Kota Bear My Favorite Pet

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Kota Bear – My Favorite Pet”

Multiple-paragraph Expository Essay

When you walk into the Moffatt household, you will hear the sounds of pittering, pattering feet; thumps and bumps; and an incredible amount of loud grunts and grumbles. Some may think all these things are caused by the four (4) kids who live there; however, that is NOT the case. You see, this is also the home of three (3) dogs. One of the dogs (which happens to be my favorite pet), Kota, is a stray dog we “adopted” after he showed up on our doorstep the day after a horrible, intense thunderstorm/tornado. He was all confused, soaked, and weary. Since then, of course, he has adjusted to our home and lives everyday full of high-strung hyperactivity and energy – in EVERYTHING he does – and even amuses us with his eating habits to his evil cat torturing. Although he is a handful, Kota (a.k.a. “Kota Bear”) is a loveable Golden Retriever that just happens to be the friendliest and most people-oriented of our dogs, and my favorite pet!

Being such a people-oriented dog at times causes Kota to become enthusiastically over-energized and a bit hyper. He almost becomes too excited and out-of-control upon seeing a person – especially his masters (Mr. and Mrs. Moffatt) and their kids. This is glaringly obvious when the family has been away from the house for some time (a minute or even up to a few days at a time). During the family’s time away, Kota is usually kept inside the house, being let out only every couple hours by Mrs. Moffatt’s parents (who live in an addition built up next to the Moffatt home), so the fact that he’s inside for long (and loves to be outside) combined with the fact that he LOVES his family so much make him a tad…energetic when the family “finally” arrives home. The family doesn’t have to even be near the slider door of the house before Kota begins to go crazy; his enthusiasm begins as the Moffatts’ vehicle goes up the driveway from the highway. Kota can hear the vehicle (and I swear he knows the distinct, exact sound of each family automobile), and it is at this moment the craziness begins. He runs to the back slider door to await our entrance, but before we even walk up the pathway to the house, Kota is already pouncing, jumping, shimmying, and shaking uncontrollably, literally leaping over a foot into the air. At the same time, he is yelping and barking like a wild dog! He even gets so excited that he pounds on the glass door of the slider with his hugely padded and sharply clawed paws, shaking the door and sending a screeching sound down the glass. As we approach the door, his hyperactivity is almost too much; he can’t get to us fast enough. When he sees us, he even will do a couple spins by the door before someone finally opens it and allows him to break free to get to us (of course, he’s also so excited and been so energized that he has to stop for a quick doggy potty break). He finds the nearest family member and rubs up against him/her for just a quick pet and pat on the side, back, or head. That is all this rambunctious, hyper dog needs to satisfy him. All he needed was a second or more of attention for his “episode” of craziness, and it is this craziness and high energy in even more than just the family arriving home that keeps our family shaking our heads about him and just one of the reasons he is my favorite pet!

Kota oftentimes uses this high energy to terrorize and “torture” cats. Kota once almost “killed” my brother’s young female kitten several years back. I had been teaching at school and gotten home to “cries” of panic and dismay; my brother and the rest of my family were all disturbed and upset over the day’s EVENT. What had happened was that my brother’s kitten had somehow managed to “escape” the basement (where my brother was living and kept his kitten away from my dogs). Upon escaping the basement, she entered the bathroom which was just across the hallway from the basement door. Apparently what occurred next (if you believe in hyperbole) was that my brother heard loud “meows” and cries. As he hurriedly ran to the sounds of pain, he found Kota (which had noticed the “lost” kitten in the bathroom) holding the kitten in his wide-open jaws. This horrific scene made my already on-edge, nervous-Nelly brother freak out. Lots of chaos and melee ensued as my brother frantically “pried” the kitten from Kota’s jaws. (While this took place, most of the rest of the family came to the “rescue” and witnessed the grisly scene!) Upon freeing the kitten from the beast, my brother said that his kitten’s head was covered in dripping-wet, Kota slobber and that he was certain that if he had not been there, Kota would have surely swallowed his kitten whole and eaten it! That didn’t happen, and everything worked out just fine, and although everyone else thought Kota had done a bad thing, I knew that he was simply playing around, simply teasing and rough-housing with the kitten. That is just his way. This way just goes to further reinforce why Kota is one of my favorite pets – even if it is at the expense of frail, helpless kittens and at a nervous, upset family!

Although our tortured cats wouldn’t agree, Kota is the most loveable dog anyone could ever have and my favorite pet! It doesn’t matter that he endlessly pesters anyone and everyone for food, even waiting for the last crumb to fall to the floor, nor does it matter that his loud, obnoxious squeals, screeches, moans, groans, and growls of high energy can be heard clear up to Canada. We love him just the same, and he will always be appreciated for the daily surprises he has given us since his soaked arrival on our doorstep some time ago!

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