Junior English Peer Review: sat essay Directions

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Junior English Peer Review: SAT Essay
Directions: Carefully review the paper in front of you. My expectation is that you take your time, answer each question fully, and take this exercise very seriously. Your answers should NOT be one word unless directed to answer Yes or No. Your serious completion of this peer editing sheet is part of your CW/HW grade.
Writer: Editor:
Read the paper once without pausing to write comments. Then read the paper again with the following questions in mind.
FIRST: Did you find yourself confused or getting bored at any time during the reading of the essay? If so, indicate where on the essay with a big star or x.

Quick Checks:

- Circle all words that are repeated more than once in a paragraph.

- Circle the word “thing” if it is used at all.

- Circle words that the writer uses that you believe just don’t work.

1. Is there a “zinger” or interesting first sentence to draw you in? If not, write one here.

2. Can you find the thesis statement? If so, write it here.

3. List the 3 reasons/examples of support the writer gives in his/her thesis statement that support his/her opinion.



4. Does the writer repeat him or herself either by using the same words over and over or the same ideas? Yes or No (circle one) If yes, write down one word or phrase that is over used!

5. Circle one sentence that is awkward or confusing. Then, write down the essay’s best sentence below.

5. Does the conclusion restate the thesis? Yes or No (circle one)

6. Does the last sentence in the essay tie back to the “zinger” (or first sentence of the essay)? Yes or No (circle one). If your answer is NO, write a concluding sentence that ties back to the zinger. If there is no zinger, write a concluding sentence that ties back to the zinger you wrote for the writer in number one above.

YES or NO??

Carefully check over the essay for the questions below. I will be checking to see that you were alert!

7. Is there a punctuation mark at the end of each sentence? Yes or No (circle one)

8. Does each sentence start with a capital letter? Yes or No (circle one)

9. Are there at least 4 paragraphs (5-7 sentences each)? Yes or No (circle one)

10. Were you convinced by the argument in this essay? Yes or No (circle one)

Using the SAT Scoring Guide I gave you, score this essay. Be constructive, critical, and fair (going easy on the writer does not help him/her).

SCORE ____________
Additional Comments:

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