June 2014 Context 1 Essay Model Answer

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I think what is asking could be summed up with:
Should governments stop food from being used to produce biofuel.
The main starting point has to be the structure of the essay. Here the acronym DIC ED S P A C applies:





The obvious definition from the question is probably Government Intervention.
Government Intervention occurs when a governing body decides to manipulate a market, usually to prevent a market failure. In this case the market failure could be seen to be poverty and inequality as there is evidence in the text that, due to rising food prices, more and more people are unable to afford food, one of the basic needs for survival.
Clearly, as I am referring back to the text, this is in context.
Next up I need an explained diagram. I need this diagram to explain why there is a problem in this market, so I will show that as more crops are being demanded for biofuels, this leaves less available for food.
It is clear that as the amount of fossil fuels reduces, but the world population increases, there is more of a demand for energy sources. This is shown in diagram 1:

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