students were organised from 2nd Nov. to 04th Nov. 2016 – Women Rights, Women Freedom, Women Safety & Protection and Women as a Role Model were discussed.

  • Democratic Student council is successfully functioning in the college - Students’ Representative & Office Bearer Election for I & II year B.Ed. Student-teachers were conducted on 10th Nov.2016 and on the same evening new council was constituted all the members and office bearers took charge.

  • Organised a special training on “Green School, Home Garden and Organic Vegetable Production” on 25th Nov 2016 by expert

  • A Program on “Online Banking” was organised on 28th Nov.2016

  • An Awareness Program on “Sexual Harassment” was conducted on 20th Dec. 2016.

  • Special training on Vittiya Saksharta Abhiyan (VISAKA) - digitally enabled cashless economic system) conducted twice and 72 benefited in January 2017.

  • The 67th Republic Day Celebration was celebrated. Dr.R. Kannan CEO of the college delivered the special address on 26 January 2017.

  • International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8th March 2017. IQAC and Indian Medical Association jointly celebrated the Women’s Day with Great Spirit. IMA conducted various completions such as vegetable craving, cooking, essay writing, elocution and more for Women Empowerment and the prizes were distributed to commemorate on the day

  • Organised “Women Empowerment Programme” in collaboration with Social Welfare Department, Govt. of Tamilnadu, Cuddalore in the month of March 2017.

  • Organized the one-day National Seminar, EDUCATION IN THE DIGITAL WORLD, on 31st March 2017 – 97 papers presented, 160 delegate participated.

    • Sub theme :1 Learning and Teaching in the Digital World

    • Sub theme: 2 evaluations in the Digital World

    • Sub theme :3 Educational Management in the Digital World

    • Sub theme: 4 Financial Management in the Digital World

  • Published articles in the National level peer reviewed Journal “Journal of Innovation in Education and Psychology” – Vol 06 no.10 March 2017 with ISSN: 2249-1481 - Special issue for the National Seminar proceedings - “Education in the Digital world” conducted 31st March 2017.

  • Three Day Yoga Training was organised from 11/04/2017 to 13/04/2017 in collaboration with Heartfulness Yoga Centre, Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation, Cuddalore Centre. All the students and faculty members were benefited.

  • Intramural Sports Competitions were conducted from 27th April to 5th May 2017 in Indoor (Chess, Carrom) and Out Door (Throw ball, Tennikoit,), games. Track (100, 200, 400, 400x 100 mts relay) and field events (Long jump, Shotput, Discus, Javelin), and the prizes were awarded to the winners.

  • A number of cultural competitions were conducted on 4th and 5th May 2017 for the students to encourage participation and showcase their talents in the areas of solo singing, dance, fancy dress competition, rangoli and flower arrangement and more.

  • Organized Special program for Placement and requested from various schools to appear for on the spot interview for placement were considered. 20 students got appointment in 10 schools.

  • Organized Campus Interview – 3 schools participated - 9 student teachers were selected in the month of April & May 2017.

  • Organized in-service programme – “GURU-KUL 2017” for faculty members and school teachers in collaboration with KMMHS School, KMSE School and KVN School, Cuddalore from 29th& 30th May 2017– 250 teachers benefited.

  • Organized workshops for different stakeholders for motivation.

  • Prepared AQARs, SSR and sent to NAAC.

  • Conducted Students’ Seminar for various courses by the faculty members

2.15. Plan of Action by IQAC/Outcome

The plan of action chalked out by the IQAC in the beginning of the year towards quality

enhancement and the outcome achieved by the end of the year *

Plan of Action


Preparation of AQARs from 2012-13 to2016-17 sent to NAAC by July, 2017
Preparation of Institutional SSR and upload it in the college website by June, 2017

Organized Workshops/Orientation Programme for motivating different stakeholders

Proposed to organised National Seminar.

Preparedness for the NCTE and Pondicherry University Visit in connection with the proposed 4-year Integrated B.Sc.B.Ed., /B.A.B. Ed

Planned to encourage all the faculty members to publish research articles and complete Ph.D.,
Planned to organize a variety of programmes in collaboration / in co-ordination with Govt., University and other stack holders

All the AQARs have been sent to NAAC on 30.06.2017
Institutional SSR has been prepared and uploaded in the college website within the scheduled timeline
Two such workshops have been organized by the IQAC

National Seminar on “Education in the Digital World” was organised on 31/03/2017 – 160 participated, 97 papers presented. 97 Published JEP ISSN: 2249-1481.

Waiting for NCTE recognition order and Pondicherry University affiliation order in due course.

Three faculty members joined Ph.D. to achieve 100% Ph.D., holders in the college.

1. Swachh Barath/Puducherry weekly programs in Varkalodai and Kanniakoil area.

2. Visit to various Innovative, Community & Educational resource centre organised.

3. Co-ordinated with the local municipal commissioner, Bahour in connection with Swachh Puducherry and 4 temples cleaning undertaken.

4. Organised Guru-Kul 2017 in collaboration with KMMHS School, and experts on “Communicative English” from Orient Black Swan –Hyderabad & Cambridge Publishers –Bangalore -250 teachers benefited.

* Attach the Academic Calendar of the year as Annexure.

2.15Whether the AQAR was placed in statutory body Yes No

Management Syndicate Any other body

The IQAC meeting was convened on 21st March 2017 to initiate reaccreditation Process and also to send AQAR reports to NAAC and also Letter of Intent before 5th July 2017 as the previous accreditation is going to end on 5th July 2017. The IQAC elaborately discussed about the AQAR reports. It suggested a few improvements. They were taken in to consideration.
Provide the details of the action taken

Part – B

Criterion – I
1. Curricular Aspects
1.1 Details about Academic Programmes

Level of the Programme

Number of existing Programmes

Number of programmes added during the year

Number of self-financing programmes

Number of value added / Career Oriented programmes
















PG Diploma





Advanced Diploma


































1.2 (i) Flexibility of the Curriculum: CBCS/Core/Elective option / Open options

Core and Elective option

(ii) Pattern of programmes:


Number of programmes









1.3Feedback from stakeholders*Alumni Parents Employers Students

(On all aspects)

Mode of feedback: Online Manual Co-operating schools (for PEI)

*Please provide an analysis of the feedback in the Annexure

1.4 Whether there is any revision/update of regulation or syllabi, if yes, mention their salient aspects.

Yes, 2 year B.Ed. programme as per NCTE Regulation December 2014 and Pondicherry University Regulation 2015

  • 16-week internship in upper primary and secondary schools under state board & central board

  • Ample opportunities for enhancement of the professional competency.

  • Specialisation for Self-development, School Management and Evaluation.

  • Specialisation on Inclusive education and Environmental education.

  • The college contribute 4 year integrated B.Ed. curriculum development

1.5 Any new Department/Centre introduced during the year. If yes, give details.

  • Proposed to introduce 4-year integrated B.Sc.B.Ed/B.A.B.Ed.

  • Pondicherry University developed the regulation and syllabus for 4-year integrated B.Sc.B.Ed/B.A.B.Ed., programme(Semester)& proposed to introduce from 2017-18 onwards. The faculty members and the principal actively involved in the curriculum construction, refinement and in the whole process

  1. Elaborate discussion on the 4-year integrated B.Sc.B.Ed/B.A.B.Ed.

  2. Allotment of work to the faculty members.

  3. presentation of syllabi by faculty members.

  4. discussion of syllabus and refinement in the staff meeting.

  5. sending the draft syllabus to University for discussion and placement in the board of studies.

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