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Garvan Woodland Gardens, Hot Springs, Arkansas

September 27, 2001

Commissioners Present:
Linda Westergard, Chairman Sarah Wruck, Vice-Chairman

Carl Garner Phyllis Jones

Mary Smith Peggy Weidman

Brenda Williams

Commissioners Absent:
Staff Present:
Robert Phelps and Brenda Halbert of Keep Arkansas Beautiful
Guests Present:
Lisa Plaquet and Rob Bell of Mangan, Holcomb, Rainwater, Culpepper
Call to Order:
Linda Westergard called the meeting to order around 9:00 a.m., opening with a prayer for the victims of the September 11 World Trade Center disaster followed by the pledge of allegiance.
Ms. Westergard spoke briefly about the effects of the events on the country, particularly the short term effects on the tourism industry.
Brenda Halbert called the roll, and guests were welcomed.
Presentation of Minutes:
Ms. Westergard asked for a motion approving the August 28, 2001 minutes.
Brenda Williams made a motion, seconded by Carl Garner, to approve

the KArB Commission Minutes for August 28, 2001. The motion passed.
Financial Report:
Mr. Phelps presented the Financial Report for the period ending August 31, 2001, reflecting total expenditures of $19,074 or 4% of the total annual budget. He reviewed each item, noting that bills are now getting paid with a better understanding of the AASIS process.
Peggy Weidman made a motion, seconded by Sarah Wruck, to approve

the KArB Financial Report for the period ending August 31, 2001. The

motion passed.

KArB Commission Minutes

September 27, 2001 – page 2

Mr. Phelps mentioned another possible fund source in the future: the enforcement dollars that do not remain in the communities will be credited to the KArB account; however, he did not think that would be a significant amount.

Executive Director’s Report:
Mr. Phelps reported on the following:

  • GAC 2001:

  1. Improvement of participation: 78 coordinators in 54 counties; last year 47 counties participated; also, greater volunteerism;

  2. Events through October;

  3. Poster contest: K-3, 4-6 with Sonic redeemable coupons as prizes; Commissioners may be involved in judging after next month’s meeting as well as presentation of prize to winners as Mary Smith and Carl Garner were last year.

  • October 25: AR Municipal League Conference in Ft. Smith: Invitation for Executive Director to make presentation (conflict with regularly scheduled KArB Commission meeting); suggestion of moving Commission meeting from October 25 to October 24.

Peggy Weidman made a motion, seconded by Phyllis Jones, to move the

October Commission meeting to October 24. The motion passed.
Mr. Phelps proceeded with report:

  • Volunteer Services Coordinator position: 91 applications with 26 meeting minimum requirements; 10-12 will be interviewed on October 8 & 9.

  • AASIS:

  1. Paying bills now;

  2. Strategic Plan for 2003-07 submitted for KArB to include with complete ADPT plan.

  • DFA – Mr. Davies is at a meeting today to look after the interests of the entire department including KArB.

  • Amendment 75 – 1/8 of a cent for KArB; Mr. Phelps noted that legislators who introduced and supported the amendment were being replaced and stressed the importance of doing some kind of promotional campaign to re-introduce the issue and gather new support for the amendment as a “good tax”.

  • KArB brochure – update in the future. (Ms. Halbert stated she would send Commissioners an updated media packet including that piece, and Ms. Westergard noted that the office could provide multiples of inserts upon Commissioners’ request.)

  • Two speaking engagements:

  1. Crossett Rotary – as a result, may be third Affiliate from Crossett;

  2. State Parks Supervisors – Lake DeGray meeting on Tuesday; well received.

  • Litter law: vigorous enforcement by Conway and Faulkner County as well as Hot Springs, Benton and Heber Springs.

KArB Commission Minutes

September 27, 2001 – page 3

  • KArB Bylaws Revised and approved in February (copies in Commissioner packets): Change will be made regarding “removal” (p.2) to comply with Governor’s Directive regarding “any member who has been absent from three (3) successive meetings” instead of four (4) missed meetings as stated in the current Bylaws.

  • Commissioner vacancies’ plan:

  1. Ms. Jones will resign and be re-appointed to fill the Dist. 3 vacancy;

  2. Ms. Wruck will resign in Dist. 4, leaving a vacancy in that district (Pine Bluff Area) and be re-appointed as the “at-large” Commissioner;

  3. Dist. 2 (Central AR) will be open for candidates.

The meeting adjourned for a tour of Garvan Woodland Gardens, then reconvened with

Ms. Westergard calling for advisory reports.
Advisory Reports:
Governor’s Office:
Ms. Branch was not able to attend due to a meeting in Texarkana.
ADPT Director’s Office:
Mr. Davies and Ms. Robins were attending a DFA meeting on behalf of ADPT.
KArB Affiliate Network:
Ms. Wruck reported on results of the committee meeting on Wednesday as follows:

  • Involvement of KAmB Affiliates in assisting and mentoring to KArB Affiliates.

  • Map will be divided geographically in accordance with KAmB Affiliates.

  • Letter will be sent to KArB Affiliates to open lines of communication in anticipation of Statewide Affiliate Conference including offering assistance.

  • Enthusiasm expressed by attendees, Susan Gele’ from Pulaski County and Nicki Harris of Faulkner County.

  • KArB Statewide Conference: panel discussion comprised of KAmB Affiliates.

Ms. Westergard reminded Commissioners that a motion had been passed previously establishing an official goal to have a KAmB Affiliate in each county in Arkansas.

KArB Affiliate Network Conference 2002:
Ms. Jones updated everyone on the planning of the Affiliate Conference as follows:

  • Distributed vendor list provided by Susan Gele (primarily recycling); Ms. Jones asked that names of other vendors supporting our mission be provided Ms. Gele’.

(It was stressed that informational and resource vendors also be solicited.)
KArB Commission Minutes

September 27, 2001 – page 4

  • Workshops’ schedule will address all issues of the KArB mission as well as organization and volunteer management; also, panel of success.

  • Jackie Lovell of Hot Springs Visitors & Convention Center – Ms. Jones will meet with today to assist in organization of events and finalization of plans.

  • Affiliate certification training possibly scheduled with assistance by ADOV.

  • Possibility of one-day registration to be decided by committee.

  • First Lady Janet Huckabee still on tap as speaker.

  • P. Alan Smith as main speaker – prior commitment, expressed regrets.

  • KArB 2002 Awards will be announced at conference.

  • 2003 Conference – only one, Pine Bluff, had reiterated an interest from the initial proposals for 2001/2002.

KArB Awards 2002:
Ms. Weidman reported that we are still looking for awards’ sponsors. Mr. Phelps reported on the following:

  • Nine (9) slots for sponsors:

  1. Encouragement for Commissioners to obtain sponsorships;

  2. Suggestion from Ms. Westergard that maybe KArB could apply for an NCRC grant for an award sponsorship.

  • KArB Affiliate reports due in December – some of those will add to KArB Awards entries.

  • Richard Davies has been confirmed as emcee.

Wildflowers Committee:
Ms. Williams referred her report to Mr. Bell as follows:

  • Wildflower brochure, new piece being developed by the Mangan Agency, will cover all of Arkansas, not just the highways.

  • Further development of the brochure has hit a snag in obtaining current photographs from AHTD, not realizing that most of those had been copyrighted by Carl Hunter.

  • Project is limited with a $4,000 budget.

Speakers’ Bureau Committee:
Mary Smith stated that she had met with the Mangan Agency, and we are proceeding with compilation of the Speakers’ Bureau Notebook. Ms. Plaquet reviewed briefly how the notebook would look with material tabbed covering all aspects of the mission plus the Commission, Foundation, Affiliate Network and activities/programs.
Ms. Westergard stressed again the importance of updating the video to accompany the manual; also, continuity in tying together the leaf colors representing different parts of KArB – Commission, Foundation, Affiliate Network.

KArB Commission Minutes

September 27, 2001 – page 5

Minority Participation Committee:
Ms. Westergard reminded everyone that we are still looking for someone to chair the committee.
KArB Foundation:
Mr. Garner reported that an attorney is reviewing the Foundation material to be sure everything is in order. Mr. Phelps stated that he is looking for someone to assist with the accounting, noting that taxes have not been filed. Ms. Westergard said two non-cost resources might be UALR Accounting Department and Arkansas Association of CPA’s.
Grants Committee:
Mr. Phelps stated he would report at the October meeting. Ms. Westergard recommended having another grants writing workshop at the 2002 Statewide Affiliate Conference.
Mangan Agency:
Rob Bell and Lisa Plaquet presented the report from Mangan, Holcomb, Rainwater, Culpepper.

Mr. Bell gave a status report on the “Take It Back” project as follows:

  • “Take It Back” and participation by Al Green:

  1. Mr. Culpepper met with Rev. Green’s personal assistant; also, met Rev. Green;

  2. Rev. Green is in the process of a movie production called “On the Line” with talk show circuit promotion, thus delaying any participation with “Take It Back” immediately;

  3. However, he has reserved the recording studio for a new album in March, 2002, and has agreed that cameras can be brought in for possible use in the “Take It Back” promotional;

  4. “Take It Back” project with Rev. Green delayed until spring 2002.

  • Other litter spots and PSA’s will be updated with new logo, excluding “Fight Dirty”.

  • Further promotion in the spring during KArB Month and possibly Rev. Green’s rendition of “Take It Back”.

Ms. Plaquet reviewed time lines of projects beginning September through May, 2002 with a budget of $10,000, including the following (see attached):

  • September – speakers’ packets; KArB Month timeline.

  • October – Awards sponsorship solicitations; “Take It Back” essay and poster contest to Affiliate groups.

  • November – “Take It Back” lyrics and music and “Clean Getaway” to schools.

  • January - KArB Month feature stories in magazines.

  • February – Statewide Affiliate Conference and “tool kits”; Awards finalists announced.

  • March – Poster contest finalized.

KArB Commission Minutes

September 27, 2001 – page 6

  • April – Speakers Bureau contest begins; KArB Month proclaimed by Gov. or

Mrs. Huckabee; KArB Awards; “Take It Back” campaign launched.
Ms. Westergard suggested getting Nancy Steinbeck of Melbourne involved in the essay contest.
Old Business:
None reported.
New Business:
Ms. Westergard appointed a Nominating Committee for Officers 2002 as follows: Peggy Weidman, Mary Smith and Brenda Williams. Recommendations will be made in October, election at the November/December meeting with officers assuming their positions in January.
Ms. Westergard suggested the November 29 meeting be held at Pinnacle Mountain State Park Visitors’ Center with lunch to follow or a social event the evening before at the Westergard home.
Ms. Westergard presented Mr. Phelps with a birthday gift from the KArB Commission and staff.
Ms. Halbert reported on the success of a KArB display booth at the Native Plant Society Conference held on September 18 in Little Rock. Approximately two-thirds of the four hundred attendees visited the booth.

Ms. Smith stated she wished KArB had a brochure or material to place in the state Tourist Information Centers.

There was brief discussion regarding the KArB large logo stickers and whether or not Carmie Henry at the AR Electric Cooperatives’ office in Little Rock might need more or something else for the Coop trucks and/or offices around the state. Mr. Phelps said he would check on the status of that, noting that the Coops contributed $5,000 to the Great Arkansas Cleanup this year.
The October 24 KArB Commission meeting will be held at the U of A Cooperative Extension Service Building, Room 206, beginning at 10:00 a.m. with any scheduled committee meetings prior to that time.
There being no further business, the meeting adjourned around 1:45 p.m.

_________________________________ ___________________________________________

Robert Phelps, Director Linda Westergard, Chairman

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