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Villa Mairea is a traditional timber-sided structure roofed with sod, and built according to the canons of Finnish timber vernacular, in opposition to the sophisticated tectonic of the house itself. .8

The 'geologically striated' mass of the house and the irregularly contoured perimeter of the sauna plunge pool suggest a metaphorical opposition between artificial and natural form, and this principle of duality obtains throughout the work.9

The volumes of space created through clustered overlapping of forms were articulated with windows, and introduced views, and motion through curved surfaces. These curved forms often used by Aalto, were related to the anthropomorphic forms; he was always concerned with the human factor.

“In his essay on Hebel, Heidegger in fact talks about mans stay “between earth and sky, between joy and pain, between birth and death, between joy and pain, between work and word,” and calls this “multivarious between the world and the “between” of human existence. Each of the four is what it is because it ‘mirrors’ the other.” They all belong together in a “mirror-play” which constitutes the world. The mirror-play may be understood as an open “between,” wherein things appear as they are.10
    1. Considering the lighting conditions of art Museum at Bregenzhas, that has been designed following the architects initial gesture to make a glowing space not only inside space but also outside space. The exterior of the building acts as lamb. The location of the building creates a reflective environment from the sky and the lake and it also defines the city and the lake by the buildings scale. It is location at the edge of the city next to the lake.

Within the urban Context the Art museum of Bregenz was built as a solitary constraction in a prominent location not far from the lakefront. It fills the space between the Theater for Vorarlberg and the main post office that had been empty for many years. The entrance lies on the eastern side of the building facing the town.The administration building , situated in front of the museum towards the city centre, acts as a transitional structure to the smaller and low building of the old part of the town. All functional facilities of the art museum other than those directly associated with the presentation of art are housed separately in this smaller building, which accommodates a library, the museum shop and a café besides the administrative offices.

The actual exhibition building and the administration building frame an open square, which is closed off on the south by the back wall of the theatre, however opens up on one side towards the city. This square links the Art Museum to the city life of Bregenz .

The KUB café puts tables and chairs outside during the warmer seasons so that the square is bustling with café patrons. Often the current exhibition includes open-air events.

The epidermis is only in the most superficial way an indication of where an organism ends and its environment begins. There are things inside the body that are foreign to it, and there are things outside of it that belong to it….11

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