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Kids In Motion Essays 2009

“Kids In Motion Has Made Me A Better Person Because….”

“Kids In Motion” has made me a better person because I’m not as shy anymore. Before I didn’t really talk that much. If there was a big crowd of people, I would never be there. My parents always said that I “blended in with the woodwork,” which I didn’t like for them to say, but to be honest, they were right and I knew I had to change. Since I’ve been in this program, it has taught me to be a leader but at the same time a follower. That means that if you are a boss (or a youth mentor which I was), you still need to work together with your co-workers, because if you don’t then you will not succeed. When you are with your group in this program, everyone needs to work together because if you don’t the group will not go far.

This program is what every teen needs. It teaches you so much. It has taught me more than just preparing me for a real job, in a way, it taught me discipline. It even taught me to have self-esteem. Thank you “Kids In Motion” for a great year.

Essay by Lashelle Buchanan
“Kids In Motion” has made me a better person because they have given me an experience that will change my life. Now that I am in this program, I have been focusing on my attitude and getting ready for school. I have learned team work, and that has made me a better person. I know how to save money and to choose the right way to spend it because of our money management class. The prison trip made me a better person because I don’t even want to think about going there at all. Moberly Prison looks really scary, and I know if I change my way, I won’t have to worry about going to a bad place. I know how to deal with kids and that has made me a better person because I won’t have too much trouble trying to figure out how to help them. I have a great supervisor and other supervisors. They give me support and confidence. My mouth was a problem of its own, but since I have joined “Kids In Motion”, I have not been in a lot of trouble. I know that no matter what happens you still have to respect everyone. We have learned that “Kids In Motion” can help us in life and prepare us for what will come soon. They have taught me how to notice that “Kids In Motion” makes you feel good when you help people and the community. I have learned that it is not all about the money, but about how much fun I have had here in “Kids In Motion.” They have made me a better person by teaching me to learn how to respect others and myself. “Kids in Motion” has also helped me learn that fun, adventure, laughs and some smiles can lead to some big things in life. Well, of these things have helped me be a better person, and then there are all of my friends that have been really encouraging me to hold in strong so that I don’t break through, no matter what. This program has made me a better person in so many ways that I feel like I am a new person. “Kids In Motion” has let me get to know them for who they are. My friends can hang out with me so that way I will not lose them for any reason. I have been getting the right food and the right nutrients to help me grow strong forever. I have learned to listen and to speak the truth. “Kids In Motion” has made me a better person when I knew they would stick by my side every day. I now have more integrity than I have ever had in my whole life. It kind of makes you wonder if it will stay the same or just vanish. This program has just changed so many things in my life and in some the other kids in this program, and I hope that they next group it will change their lives too.

Essay By: Summer Elaine Morton

Kids In Motion made me a better person, by teaching me how to be responsible in life. Also teaching me that I am going to have to do hard stuff sometimes, even to get through life. Some examples of stuff is waking up in the morning and getting dress. Taking your time out to help someone else out, also helping your community out. Sometimes sacrificing to do things with your friends, because sometimes your job comes first. Now I understand when I grow up what I am going to have to do. Like managing my money write. Going to college first, also having goals in life, because when I grow up I want to get my bachelors degree in RN and own my own daycare to.

          One of my favorite projects I did in Kids In Motion was water plants downtown, because those jugs were heavy and we had a lot of plants to water. But we worked as a team and got the job done. We even help the owners out because sometimes they forget to water their plants, and that means a lot to them for us to do that.

          I also want to thank my team, all of the mentors and the director.  That’s how Kids In Motion helped me become a better person in life.  

  Essay by: Chelisa Deere

Kids In Motion” has made me a better person because without “Kids in Motion” I wouldn't be where I am today. The program has done so much for me. It has changed my whole opinion on life. I used to think life was nothing but a joke. I have been working for the K.I.M program for 3 years. This is also my third and last year in the program. As I write this, I look back through all my years in K.I.M. This year was the very best. My very first year that I was in the K.I.M program, I tried to do everything in my power to be the most badest, and I achieved it. I also felt like I achieved a name too; as that kid Nijah. She was very bad in K.I.M. every day. When I went to work my way, Mom would tell me, “Nijah, don’t go to work bad or with a bad attitude or you won’t get in next year.” But all the time I was thinking to myself, “If she really thinks I'm going to do this next year she is crazy.” I also didn't care about anything the program had to say or had to achieve in my life. “I don't even know why they picked me”, I would say to myself. But this year in the program, all those thoughts went out the door. I feel like I have achieved so much this year. I also know I have changed too. I thank Miss Amy for giving me another chance. I guess she had faith in me. She knew I could change and I thank her for that. But what I really want you K.I.M kids to understand is that no matter how bad you are there are still people like Miss Amy that care. There are also programs out there that have faith in you like the K.I.M program does. Like I said before, it has changed my whole life because if I didn't have this program to show me all the great things it has showed me I probably would still be taking life as joke. K.I.M kids life is not a joke. Life is what you make it and you can make it whatever you want. Just know that your dreams will always come true if you have faith. I had a dream to be a teacher one day. Yes there will be so many people that try to tell you can't do it or you won’t make it. You just tell them…” I have faith.” K.I.M has really made my dreams real to me because I used to have dreams but I would never think they come true tell I got in the K.I.M Program. I know we all would get mad when we had to go to work and listen to the speaker that they had for us that day. The speakers where only there for our own good. You hear what I am saying. They were there to help and show us the way through life. They were also there to help us through things they already went through so we wouldn't make the same mistakes they made. The K.I.M Program has done so much for me and others throughout its years. Some people just don't understand the K.I.M Program. They think the program is about kids and they get money and then go home and get nothing out of it. They are wrong. The K.I.M program is more than a program, it’s a family. It’s a family that helps the homeless and cares for the sick. And I challenge each and every one today to take the K.I.M family with us as we leave. For many of us it will be out last time with K.I.M family. When I say take it with you I mean to go and help homeless and care for the sick on your own and without get paid for it and without being told to do it. Just get out and go help the Salvation Army once every month with their food drive or go to the nursing home and visit with the people. It really makes their day when they see our faces. Let us as kids just get out start giving back to the community. That’s what the K.I.M program is all about and that’s what has made me a better person.
Essay By: Nijah King
“Kids In Motion” has made me a better person because I strive to do better at the things I do. I cared more and more about the community every time I went to program. So now I understand what the community means to everyone. I have also learned to be more responsible and speak up and not hide in a shell. So now, when people ask me questions, I am not going to nod my head yes, no or maybe. I am going to say it and interact with them.

The reason why I came out of my shell is because of Amy, Katie, Jessica, Jennifer and last but most certainly not least, Betsy. They helped me express myself more and more each day. When I first talked to Jessica and Betsy, I knew we had something in common.

When they called my name for Jessica’s group, I said “YES” really loud. I was so anxious to get started; I laid my clothes out three days before the program began.

I just wanted to say you guys are the best ever and I will always miss you, and I can’t wait until next year. So here’s a poem I’ve written about the program.

MY K.I.M. Poem

Teens everywhere take the notion

You gotta sign up for “Kids In Motion”

I’ve made some friends, I’ve had some fun

Sometimes working indoors, sometimes out in the sun

Out of town or just around our town

“Kids In Motion” is always duty bound.

From cleaning up parks of old paper plates

To going to the prison to visit inmates,

What a great experience this has been for me.

Taking life skill classes on finance and taking care of babies.

I’d like to thank the “Kids In Motion” sponsors,

For being in K.I.M. is such a great honor.

I am glad to have had this opportunity

To learn and work in my community.
Essay and Poem By: Kenna Griffie
My name is J’Angela McCullar, and “Kids In Motion” has made me a better person by learning how to help others and take care of the community we live in. Before this program, I would never pick up trash or go to the Salvation Army to help, but now, since I have started K.I.M., I like to do all of those things. I have learned how to solve problems better than I used to. When I go around and see that a street is clean, I feel proud because I know I cleaned that street or planted those flowers. I feel good when I make the elderly people’s day at the nursing homes when I come and play games with them. I always liked to help people and the community, and “Kids In Motion” has really helped me to see that I love doing it. Without this program I wouldn’t be the person I am today. This program also made me a better person by helping my parents out by getting my school supplies and school clothes. I am kind of an independent young lady. I have gained a better attitude towards the community than I did before this program. This program has made me appreciate things more. It has pushed me to step outside of my comfort zone and take initiative. It made me a better person by being able to get ready for work. I can take my granny out to eat and do things with my family. It made me a better person because I am more responsible with my money. It’s going to help me in the future, because I already know how to wake up for work and not be lazy and sleep in. It also made me a better person because I know that people can depend on me and I can follow through. It made me a dependable person for the future. It showed me how I can’t go on vacation every time my family goes. It showed me how the consequences of my actions or getting caught in the middle can make me lose my job. This program took me to the Moberly jail. It made me a better person because it convinced me to do right things instead of the wrong. I am proud that I am in a program that can keep me out of trouble for the summer. I am also proud that this program can help some of the kids that get into trouble and are unfortunate and can get paid with this program.

In closing, I would like to say that Mrs. Amy Vaughn gave me motivation by how she had worries about her dad and she still dealt with us. My age group needs more motivation like Amy gave me. I encourage all teenagers that can sign up for this program to do it because it is a great p0rogram. I got a nice tan while working in “Kids In Motion” (haha) and thank you, K.I.M. for choosing me. I hope I made a positive difference and thanks again. You can choose me again for next year (haha), but I am serious.

Essay By: J’Angela McCullar

Hi. My name is Shaianye. “Kids In Motion” has changed my life because I never thought to help the community. Helping the community makes me so happy. Mrs. Marsha Mayfield helped me get into the program. She is a co-founder and I enjoy doing it. “Kids In Motion” is a good program. I like it a lot. It made me change a little bit, but I think will change a lot of people’s lives. “Kids in Motion” is about helping the community look good. What we do for this community is so hard, but it is so good. What we do for this community is clean places like Douglass Community Services, the Bus Barn and pick up trash so that the community looks clean. We sometimes have some fun. I almost forgot to tell you that I went to the Moberly prison. Some men who were offenders talked to us about making bad choices and ending up in prison. It really made me think about choices that I make that and let me know that I don’t want to be there. “Kids in Motion” is a good job for kids. It’s a chance for kids to learn how to work and listen to their bosses. When you turn 12 years old, this is the place you want to work. “Kids In Motion” will help you a lot in life. “Kids In Motion” is the place to be away from trouble. “Kids In Motion” will make you feel good about yourself. “Kids In Motion” is awesome!

Essay By: Shaianye Wesley
I have many reasons why “Kids In Motion” has made me a better person. My first reason is it teaches me how to be a better person. It teaches the many values in life like how you can get so much joy out of volunteering and how much it truly means to people.
My second reason why “Kids In Motion” has made me a better person is because it taught me the value of hard work and how to work for things. It also taught the true value of a dollar also. Before “kids In Motion”, I always asked my mom and dad to buy me things. Now I can buy stuff because I have the money now!
My third reason why I think “kids In Motion” has made me a better person, it has taught me don’t do things I will regret; such as vandalizing stuff that is not mine and the consequences it comes with and how wrong and mean it is.
My fourth reason why “Kids In Motion” has made me a better person is it has taught me how to be a mature and responsible adult and how to manage money and take care of babies and how to treat people with love and respect the way you want to be treated.
My fifth reason why “Kids In Motion” has made me a better person is that it taught me how to set goals every day for myself and how to achieve and believe. Not only that, it’s taught me how to get ready for the real world and how to earn money. It has taught me how to get a good start in life.
My sixth and final reason why “Kids In Motion” has made me a better person is that it has taught me how to manage my money and what to do with it. It’s taught me how to use money, why it’s important and why you should save it.
Those are my many reasons why “Kids In Motion” has made me a better person.

Essay By: Cathleen Thorpe

“Dear Kaitlyn Booth,

You have been chosen to be a part of the “Kids In Motion” program this summer!....”

Those were the words; the words that were written in the letter I received before the summer started. At the moment I read those very few words, I knew my journey to becoming a better person was soon to begin!

I was introduced to the program in the summer of 2008! As a new-comer, I didn’t really know what to expect, but I had a slight idea! My idea was that I was going to learn how to get along with the others that I was going to be working with, know and learn how to manage the money we would be making, and last I was thinking that maybe I would even learn to love and work for my community!.....Wait one second…..all this would make me a better person!

That’s only the beginning of my long and terrific journey to becoming a better person! As the summer continued, I got a little more comfortable with the program! Being one of the youngest and even one of the smallest group members, I had to work a bit harder than the others to get the work that was needed done…..DONE, and as I did that I grew patience, integrity, trust with others and myself and last, I grew care and love for my community. Working everyday as just a kid takes a lot more to make a difference, but that’s why this group unites with each other so we can all make a bigger difference at once.

I got to be better at so many things while I participated in the “Kids In Motion” Program, such as: I got better at knowing how to give out a helping hand whenever it was needed. I became such a better listener at I needed to do. I became a great teammate with all my friends and got along with them as we worked together. I’ve also learned direction; the direction that leads to my future.

There are many reasons why I joined the program, and one was to DEFINITELY become a better person! I was so excited when I got the letter and found out I was getting to participate. I couldn’t wait to work for my community and make more friends.

When I work for my community, I see a difference being made and feel as if I am being given a fresh start at life! A fresh start to pursue my dreams and work at them, to go to college and be able to support my family and close friends! Every week when I get my paycheck, I put it in the bank to go straight to college.

I have been told that I am a great person and I have become a better person!....My response was….”Kids in Motion helped me through my journey of becoming a better person….!” I have really enjoyed helping the people of Hannibal and around the community. Being a part of the “kids In Motion” Program has definitely changed me into a better and more confident girl. I would last like to thank Katie, Jessica, Jennifer, Amy and Betsy for all you guys have helped me to get through…..Thanks for encouraging me all the way…..I love you guys!

Essay By: Kaitlyn Booth
Not many people know what the K.I.M. Program means. Kids In Motion is our name and teaching teens and pre-teens to value their work, value their community and to value their future is our game. The Kids In Motion Program has made me a better person because several different things I have learned. I believe I have learned responsibility, how to work well with others. It has also prepared me for my first real job. I have learned how to manage my money and not spend it all in one store, now I spend it all in like 4 stores (ha –ha…..just kidding!!!!!! )
Responsibility is:

  1. Accountability – the state, fact or position of being accountable to somebody for something

  2. Something to be responsible for; somebody or something for which a person or organization is responsible

  3. Accepting blame: the blame for something that has happened…taking full responsibility for the mix up

  4. Authority to act; authority to make decisions independently

These are all examples of responsibility and I believe I have made most of them!  I do believe that since I started the “Kids In Motion” Program 3 years ago, I have accumulated more responsibility than I would have if I wasn’t in the program. You have to work with others everywhere you go: school, work, the store, home and more and this program has prepared me for that.
On my first real job, I will take not only everything my parents have taught me, but also everything I have learned in this program. A real job isn’t easy! You have to be at work on time, you have to work with your co-workers friendly life and much more. I believe that this program has prepared me for that also. Now managing my money…..EVERY teen has problems with that and I’m sure this program has helped all of us, but managing money is a huge responsibility! Save a little, spend a little, right? Ha – Ha! But when you’re on your own, you can’t just go out and buy anything you want. You have to manage your money so you have enough to pay for your utilities and bills. So that’s an important life skill!
As a youth mentor, we have higher standards and more responsibility than the others so we try our hardest to meet those standards and the lessons we learn while doing so stay with us forever and sometimes changes the way we act in all ways. It kind of stinks that it’s my last year, but I plan on carrying everything I have learned with me forever and carry it with me to my first real job! Thanks Amy for such a great program. I sure you have changed everyone’s life. And Thanks to all the supervisors who have helped so much along the way!!!! Thanks a million for changing my life, Amy!

Essay By: Taylor Brothers

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