Kentucky ffa association Event and Awards Bulletin Kentucky Department of Education College and Career Readiness Branch

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Kentucky FFA Association

Event and Awards Bulletin

Kentucky Department of Education

College and Career Readiness Branch
Revised January 2015

The Kentucky Association FFA does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or disability in employment or the provision of services.
The Kentucky State FFA Association is a resource and support organization that does not select, control or supervise local chapter or individual member activities except as expressly provided for in the state FFA constitution, bylaws or policies.

FFA Deadlines 4

Rules Governing FFA Activities 5

General Rules 5

National Career Development Events 6

Contact Information 6

FFA Days and State Convention Events 7

Kentucky State Fair Events 9

Agriculture Issues CDE 12

Agricultural Marketing CDE 14

Agricultural Mechanics CDE 16

Agricultural Sales CDE 19

Agronomy CDE 22

Auctioneering 26

Burley Tobacco Essay 27

Dairy Evaluation CDE 30

Dairy Handlers CDE 31

Envirothon 32

Extemporaneous Public Speaking CDE 33

Farm Business Management CDE 35

FFA Creed Speaking CDE 37

Floriculture CDE 38

Food Science CDE 40

Horticulture Exhibit 53

Impromptu Speaking Events 55

Job Interview CDE 57

Junior Chapter Meeting CDE 59

Land Judging CDE 65

Livestock Evaluation CDE 67

Meats Evaluation CDE 68

Milk Quality and Products CDE 69

Nursery and Landscape CDE 71

Parliamentary Procedure CDE 73

Poultry Evaluation CDE 79

Prepared Public Speaking CDE 80

Proficiency Awards 83

Scrapbook 88

Secretary’s Book 89

Check Form For Secretary’s Book 91

Seed Identification 93

Small Power Equipment CDE 95


Star Farmer, Star Agribusinessman, and Star in Agricultural Placement 97

State FFA Degree 107

State Officer Nominations 112

State Rating of Chapters 114

Standard Chapter Requirements 115

National Chapter Awards 118

Kentucky FFA Chapter Awards 119

Talent 121

Treasurer’s Book 122

Veterinary Science CDE 123

Welding CDE 125

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2015 -> 1st Quarter
2015 -> Essay Tittle, Times New Roman, Size 16 Author(s)
2015 -> Private Scholarships local may have to cut and paste some sites into your browser
2015 -> Charting a course to Medical School: The amsa map for Success
2015 -> The Tenth Annual Association of Adaptation Studies Conference
2015 -> Syllabus for the session: 2015 – 16 class: XI english language

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