Jowett sendelar essay competition 2014 For Year 9 and under: approximately 1500 – 2500 words. Illustrations (with captions) are welcome

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For Year 9 and under: approximately 1500 – 2500 words. Illustrations (with captions) are welcome.

Zeus wishes to recognise the gods’ benefits to mankind and has decided to offer an award to the other gods entitled “Most helpful to mankind”. You, as one of the Olympian gods, would like to compete for it. Set out your case in a style of your choosing.
In your answer you should explain why your chosen god is more helpful to mankind than the others. You will need to use relevant mythological material to back up your argument.

From its origin to its final consequences the Trojan War was an ongoing cycle of meaningless revenge.” To what extent is this an accurate description of the mythical conflict?

In your answer you should include reference to the causes, events and after effects of the war. You may use both ancient literature and art in support of your answer.

What do you consider to be the finest example of Ancient Greek and/or Roman sculpture that has survived to the modern day?
In your answer you should aim to compare at least three surviving examples of sculptures, either architectural or free standing, before reaching your conclusion. You should provide illustrations of your chosen works and consider such aspects as form, composition and aesthetic quality amongst other things in your analysis.

In whose army would you rather have served: Julius Caesar’s or Alexander the Great’s?
In your answer you should imagine what life would have been like serving both generals. You might wish to consider such aspects as their leadership style, battle strategy, military campaigns and their treatment of their soldiers amongst other things in reaching your conclusions.

You are a Roman soldier that has taken part in overcoming the revolt of Queen Boudica in Roman Britain. Write a letter home to your family telling of your experiences and of your hopes and fears as the Roman Army went about opposing the revolt.
In your answer you should mention both the facts of the conflict and your own personal response to the events.

Submission of entries for 2014 Competition

  • Candidates must put their name, date of birth and school on the FRONT COVER PAGE of their entries. This information should NOT be placed on the pages of the essay itself.

  • The judges would like to see a bibliography or a list of the sources consulted. A word count should be given.

  • Entries may be submitted electronically or by post.

Electronic Submission
Entries should be submitted in Microsoft Word format only. Please do not use difficult fonts (e.g. all capitals).
Entries should be emailed as attachments to with the email subject ‘Jowett Sendelar Competition Entry 2014’. Please include the address of your school in the email for the mailing of any prizes awarded.
By Post
Entries MUST be in A4 paper format, printed or written, in black or blue ink. Please do not use difficult fonts (e.g. all capitals).
Entries should be marked “Jowett Sendelar Essay Competition” and sent to: Dr J. Reeson, Bolton School Boys’ Division, Chorley New Road, Bolton, Lancashire BL1 4PA. The closing date for entries is 1st August 2014. Please feel free to submit entries before this deadline. Candidates will be notified in December 2014.
Please attach a stamped addressed envelope for the return of scripts, reports and any prizes.

Download 10.25 Kb.

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