Kỳ thi học sinh giỏi lớP 12 thpt cấp tỉnh năm học: 2019 – 2020

C. She got bad marks for her homework. Question 4

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C. She got bad marks for her homework.
Question 4: You hear a man talking to a vet. What is the problem with his dog?
A. She has become very aggressive.
B. She keeps biting her paw.
C. She doesn't walk properly.
Question 5: You hear a woman talking to a plumber. Where is the problem in her house?
A. the veranda B. the kitchen C. the bathroom
Question 6: You hear a man talking about a train journey. When did he travel?
A. Tuesday B. Wednesday C. Thursday
Question 7: You hear a boy telling his mother about a football match. How many goals did his team score?
A. two B. three C. one
Question 8: You hear a woman talking about going shopping. What did she buy?
A. a pair of shoes B. a pair of jeans C. a pair of glasses

Part 2: You will hear an interview with someone who has started a news service called “Children’s Express”. For questions 9-15 choose the best answer: A, B or C. You will hear the recording twice.
Question 9: The purpose of Children’s Express is to encourage children to:
A. Think in a more adult way.
B. Consider important matters.
C. Train as journalists.
Question 10: Bob says that the children who work on Children’s Express:
A. Are carefully chosen.
B. Learn from each other.
C. Get on well together.
Question 11: What success has Children’s Express had?
A. TV programmes have been made about it.
B. Adults read some of the articles it produces.
C. It has affected the opinions of some adults.
Question 12: What did the survey in the Indianapolis Star show about the page they write?
A. It is read by a lot of adults.
B. It is the most popular page in the newspaper.

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