K. R. C. E. Society’s G. G. D. Arts, B. M. P commerce & S. V. S science College, bailhongal – 591102 Dist: Belgaum, State: Karnataka

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G.G.D. Arts, B.M.P Commerce & S.V.S Science College,

BAILHONGAL – 591102 Dist: Belgaum, State: Karnataka

Tel: 08288-233180, Fax: 08288-233280 E-Mail: KRCES Degreeblh@sify.com

Ref .No. /2010-11 Date:

The Director,

National Assessment and Accreditation Council

P.O.Box No. 1075, Nagarbhavi,

BANGALORE – 560 072.

Sub: Submission of AQAR of the IQAC for the year 2010-11

Respected Sir,
I am submitting herewith two copies of the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) of the IQAC for the year 2010-11

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


G.G.Deshanur Arts, B.M.Patil Commerce & S.V.Sadhunavar Science College,

BAILHONGAL – 591 102, Dist: Belgaum







The Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) of the IQAC for the year 2010-11
Name of the Institution : K R C E Society’s G.G.D Arts,

B.M.P Commerce and SVS Science

College, BAILHONGAL-591102

Dist: Belgaum (Karnataka)

Name of the Head of the Insititution : Prof. R. S. Kubasad.

Ph. No. Off: 08288-233180

Ph. No. Off: 08288-236668

Mobile No: 9731973252

E-Mail: krcesblh@sify.com

Name of the IQAC Co-ordinator : Prof. B. D. Naikar

Ph. No. Off: 08288-233180

Mobile No: 9611125411

E-Mail: krcesblh@sify.com

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)






Prof. R. S. Kubasad




Prof. B.D. Naikar

HOD, Physics



Prof. B.G.Katti

HOD, Economics

NAAC Co-ordinator



Prof.(Smt.) G.R.Dodamani

HOD, Chemistry


Prof. G.S.Bajarmath

HOD, Pol. Science


Prof. S.M.Benchinmardi

HOD, Sociology


Prof. B.Y.Hamannnavar

Associate Professor


Prof. B.Y.Alagundi

Associate Professor


Prof. R.B.Halayyanavar

HOD, Statistics


Prof. S.A.Deshmukh



Shri. B.K.Hajeri


Quality Advisory Committee






Prof. R. S. Kubasad




Prof. B.D. Naikar

HOD, Physics



Shri. C.S.Sadhunavar

G.B. Member



Shri. B.G.Harakuni



Prof. C.V.Jyoti

HOD, Kannada


Prof. C.C.Koujalgi

HOD, Physics


Prof. G.S.Hiremath

HOD, Commerce


Prof. S. N. Paitl

HOD, History


Dr. S.Y.Chalawadi

Associate Professor


Shri. S.B.Mallammanavar



The plan of action for the year 2010-11

  1. Curricular aspects:

  • To organize orientation programme for 1st year Degree students to sensitize the new students to the history of our college.

  • To conduct periodical staff meetings to discuss academic and administrative issues for taking appropriate decisions.

  • To collect feed back from the students for the evaluation of teachers and provide opportunities to the teachers for evaluating themselves and improving themselves academically.

  • To encourage the students to participate in the workshops, seminars, debates and competitions to enhance their communicating skills, analytical ability and overall.

  • To encourage the teachers to participate in seminars, conferences, workshops etc to update their knowledge with latest developments in their concerned field.

  • To frame calendar of events in accordance with university norms to encourage effective teaching.

  • To enter into MOU with training agencies to provide guidance to the students on learning and placements.

II. Teaching, Learning and Evaluation:

  • To conduct the Bridge course to the new entrants.

  • To conduct induction test for assessing students knowledge and skill for a particular programme.

  • To conduct remedial and enrichment classes to enhance the knowledge and skill of students.

  • To arrange for the publication of prospectus at the commencement of the academic year to provide adequate information regarding the admission, courses offered, fee structure, nomination of student representatives, Gymkhana and cultural activities etc.,

  • To encourage the teachers to prepare the teaching plans both for theory and practicals before the commencement of academic year.

  • Teachers are to be made to maintain a work diary to record the monthly distribution of syllabus, the entire syllabus to be covered during the semester and the syllabus covered daily in their classes.

  • To provide free internet facility to all the staff members.

  • To depute the teachers to participate in orientation / refresher courses, conferences, seminars and workshops.


  • To depute the students to participate in seminars quiz, workshops and debates to enhance the knowledge and skill of the students.

  • To conduct periodic tests and home assignments and evaluate the students according to university guidelines.

  • To arrange the educational tours.

  • To arrange coaching facilities to the outstanding sports persons.

  • To encourage the students to present seminar papers on each subject.

  • To encourage the students to take active part in question-answer session after the completion of every chapter in each subject.


  • To make provision for collection of feedback from the students which is found to be useful to respond to the academic grievance of the students.

  • To conduct the tests and assignments in consonance with the university guidelines and the college rules.

  • To make provision for discussion of valued answer scripts in the class rooms.

  • To conduct parent-teachers meeting for inviting suggestions from the parents for the improvement of the infrastructure and academic environment of the college.

  • To make provision for the installation of suggestion box that serves as an inbuilt mechanism for responding to the suggestion and complaints of students regarding teaching and learning.

III. Research, Consultancy and Extension:

  • To encourage the faculty members to pursue and acquire research Degrees and to undertake research projects.

  • To encourage the faculty members to act as research guides to M.Phil scholars.

  • To encourage the teachers to publish the research papers and articles in the reputed journals and magazines.

  • To encourage the teachers to present the research papers in state / national/ Inter national Level seminars and conferences organized by various organizations / academic bodies.

  • To extend the benefit of special causal leave to teachers who are attending conferences, seminars and workshops.

  • To give weightage to the outstanding NCC and NSS students in the nomination of student representatives.

  • To organize Annual Camps of NSS in the villages to promote community services and extension lectures to the students and villagers.

  • To organize the extension activities like blood donation, health and hygiene, pulse polio immunization etc.,

IV. Infrastructure and Learning Resources:

  • New computers are to be added to the computer laboratory.

  • Replacement of old black boards with the latest ceramic boards are to be made.

  • Latest equipments for science laboratories are to be added.

  • Sports materials for Gymkhana department are to be added.

  • More number of fibre desks are to be purchased.

V. Student Support and Progression:

  • Financial aid to top scorers and outstanding sportsmen are to be made available.

  • Scholarships are to be given to poor students and students coming from rural areas.

  • Meritorious students are to be honoured.

  • Students should be encouraged to conduct seminars.

  • Arrangement for checking blood group of students is to be made.

  • Encourage the students to conduct function on their own.

  • Extension of book facilities from the Library to the students who are going to appear for the competitive examinations.

  • To arrange for campus interviews of the reputed companies for providing placement opportunities to the students.

VI. Governance and Leadership:

  1. Parents meetings are to be called often to discuss the progress of their wards.

  2. To encourage students to participate in various competitions and games to enhance their skills and physical capabilities.

  3. Attendance of students is to be checked periodically and students of less attendance are to be warned to improve themselves.

  4. Parent-teacher meeting is to be conducted.

  5. Annual sports activities are to be organized in the college.

VII. Innovative practices:

  1. Blood donation camp is to be arranged by NCC cadets.

  2. To instill patriotism among the students, National Festivals like Independence Day, Republic Day, Rani Channamma Vijayotasav, Kargil Vijayotasav etc., are to be celebrated.

  3. To create awareness among the students about the conservation of environment, lectures are to be arranged to the students.

  4. Pulse Polio, AIDS awareness Programmes are to be arranged.

  5. MOU with training agencies are to be enhanced.

  6. Academic calendar of events is to be provided to students at the time of admission.

  7. Anti ragging and discipline committees are to be formed.

  8. Internal quality check is to be achieved by obtaining the feedback about teachers from students regularly.

  9. Various cultural and sports activities are to be conducted to bring out the hidden talents of students.

The outcome achieved by the end of the year 2010-11.

According to the plan of action almost all the programmes of the plan are initiated during the year 2010-11.

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