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As an artist and scholar I have done a variety of work ranging from academic research, LGBT community grant writing, script writing, social media management, video production, web-design, and Wikipedia article creation. The core goal for each of my projects has been to take elements that are important to the realm of academia and align with them the goals of the community. For example, my thesis project, which examines the way LGBT organizations adapt to changes in the community, I have chosen to use grounded theory methodology -- a methodology that does not superimpose theories onto its subjects, but instead, lets them emerge from the bottom up through interview and constant comparative analysis. As a potential Robert Giard Fellow I hope to tie my media skills and academics experiences into one by creating an informative and engaging documentary about lesbian and queer communities in D.C.


M.A. Communication, Culture & Technology (CCT), Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., USA. Expected May 2013.

B.A. Film and Media Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA, June 2011, GPA: 3.88.

Media Studies & Art History, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia, Spring 2010.

Documentary Filmmaking & Painting, Cambridge University, England, Summer 2008.

Work Experience

  • Center for New Designs in Learning & Scholarship [Georgetown University]

Video & Web Assistant. I work with the Design team to create and assess new media technologies for teaching in Higher Education.

Aug 2011- Present

  • Communication, Culture & Technology Events Team [Georgetown University]

Video Producer. I produced promotional videos featuring work produced by students in the CCT MA Program and recorded CCT events.

Aug. 2011 – Nov. 2011

  • Digital Editing Lab [UC Santa Barbara, CA]

Assistant Manager. I managed the computer and software of a Video-editing lab and gave classes on how to use Final Cut Pro.

Aug. 2010 - June 2011

  • Apple Retail [Corte Madera, CA & Santa Barbara, CA]

Apple Specialist & Creative. Responsible for selling Apple products and training people how to use Apple software.

June 2007 – Nov. 2011

  • Focus Media Journal [UC Santa Barbara, CA]

Copy Editor. Selected and copy-edited submissions to the Focus Media Journal.

Feb. 2011 - Present

  • Future Student’s Center [La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia]

Video Producer. Directed, shot, and produced a series of short promotional films for future La Trobe University students.

March 2010 – June 2010

  • Media and Communications Department [La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia]

Video Producer. Directed, shot, and produced a short documentary about the Back to Booktown Book Festival in Clunes, Victoria.

April 2010 – June 2010

Media Internships

  • Metro Weekly: Washington D.C’s GLBT Magazine, Editorial Intern. [Washington, D.C.]

June 2011 – Present

  • Media Fields Journal, Web Design Intern. [Santa Barbara, CA]

Fall 2010

  • Nielsen Media, Video Editor. [Los Angeles, CA]

Summer 2009

  • The Baum Foundation, Video Editor. [Los Angeles, CA]

Summer 2009

  • Carsey-Wolf Center for Film, Television and New Media, Event Planner & Visual Design. [Santa Barbara, CA]

Spring 2008

Media-Related Volunteer Services

  • One in Ten, Reel Affirmations LGBT Film Festival [Washington, D.C.]

Social Media Manager.

May 2012 - Present

  • The DC Center for the LGBT Community. [Washington, D.C.]

Grant Writer for Development Team.

May 2012 - Present

  • Melbourne Queer Film Festival [Melbourne, Australia]

Usher & Bartender.

March – April 2010

Booth volunteer.

April 2008

Media Projects & Exhibitions (Newest to Oldest)

  • Student Reflections on Google+, 5 min, documentary about uses of Google+ in classroom, [Cinematographer, Director, & Editor].

April 2012

  • Georgetown CCT QR Code Promotional Video, 2 min, promo video linked to a Quick reference (QR) code for the CCT program, [Producer, Editor].

Oct. 2011

  • Gnovis Journal Featureette, 7 min, a short documentary about the launch of gnovis’s, CCT’s academic journal, new website and multimedia design. [Cinematographer, Director, & Editor].

Dec. 2011

  • Sounding Out: Mediations of Reconciliation Australia, multi-media installation and video exhibition about Australia’s Indigenous Reconciliation. Funded by UCIRA (See Grants).

May 2011

  • Over & Out, 26 min, a queer romantic comedy about the effects of mobile media on human communication, [Writer].

March 2011

  • Clunes: Back to Booktown, 5 min, a documentary about the Back to Booktown festival in Clunes, Victoria, Australia. [Cinematographer, Director, Editor, & Writer].

April 2010

  • La Trobe Student Shorts, six short segments about student experiences at La Trobe University, in Melbourne, Australia. Screened at new student orientation. [Cinematographer, Director, & Editor].

May 2010

  • Theoryland, 19 min., part live action and part animation adventure about a young film student that gets trapped in her animated film. [Editor].

March 2010

  • Sandbox, 7 min, an experimental documentary about definitions of the desert. Screened at the Mapping the Desert Symposium 2009 (See Presentations). [Director, Editor & Writer].

Oct. 2009

  • Roaming, an experimental exhibition about telephone operators in Mongolia. Project Director: Lisa Parks, PhD. [Audiovisual Editor].

April 2009

  • The Lovesick Zombie, 16mm silent film about a Zombie that falls in love with a human. Winner of Golden Reel Award at Reel Loud Film Festival. [Editor].

May 2009

  • Modern Day Hunter, 16 mm silent film about a man who thinks the best way to go grocery shopping is by road-kill. Premiered at Reel Loud Film Festival. [Art Director].

May 2009

  • The Naked Guy, 10 min, After finding a naked man in an elevator, three apartment residents let their imaginations run wild as they attempt to figure out why he was there, Winner of SB 10-10-10 filmmaking competition, [Art Director].

Fall 2009

  • Isla Vista A Fresh Start, a documentary about the politics of renovating a collage town with green methods. Corwin Award for Best Editing, [Editor].

March 2008

  • Inn Deep, part live action and part animation comedy about global warming, Winner of the Hawaii International Film Festival short award and Blue Ocean Film Festival Merit award, [Assistant Editor].

March 2008

  • Twigs and Tracks, 16mm experimental silent film about memory and human thought, [Editor].

April 2008

Art & Technology Fellowships and Grants

  • CNDLS, Georgetown University Media Fellowship, $14,000

Fall 2011 – Spring 2012

  • HASTAC Scholar Grant, $300

Fall 2011 – Spring 2012

  • Georgetown Graduate School Conference Grant, $500

Fall 2011

  • Georgetown Communication, Culture, and Technology Conference Grant, $600

Fall 2011

  • UCIRA, University of California for Research in the Arts, Grant for Art Exhibition, Sounding Out, $800

  • URCA, Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Grant, Over & Out film project, $500

Spring 2011
Fall 2010

  • AS Queer Commission, Over & Out film project, $600

Fall 2010

  • AS IVCRC, Isla Vista Community Relations Committee, Over & Out film project, $800

Fall 2010

  • AS SCORE, Student Coalition on Racial Equality, Over & Out film project, $200

Fall 2010

Writing Awards & Academic Distinctions

Alexander Sesonske Prize for Best Scholarly Essay in Film Criticism: “Indian Nuts! (Re)imagining American Indian Musical Numbers, 1934-1950,” $1,000, June 2011.

Distinction in the Field of Critical Studies. Given to the student exhibiting promise in the field of critical studies, UCSB Film and Media Studies, Certificate at UCSB’s Graduation Ceremony, June 2011.

Education Abroad Program (EAP), Undergraduate Research Essay Award: “Shifting Sands, Shifting Identities: Contemporary Australian Environmental Art,” $500, Spring 2010.

Senior Honor Thesis. Given to student completing a two-quarter 40-page research project, Certificate at UCSB”s Graduation Ceremony, June 2011.

GulliverGo Study Abroad Essay Contest Winner, $500, Fall 2009.


  • “Reconciliation Literacy: Understanding the Relationship between Reconciliation Contact Zones and Aboriginal Policy,” CSAA 2011 Conference Proceedings Publication.

Sept. 2012

  • “The Future of ePortfolios & Online Presence,” Previews (Forthcoming CNDLS Publication)

Sept. 2012

  • “Absent Sex/Present Desire,” Cinema Verite, an online film review,

June 2012

  • Ch. 11: Wilson and Costanza-Chock, “New Voices on The Net? The Digital Journalism Divide and the Costs of Network Exclusion.” Part of the HASTAC Distributed Book Review of Race after The Internet, ed. By Lisa Nakamura and Peter Chow-White.

Feb. 2012

  • “Digital Culture and Protest: Pushing and Pulling Mediocrity,” Cinema Verite, an online film review.

October 2011

  • “iRetail: The Taste of Apple,” Focus Media Journal, 31(2011) 46-59.

June 2011

Invited Presentations and Conferences

  • “Translation and Transnational Scholarship,” Wikimania 2012 Conference, George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

July 12, 2012

  • “Prezi: How to teach students to study like artists,” Teaching and Learning, Innovation Summer Institute, (TLISI), Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

May 23, 2012

  • “Grindr: Browsing & Geolocating Sexiness,” Theorizing the Web Conference, College Park, University of Maryland.

  • “Future of ePortfolios and Online Performance,” Academedia Gnovis Conference, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

April 14 , 2012
April 11, 2012

  • “Geolocating Aboriginality: A Reconciliation Mapping Project,” Mapping Place Conference, UC Santa Barbara, CA

Feb. 25 2011

  • “Indigenous Homelands: Closing The Gap with Two-Way Networks,” Science & Technology in Society Conference, AAAS Headquarters, Washington, D.C.

  • “Mapping the Desert/Deserting The Map: A Film Collage,” Dry Immersion Desert Symposium, Joshua Tree, CA.

March 30, 2012

Oct. 22, 2009

Teaching Experience

Fall 2012 – Spring 2013

  • Wikipedia Education Program, Wikipedia Campus Ambassador, Georgetown University

Fall 2011 - Present

  • Final Cut Pro Trainer, UCSB Digital Editing Lab

Jan. 2008 -2012

  • Apple Software Tutorial (e.g. iPhoto, iMovie, iWeb) Trainings at the Apple Retail Store, Corte Madera

Summer 2008

Research Experience

  • “Circles of Influence,” MA Thesis Ethnographic & Archival Research Project at Georgetown about Lesbian and Queer Community development.

Jan. 2012 - Present

  • Media under Water: Friction, Flow, and the Cultural Geographies of Undersea cables, Suva, Fiji, Transcriber & Photographer for Professor Starosielki, PhD.

August 2010


  • Capital Area Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (CAGLCC)

Fall 2011 - Present

  • Cultural Studies Association of Australia

Fall 2011 - Present

  • HASTAC, Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Advanced Collaboratory

Fall 2011- Present

  • Golden Key Scholarship Member

Fall 2009 - Present


Final Cut Pro Studio 7, DVD Studio Pro, & Motion

Adobe Photoshop & After Effects

Web: HTML, KML, and Wordpress

Social Media Management Software (e.g. Constant Contact, Hootsuite, & Tweetdeck)

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